Zul’farrak Instance - Proper Way to Complete It




The Zul’farrak Instance is one difficult one despite it’s setting in the Desert Open of Tanaris in Kalimdor. This place that resides northwest of Gadgetzan holds several quests. The majority of them will be easy for those above level 46. There are two quests that require a Mage or people with Area affect spells to lighten the burden of the difficulty. It is preferred that one of the two quests that is for Hakkar to be done prior to going forth with the rest of the quests. Another quest called Gahr’zilla will require a two parts unless one of your teammates has the hammer to summon this hydra, which will suffice.  Before I start, you need to realize this is not a leveling guide, it's just a guide that will help you become a better in Zul'Farrak, if you need a leveling guide, the best ones are: Joana's 1-70 Horde leveling Guide for horde, and Brian's 1-70 Alliance leveling guide for alliance.

-The Setting is in an open area where mounts are usable so the death of an entire party can fly back to their original position in less time. This is a relatively small instance that will be easy to run around and finished everything you need on the second run. The creatures that stay in their position do not respawn as fast unless you are doing the two quests exception with failure. The only respawns are patrolling Bloodfury Troll 2x and their pet basilisk or a roaming Troll either a caster of sort. Scarabs do respawn but are non aggressive so they do not pose much of a threat unless attacked. 

-The first part of the instance is straightforward; you can clear out any obstructions. There is a divide in the middle of the instance, do not worry; it is a big circle except some extra bosses to kill on the right path extra dead end. 

- Scarabs will medium-rarely drop an unbroken shell. Do not worry, they respawn and they’re many more. Since scarabs are non aggressive, you gain the advantage of attacking them when everything is clear. They do have a negative status ailment that should be remedy by a paladin or a priest in the party. The quest for these collecting 9 unscarred shells is in Gadgetzan. When entering the divider, choose the right side to find a field of scarabs ready to be killed for such shells. If still no luck, wait for their respawn. 

Troll Temper is a within moderated difficulty if you have the recommended level of party. It is best to kill the casters in the group, for they can dish out more damage than the blood drinkers can do. Shadow Hunters are difficult in their versatility in attacks and hexing your comrades to frogs. While hex, they can be attacked and remain in their frog form until spell is over. This quest for the Troll Temper resides in Gadgetzan as with a chat with the locals will show. This will be accomplished, as numerous blood drinkers, shadow hunters, and caster elites will drop these. One quest for the Hydro, which starts in Ironforge Mystic Ward around the circle where portal users end up, is one that is easy to do on route to the left road of the divider. This quest officially starts when you find the lady in Dustshallow Marsh; she lies directly west of Theramore Isle. If you can dodge all the dinosaurs, slimes, and crocodiles, you will find her directly west of Theramore. The Hydro at the pool of the left road after the divider, and she carries a couple of guards. It is no hard task to dispose of them and reclaim the stolen treasure. 

Gahr’zilla is a hard quest depending on your luck. This quest starts in Shimmering Flats in Thousand Needles from a Gnome race engineer. If you are unfortunate enough to not have someone already get the hammer from hinterlands. A troll randomly drops an Ancient Tablet that tells of where to acquire the hammer and where to enchant it to summon this level 47 elite hydra. His special ability is to fling you and let gravity do heavy damage along with his various frost attacks. He will make you sweat a little even with the recommended level of higher 40’s to lower 50’s. 

The Divino-matic Rod is the most difficult one without aid of area spells. This is the end of the right road after the divider before it loops. This one part quest fells like a whole lot compare to the others. It starts easy with clearing the temple steps from its’ inhabitants. As you step up to the top, you will face an executioner troll. His basilisks do not aggravated if he is caught well. Execute him and his basilisks one by one before opening the prison locks. The executioner drops only one key, for it only takes one key to open all the other prisons. That was the easy part. The hard part is to escort them down the stairs, this is when 40-50 monster of trolls spawn at the bottom of the stairs. You must at least keep the lieutenant alive, goblin for bonus, through this endurance battle. If you fail in this quest, you have to restart the entire instance again as these characters do not respawn. This mass of mobs usually contains one elite "cretin" that comes to battle per wave. The rest are normal monsters. To be safe, you should stand back and let the lieutenant’s force take the blunt of the attack while you have your party use their Area spellsready to go. At the Bottom of the Stairway lies 3 elites waiting to finish you off in your exhausted state. One of them is a quest Neckrom Medallion is a continuation of the missing griffon in Hinterlands. The first part comes from the Dwarf behind the Griffon point in Aerie’s Peak. This quest goes from Hul’wartha to Altar of Zul in the same region. After that comes a trip to Nethergarde Keep in Blasted Lands then to this place. Nekrom only spawns during the end of the Divino-Matic Rod Mission. When this battle is over, Congratulations. You killed all the mass and claim the medallion from Nekrom. If the Goblin survives, you get an extra boss that drops great items for the paladins and warriors who didn’t get much. 

That ends the guide for Zul’farrak. Congratulate yourself if you were able to accomplish all these tasks. Also congratulate your mage or Area Spell dealer in your party; they will make the difference here.



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