RuneScape Money Tips

RuneScape Money Tips

When you get started playing “RuneScape,” the best way to make money is to combat the creatures in Lumbridge. Kill the goblins that congregate in southeast Lumbridge, as they drop coins and valuable items such as weapons, shields and runes. Kill the cows in northeast Lumbridge to get their hides and meat. Kill chickens to get their feathers. If you’re in a hurry, you can sell items at the General Store in Lumbridge. If you want to get more money, take your items to the Grand Exchange in northwestern Varrock to sell to other players. Increase your combat skill and go to the Wilderness to kill dragons and collect their hides to sell on the Grand Exchange.

Take a pickaxe to the mine in southern Lumbridge. Mine tin and copper ores. Take them to the furnace in northern Lumbridge to make bronze. When you begin to advance in combat level, go to the mine in Al Kharid to mine iron, silver and coal as soon as you have the mining skill. Sell the ores and any uncut gems you mine at the Grand Exchange.

Begin working on your crafting and smithing skills as soon as possible in the game. Always use materials you got on your own rather than buying them from other members. Check the Grand Exchange prices on the “RuneScape” website before crafting or smithing items to ensure that you create the items with the highest value.

“RuneScape” members have more opportunities to make money than free players. You can make money by increasing your thieving skill, which permits you to steal from nonplaying characters. Start by picking the pockets of men and women in Lumbridge and Varrock, then move on to higher level characters.

Begin developing the hunter skill in the Hunter Shops in Yanille or Nardah. Purchase the items you require from the Hunter Shops in those cities. You must complete the members’ quests of Lost City and Nature Spirit so that you can complete Fairytale I and II to gain access to the fairy rings. Start off hunting Polar Kebbits. When you reach level 63, begin hunting Red Chinchompas in the Feldip Hills. Sell items such as the creatures’ fur on the Grand Exchange.

You can get started with the slayer skill with the Slayer Masters in Turael, Mazchna, Vannaka, Chaeldar, Sumona or Duradel. When your combat level is 60 or higher, slay vampires in the Haunted Woods. Collect seeds such as ranarr, torstol, snapdragon and kwuarm and herbs such as dwarf weed and ranarr.

Common Tasks from Runescape’s Slayer Master Sumona

Common Tasks from Runescape’s Slayer Master Sumona

The free mmorpg game of Runescape has many different skills. Each of these can be leveled up to a maximum of 99. Runescape will not limit you a certain amount of skills like some of the mmorpg games do. If you are trying to level up Slayer skill then you can go to the Slayer Masters to get common tasks to do that. They give out tasks that vary in intensity depending on which one you go to. With Sumona, she is a moderately difficult taskmaster. For these tasks you will need a level 35 in Slayer already and an 85 in Combat, plus the completion of the Smoking Kills quest. She is found in the north area of Pollnivneach. Aberrant Spectres, Abyssal Demons, Banshees, Bloodvelds, Gargoyles, andNechryaels These are all found in the Canifis Slayer Tower area if you are given these to kill.

Spiritual Mages and Spiritual Warriors These are both in the God Wars Dungeon.

Greater Demons All the greater demons that you’ll need for Sumona are going to be at the Entrana Dungeon, Ogre Enclave, Brimhaven Dungeon, Wilderness Demonic Ruins, and the Lava Maze Dungeon.

Cave Horror These are deep within the Mos Le’Harmless Caves for you to slay.

Dagannoths When you are to go and slay these, you’ll be headed toward the lighthouse west of Rellekka.

Dust Devils These are going to be all around the Smokey Well.

Elves If you are going to have to kill elves then you will be headed to the Isafdar Woods. View profile