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Vilkacis's Warlock Twink guide


I recently finished my Warlock twink and I have compiled this nice little guide on how I did it.

Before I start, you need to realize this is not a 1-70 levelling guide, it's just a guide that will help you twink your warlock up quick, if you need a levelling guide, the best ones are: Joana's 1-70 Horde levelling Guide for horde, and Brian's 1-70 Alliance leveling guide for alliance.

For starters, I was making a Level 19 WSG Lock Twink. Why not a Rogue, Warrior or Hunter you ask? Simply because these are the most over-twinked classes out there and I wanted to experiment with something new. I always finish within the top 3 for HKs with my warlock.

To begin, I started an Undead warlock. Sure, Orc Locks get the +5% Pet Damage bonus...But we really aren't focused on Pets here, seeing as at level 19 all that you will have available is the Imp and Voidwalker...And well...The voidwalker is damn near worthless in 10-19 WSG. WOTF is invaluable, and UD locks also get more INT then orc locks. For the horde you also have to consider Blood Elves now but I believe that WOTF is too important to pass up.

For the Alliance side you get Humans and Gnomes for warlocks, it’s a difficult choice to decide as Humans have Perception which is possibly the only stealth detection @ level 19 all the other racials they get have no real effect in PVP situations, Gnomes have and Engineering Racial and expansive mind so have a little more Intellect, Escape Artist is also quite handy in a BG for getting out of Roots/Frost Nova on the plus side Gnomes are just cool so I had to choose one.

For the Talent Spec I went 5/5 Improved Corruption, For the instant cast, 3/3 Improved Imp, Just to give a bit of a boost to Blood Pact, and 2/2 improved drain soul. I've tried going 2/2 Improved lifetap over Improved Drain Soul but due to the lack of "Twink Healers" its pretty worthless...No one likes to heal in BG's anyway.

I personally chose 5/5 Improved Corruption with 5/5 in Demonic Embrace as increased Stamina is always good in a BG, though with only 10 points available it is very much up to you the creator and your play style, though 5/5 Improved Corruption is invaluable and SHOULD be chosen.

For my professions I took up Engineering/Mining, simply so I could mine some copper as I levelled to cut down a bit on the gold costs. By level 18 Engineering should be maxed out at 150.

I personally took up Engineering/Alchemy the low level herbs and metal bars are relatively cheap on my server. This would also depend on what your main character has for professions (none of my 70s have Alchemy so I decided to make my own pots)

I'm just going to add a few more choices for these along with alliance quest items

Next is Gear...Estimated Cost for Gear + Enchants...800-1500G. (No I'm not kidding)
For my gear I used the following

Head - Green Tinted Goggles  with 8 Stam enchant (DM book Libram of Voracity  )
Neck - Thick Bronze Necklace
Shoulders - Talbar Mantle  (quest item from Wailing Caverns only shoulder item that has stats on for this level)
Back- Sentry Cloak +70 Defence Enchant

There are allot of choices for a cloak 99% are cheaper and better for a warlock, for example Firebane Cloak  can give a little resistance to the Fiery Weapon Enchant this cloak is usually a lot cheaper then the Sentry Cloak or a quick search on the AH for ‘of the eagle’ ‘of stamina’ or ‘of shadow’ looking in the level window of 16 – 19 should provide you with cloaks with Stam and Int on for about a gold.

Chest- Tree Bark Jacket +100 Health Enchant 

Could also use the +3 or +4 stats enchant on this too since Stam and Int are good

Bracer- Mindthrust Bracers +9 Stamina Enchant

The main downside to these bracers is the -5 stam its good to look on the AH for ‘of the eagle’ again you can find bracers with +3 stam and some Int of just Stam slap on the +7 int enchant and for much less Gold you have an item just as good

Hands- Magefist Gloves with Enchant Gloves - Shadow Power 
Belt- Keller's Girdle 
Pants- Darkweave Breeches  stick a Mystic Spellthread  on them
Feet- Sanguine Sandals Minor Speed Enchant or + Stam enchant (although 99% have the speed enchant) 

Ring- Seal of Sylvanas 
Ring- Lavishly Jeweled Ring 
since Jewel crafting arrive there are lots of rings about

Bronze Band of Force  gives +5 Spell Damage

Seal of Wrynn is an Alliance only quest that gives a really good all round ring There are also many ‘of stamina’ and ‘of the eagle’ rings available too each with +5 Stam or +3 Stam and +3 Int

Trinket- Insignia of the Horde 

Trinket- Insignia of the Alliance 
Trinket- Minor Recombobulator 

Weapon- Witching Stave +22 Intellect Enchant 
I prefer the +30 Damage Enchant on this

Twisted Chanter's Staff  is another option would work very well with +30 damage enchant

Wand- Skycaller 

The alliance can get a wand from a quest with +1 intellect on Lightspark  it does have 50% less DPS though depends on how much gold you want to spend

Now even though you have all these amazing items they simply wont just win the game for you...After all, your job is support, and HK farming. Don't run into the group of allies full force, Stay in the back to middle of the group, and try to stick with a warrior/rogue at all times. When running into a group hit tab Have CoA and Corruption set to hotkeys 1 and 2 and hit 1...then 2...then hit tab to target another enemy and repeat. Have imp on Aggressive And basically let him do w/e he wants. I really don't bother too much with him. Once they start to drop, throw an Immolation on the warriors/pallies and focus Imp (ctrl + 1) attack on it while wanding or use the infamous lifetap/drainlife combo.
Because you are a lock, and you are a twink, You cant just go out to the barrens and farm soulshards. When you see someone is around 100 HP and dropping fast, quickly cast Drain Soul on them to get a quick shard. Make it into a healthstone, and also keep this on your hotbar. Because you are cursing everything like mad, when they die you get an HK and before long they really begin to snowball upon themselves.

I have a blast with my lock twink, he has better enchants on him then my main does and I think I might have spent far too much on gear...But in the end I’m having a great time with him. He is known on my server in the 10-19 WSG Bracket well, and feared by many an allie. I hope this guide opened your eyes too more then just the standard...Rogue Assassin Blade Twink, or Hunter Chzer Twinks. To finish this off, if you need more in-depth coverage of battle grounds and PvP tactics, check out Spugnort's PVP guide, there's a small fee for it, but it's well worth it in my opinion.


Warlock Twinks are far more entertaining than the standard Rogue, Hunter, Warrior that you almost always find, This guide originally got me hooked on the idea that a warlock twink would be fun so I decided to input my experience into it bringing it up to date with The Burning Crusade

~ DotMeNot

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