News from SWTOR, Guild Wars 2 and EvE

Developers steal, studios sue and Runescape gold fans argue about basics. In the past week the air in the MMO industry was so rude as the weather outside. We startled but not from the – so we were for you again in the Cheap rs gold thick of industry events and have been in the seventh edition of Wiped! the most important events collected.

Month cut the Publisher world new MMOs on the market. Nevertheless, the die-hard fan looks in vain for innovation and even the most beautiful new world often seems just like a tired attempt to build on past successes of other studios. It could be as simple, because the wheel must not be reinvented. There are countless games out there with fantastic elements. This dig up and unite in a game is the art that can bring forth a new bestseller.

So it’s great that some development teams have begun to dig obviously already is. The guys behind TERA recollect own services and make use of the functional elements of Lineage 2 as the foundation for the new title. Funcom is meanwhile on more level of comfort and larded with the Icelandic colleagues of CCP, which in turn dig deep in our own idea chest and reactivate the most exciting kind of adventures. But before we deal with almost ancient innovations, let’s take a look at the player base.

The gathered Although still preferred in blizzardschen climes – but no longer exclusively. Industry experts believe rather that World of Warcraft has a positive effect in the long term despite leading position on the market because it attracts millions of properties of new players into the world of online games. Sooner or later even the biggest WoWler is actually even look elsewhere and may not even turn his back on Azeroth.

It is precisely this kind of players, the market researcher NPD Group looked at. Approximately 19,000 former WoW gamers from the United States were analyzed in a study on their play behavior. Of particular interest here was the question of what the apostates because after playing WoW so. The result: still is the free-to-play browser game Runescape in the player’s favor forward. 13 percent of the former inhabitants of Azeroth will find entertaining replacement.

With eleven percent follows in second place then Dungeons and Dragons Online, which expanded belonging to toll-free gaming in the U.S. since the changeover – then Guild Wars is with no fewer than nine percent on the dropout program. Thus, a clear tendency towards free to play, the well can also be transferred to the European market – Only on the fourth and fifth follow with Final Fantasy XI and Age of Conan games with monthly fees.