to promote law coins in fifa 18 enforcement

to promote law enforcement and security cooperation with coins in fifa 18 to promote the continuous development of bilateral relations. State councilor, minister the Ministry of public coins in fifa 18 Guo Shengkun attended the meeting. During the meeting with Orlando, Meng Jianzhu said that China is willing to agree One of the leaders of the two countries, in coins in fifa 18 with the planning blueprint for cooperation, closely pragmatic cooperation in various fields. He hoped that both sides will further deepen in fifa coin sellers transnational organized coins in fifa 18, the protection of cultural relics, exchanges and cooperation in network judicial field, to promote the comprehensive development of bilateral relations is more coins in fifa 18 to provide legal services and judicial protection. Orlando said, is willing to strengthen law and the judicial nhl hut coins with China to contribute to friendly relations coins in fifa 18 the two countries.

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