Teremus the Devourer Guide



       Introduction: Teremus the Devourer is the redish-black dragon you see flying around everyday in the Blasted Lands, but dont let what anyone fool you, he is a tough one!

Teremus the Devourer

Teremus is level ?? Dragon Boss who wanders the Northern Part of the Blasted Lands *the orange part* till he is killed, making it easy to get to him and often dont have to kill a thing to get to him!

Special Abilities/Important Info:

Teremus has about 70,000-100,000hp

Average Melee hit is about 530 and can crit for up to 1,200hp but not often!

He has a knockback which throws everyone near him up in the air and back away from him about 20yds and deals 450 damage when done and if the warrior does not have good agro will cause the warrior to lose agro

NOTE: This knockback serves as a lifetap which heals himself about 15% everytime he does it up to 20-30 times a fight and gets real annoying... he does not show any clue or sign to when he is going to do it!

He does not summon or call any helpers but some normal mobs from zone could agro
!Recommended Force!

A level 60 Warrior that is Spec'd in Protection * and using 1h and shield* & and two warriors that are ready to take agro if the first dies

2 Priests or Druids *50+ level<>I did it with a 51 and 46th lvl druid* These two should be paying attention to the Main Tank

A few Paladins/shaman

And load up on the DPS!!!

To sum it down for you a good 10+ raid force of 55+ make sure a few are 60


As you know this dragon wanders the zone and that could mean adds
dis-organization and all of the above...

When your force is ready to move out go to the valley type area south of Dreadmaul Hold *If you are in between the west wall of zone and a mountain to east then you are in the correct spot*
A few mobs will prolly be in that spot ranging 45-51 level non-elites , clear those and keep them cleared while you wait for Teremus to fly in between the mountains

When you see him getting near have the tank pull him to the raid force and have him get close to a wall with his back on it, this will make the knockback not so bad and if he loses agro from it he wont have to run back to the dragon and taunt again

*A good order of skills the tank should use is Put him on the wall , use Shield Wall to help him get agro and get the healers all set and stuff ... use Shield Discipline and while that is up Shield bash and taunt sunder armor whatever the whole fight to keep agro*

Once the Warrior tanking Teremus feels as if he has agro stuck on him real well , have him call in the others to come attack the dragon!

The priests/druids should be keeping the Warrior alive. If they go OOM *Out of Mana* which they prolly will have the pallies/shamans keep the tank alive for long enough that it gives the healers to get mana etc

When not helping heal the Main Tank the backup healers *pallys/shamans should be keeping the main healers and the other raid members alive*

Keep the agro, keep the heals going and have the people that die run back from Graveyard to the fight and keep zerging him, and you should have a dead dragon!
The fight could take anywhere from 5-20min to kill depending on your raids size and level etc...

Teremus the Devourer drops anywhere from 1-5 Flawless somethingoftheother Spheres which are blue items that you turn in to a weird guy in that zone for a rare item, and first time 9,000EXP
Rewards range from a 15+ agi 5+str 6+spirit neck piece and a nice fire resist trinket with some cool damage dealing effect, you might get lucky and have a Doombringer or Tanglewood Staff drop along with the Spheres







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