Runescape and Any Other MMORPG Leveling

Runescape and Any Other MMORPG Leveling

Like anything else, practice makes perfect. Want to be the best? News flash: You have to earn it. It may seem obvious, but it has a few more details and sidenotes to it then it seems. When you find a good MMORPG (like runescape,) don’t search through 100s of other awful ones until you decide to stick with your original MMORPG. Stick with it! Just play the game when you have time, and try not too be playing dozens of MMORPG’s in one day. Sure you may llike them, but do you like being a “Noob” in all of them? Most likely not. Read this and lose your “Noob” status forever. “There are so many pros! I’ll never be that good!” Something you here too often in games. The experienced players can sometimes intimidate the new players. Do not be discouraged. You can be that good some day. Keep in mind its just a game and try to be nice. If its Runescape, maybe a player will help you out if he sees you being nice to someone. Dont expect this, but it may happen.

Yes, games are meant to be fun, so if you can manage to change your mind setting to “work is fun,” then you can dominate any MMORPG. It also may help to think that Small African children wish they could choose to click to mine instead of being forced to actually mine. Just continue repititive tasks and ignore the boring sensation you may feel, it will all pay off.

Save the bragging for later. Ok, so we all know you can’t brag when you just start, but don’t brag when your halfway to being professional. Try getting to a level cap so no one can say they are better then you. You will be the best someday, until then, keep working. This way, your not just playing a game.

Try to be efficient. This is simple but elegant. If theres a faster more efficient way to further yourself in a game, then by all means do it. There are guides everywhere for the best way to do specific things within a game, so don’t be shy to search it. This being said, don’t spend too much time there, as the websites goal is to get you to stay there as long as possible. So get your information, and get out.

When you are doing one thing in a game that progress you further, like mining in Runescape, dont switch to something entirely different, like woodcutting in Runescape. All the time you spent on one skill could have very easily been spent on the other skill. If you want to be the best, stick with one thing. Your goal should be to reach a level cap, or make the most money possible.

Being the best isnt always easy, considering the millions of people on some games. So for starters, try being the best in one room. Work your way up until you are the best. Some may sit and be jealous of you. this is fine, as the time spent in jealousy is time that they aren’t becoming better then you.

So good luck to all, and with this you can become the best, as long as you stick with it!

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I Write about video games and what I know. Basically I write about video games. I have tryed multiple writing sites and have noticed that being a Yahoo! Contributor seems promising. I hope i’m not let down.

RuneScape Rules List a to Do List

RuneScape Rules List a to Do List

If you’re like most RuneScape players, you follow the rules. You go about your RuneScape day skilling and Pking. What players like that tend to not see, is the other category of RuneScape players. These players are slightly more dangerous and deviant. When you look at the rule list you think “well why would I ever do that?” Unfortunately, the other kinds of players see this as a To Do list. As awful as it seems, some players see a rule list as a To Do list for breaking. Even worse is, some of them achieve it and get away with it. It will usually start off with simple “censor avoidance”, where the player spells a bad word wrong while it still looks like the word. This isn’t too bad of a crime, but what happens when they go further? Will they eventually be annoying little botters or account hackers?

Rule breakers sometimes work their way up, eventually making sites for bots or stealing many accounts a day. To some, this is the life, to others, this is the worst. So what can RuneScape players do to stop these people in their tracks? Well first, don’t ever say “reported.” This is extremely rude and you will receive loads of hate messages for this. There is nothing wrong with reporting, but use it sparingly.

You can stop a streak of bad in its tracks, if you know how to spot it early. If you see anyone scamming for accounts, report them before they manage to get one. You don’t want the person quitting RuneScape forever, so a permanent ban is not what you’re looking for. When you report, your desire is for them to stop whatever rule breaking they’re doing, so the consequence is for jagex to decide. For first time offenders, jagex will usually go with a mute, so they can’t speak for a certain amount of time. This is very annoying and will surely convince someone to quit the scamming, as they are on a jagex’s naughty list.

I hope this article has either given RuneScapers a warning, or at least something to do, if you know what I mean.

(this article in no way supports the breaking of any rules in any online game, follow the rules.)

Published by gtl gtl

I Write about video games and what I know. Basically I write about video games. I have tryed multiple writing sites and have noticed that being a Yahoo! Contributor seems promising. I hope i’m not let down. View profile