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Notes to use while playing in Molten Core




Notes to use while playing in Molten Core

Molten Core short strategy guide

+ Means info on the mob.
- Means what this mob does during combat.
= The strategy involved in killing it.

(also see the link for an excellent map of MC):


+Do NOT respawn back.

-Single target knockback.
-AE stomp up to 8 targets.


+150 minute static respawn.

-does 500 fire damage to a target.
-can debuff somebody to increase fire damage taken.
-casts 4000 dmg DOT, 250 DMG every 2 seconds + silences.
-Summons Lava Spawns, which does ranged DMG for 600, if left up, he will split into 2, etc...

=Kill lava Spawns as they come out first.
=Dispellers dispell DOTS ASAP.
=Mages use blizzard
=if fighting 2, get them together and blizzard AOE!


+150 minute static respawn.
+can be banished.

-regular melee attack that does 600-800 to tanks.
-sometimes attacks any ramdom guy for no reason, but not for long.

=warriors taunt mob, everybody else stays back and nuke.


+28 minute respawn.
+can be banished.

-regular melee attack that does 600-800 to tanks.
-periodically surges to another target, dealing 800-1000 DMG around the target and knocks everybody back.

=same as Lava Annihilator, except everyone should spread out a little to avoid AE surge.
=if it becomes an add, banish it, and kill it last.


+18 minute respawn.
+they stop respawning once Magmadar dies.

-frontal 180 degree bite attack. So raid should stay behind it, tank in front of it.
-long range fire AE that does 800 DMG.
-also can do any of the following AEs:

Short duration stun.
200 fire resist debuff.
50% spell and melee slow.
Short duration confuse.
30% less health.
50% less int/spirit.

=have one tank at the front, everybody else stays behind.
=only AE worth dispelling is the 200FR debuff, which can greatly increase the DMG taken from his fire AE.


+Do NOT respawn back.
+lvl 63.
+agro seems to be less squirrelly than a giant.

-single target attack, and attacks quickly.
-has a stomp AE that knockdowns and stuns.

=when paired with a giant, kill giant first, then destroyer.


+7 minute respawn.

-hits tanks for about 200.
-small AE fire attack that stacks up quite quickly.

=warriors fight for aggro.
=mages use blizzard, if they get agro, use frost nova, then more AEs.
=move on quickly cause these guys respawn fast!


+60 minute respawn.
+there's 5 packs of 5 leading up to Magmadar.
+Each pack must all be killed at the same time (within 10 seconds apart at the most), or they will be reived back!

-hits tanks for about 300-400 DMG.
-frontal attack, which puts a DOT on taget that does 50 DMG every second for 30 seconds. This DOT can stack.

=get at least one warrior per hound.
=warriors should get the hounds to only face them, and away from the rest, to minimize melee DOT.
=have the rest make sure all hounds die at about the same time, so they dont get revived by another hound.


+120 minute respawn.
+4 different mob types.
+2 different groups:
two lava elementals, flameguard, firewalker.
Or lava reaver, flameguard, firewalker.

-Lava Reaver - easiest of them, melee attack and cleave. Can be banished.
-Lava Elemental- frontal AE stun/DOT. Can be banished.
-Flameguard - small AE DMG attack that constantly goes off. Debuff AC. inferno ability, which does big fire damage.
-Firewalker - most dangerous. AE fire resist debuff. Chains 3000 DMG fireballs at targets, can do this over 3 times in a matter of seconds. Kill this first.

=banish what ever can be banished, and kill them last.
=one warrior offtank flameguard.
=rest of raid focuses on killing firewalker first.



+second easiest in MC.

-Dominate Mind: The adds (Flamewalker Protector) will occasionally charm a random person on their hate list. The charm is easily dispellable.
-Lucifron's Curse: AE - Increases mana and ability costs by 100%. Curse curable.
-Impending Doom: AE - dispellable 'time bomb' type ability. Will do ~2000 damage after 10 seconds. Dispell it or heal it.
-Lucifron also has some type of shadowbolt DD he uses on the tank.

=raid assists hunters mark and kills the two adds first, then Lucifron.
=constantly dispel curses and DOTs, especially on healers.
=have Lucifron be facing away from raid, so he cant cast AEs on them.


+killing him prevents Ancient Core Hounds from respawning.

-Magmadar has a frontal cone shaped AE much like onyxia. It doesn't do as much damage as onyxias, but it should still only be hitting the tank.

-Fire Spit: Magmadar spits out "globs" of fire at random people throughout the fight. The glob of fire stays at that spot on the ground for some time. Everyone runs out of the fire if it's spit at them, and then avoids it as much as possible afterwards. If you touch the fire you will get a nasty dot on you.

-Magma Spit: I think this is a pbae dot. It's super weak damage though - mainly just annoying because it stops us from bandaging.

-AE Fear: Magmadar has a 30 second cooldown AE fear.

-Frenzy: This is the important ability that needs to be countered. Magmadar will often go "into a killing frenzy" (there is an emote for it that everyone can see). He then does much more melee DPS to the tank. Hunters can "cancel out" the frenzy with the spell: tranquilizing shot (which drops from Lucifron.)

=get rid of fear.
=hunters take turns using tranquilizing shot, to get rid of frenzy.


-The adds cleave which also stuns whoever they hit. This isnt a big deal.

-Gehennas's Curse: AE cureable curse from Gehennas. Fires off every 30 seconds. This curse reduces heals by 75%. Obviously, we don't want to heal anyone with the curse so it needs to be cured.

-Shadow Bolt: Gehennas's shadow bolt can do 2000+ Damage, and he does it often. It is a huge source of his dps. He uses the random secondary targetting system to determine who to shadow bolt so healers should be aware of how it works.

-Rain of Fire: Gehennas casts a targetted AE rain (looks like the warlock version). Anyone getting rained on should immediatly run and get out of the rain.

=cure the curses ASAP!
=kill add first then Gehennas.


-Inferno: Baron will periodically stop moving and stop meleeing to perform inferno. Inferno is a series of PBAE pulses (much like warlock hellfire) that get more and more damaging each pulse. He does around 9-10 of these pulses (once each second). The first few pulses are rather tame in the damage department, but the end pulses do upwards of 2000 plus damage. Not even main tanks can handle this sort of damage, so they will need to run from baron when he goes into inferno mode.

-Ignite mana: This is a manaburn dot (400 mana lost and 400 damage done per tick) that needs to be dispelled off of anyone who needs their mana. It's harmless on rogues / warriors. Target chosen by the RSTS.

-Living Bomb: This is a 5-10 second timed bomb that will do 2000+ damage to the player plus all of the players in their immediate area. Anyone who gets living bomb on them needs to run away from their raid immediatly so they don't blow everyone up. Target chosen by the RSTS.

=After clearing one or two of the closest sets of lava packs, Baron is pulled by a hunter pet to Garr's room.
=spread raid out around it to miniminze damage taken by living bomb.
=ranged ppl, stay away from the baron, melee run when he does inferno.
=if somebody gets living bomb on them, run away from raid to prevent AE DMG.


This guide may be outdated and of course is incomplete, I actually wrote this guide a year ago, and haven't really been keeping up with any patch updates for changes to MC, If you have any corrections or even additions to this guide, please email me here and I'll will be sure to include the corrections/additions ASAP.



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