the chain rose fifa 18 coins narrowed

the chain rose narrowed by 0.01 percentage points, a rise of 18.58 rally fifa 18 coins plate price volume rose. In turnover rose plate, the center of the city of Yangpu New Jiangwan City, Putuo Changshou fifa 18 coins turnover growth of 50%, 39.47%, 30 sets, 50 sets of high-grade plate; to improve the active demand of more than 110 mut coins meters apartment layout turnover fifa 18 coins for 53.33%, 47.17%, prices rose 0.09%, 0.12%. emerging city of Songjiang Sijing, Minhang Zhuanqiao turnover growth of 21.09%, 10%, 150 sets, 110 sets of 70-110 square fifa 18 coins; plate turnover accounted for half, respectively, 84,54 sets, in the end The improvement in demand concentration. In the decline in turnover plate, marketable housing for fifa 18 coins main transactions, such as the school district housing, the relatively new age housing. Pudong Lujiazui, Yangpu Anshan turnover decreased by 10.95%, 9.59%, 170 sets, 130 fifa 18 coins, but less than 50 square meters of the small area of the school District room area were nba coins. Respectively 100 sets, 78 sets. And to improve the high-end fifa 18 coins Huaihai Road Sector turnover decreased by 43.75%, only 9 sets;

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