Hearthglen Gold Farming in WoW




Hearthglen Gold Farming

This trick involves using an escort quest in Hearthglen to our advantage, so yes, it is an exploit. But do recognize that this is not as bad as scamming or botting since you can argue your doing as "creative use of game mechanics", so if you're still interested, read on.

1) The setup:

this part is kind of long, it took a friend and I about 4 hours to get to the place where we need to be.

There is an NPC called Tirion Fordring ( http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/mob.html?wmob=1855  ), and he'll give you a couple quest to start his quest-chain involving a story about him and his son. The quest-chain will ask you to kill 100mobs, a couple relay runs, and it'll require you to do a whole Live Stratholme clear. You'll need to do everything Tirion ask you to do until he ask to meet Myranda the Hag.

2) The Disguise:

If you done everything Tirion asked you to do, you should get this message from Myranda:

Myranda will turn you into a Scarlet Crusade soldier. Using this disguise you can run freely in Hearthglen and Scarlet Crusade members will not attack you.
Now, enter the Keep/Barrack, go to the very top floor till you see Highlord Taelan Fordring, he should be friendly to you.

Now he'll ask you to escort him out of Hearthglen, so you accept it and follow him:

3) The escort... sort of...

You'll soon discover that Taelan can pretty much flatten any Scarlet Crusade member that goes in his way, so THIS IS THE TRICK, you pull as many mobs as you can to Taelan and he'll kill them for you.
Something like these:

after the Scarlet Crusade members die to Taelan's mighty blade, you can simply bend over and collect their loot. The elite Scarlet Crusade guys can drop from 4silver to 30silver a person, plus loot that can vendor for a lot. Also, the Crimson Elite at the enterence of Hearthglen can also have a chance to drop Righteous Orbs.

Two Important notes here:
A) you need to at least do 1 dmg to the mobs you plan to collect loot from, something like this will do:

B) you need to be in a group with your group member(s) at Hearthglen or else the game disallows you to loot the corpses killed by Taelan. But on the plus side, your group only needs 1 member with this escort quest in order to start Taelan's rampage.
so yeah, you might've notice that the above picture will not get you loot since I'm not in a group. I did it on purpose so i can collect images for this guide.

4) The End?
Once Taelan makes it out of Hearthglen, eventually, there is no point for you to continue following him because there are no more elite mobs for Taelan to fight, so now, you can simply abandon the escort quest. Please note that if you finish this quest, then it's over, you cannot do this trick ever again, so you want to make sure you do not cross the line of no return.

After all that jazz, you can return to Myranda and ask for another Scarlet Crusade disguise and repeat this whole process again. Nice eh?

so, in conclusion:


More gold farming tricks can be found here for a small fee!
Good Luck, see you all in the Burning Crusade
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