How to Advance in Runescape and Make Easy Money Runecrafting

How to Advance in Runescape and Make Easy Money Runecrafting

In your attempt to become filthy rich through very few hours of work by runecrafting, you have decided to read this guide. I will begin by telling you what will be needed on your journey to F2p bliss. What You Will Need

This section will be the same whether you are combat level 3 or 126. Firstly, you will need to complete the Rune Mysteries quest. This is a fairly simple quest which requires nothing from you. After completing this quest, you will be able to access the rune essence mines by teleporting from Aubury in Varrock or Sedridor in the Wizard’s Tower basement.

Get your pickaxe out and unequip all your other items and store in bank (allows you to run for longer periods). Go to Varrock east bank and bank your entire inventory. Go directly south of the bank and teleport to mines through Aubury. Head to one of the huge mounds of essence and mine until your inventory is full. Head back out and bank your essences. Repeat this until you have the amount of essences you want, or until you get bored of doing this. Remember, training skills should be fun!

Step 2 Transforming Rune Essences to Runes

As a beginner, air runes are the first runes you will be able to craft. The altar is just south of Falador and west of Draynor. They are one of the easiest runes to make, as the altar is in plain view, and near enough to the Falador east bank. Equip your air tiara, or if you don’t have one, take your air talisman out of your bank. Fill the rest of your inventory with rune essences. Again it would be wise to unequip and store all weapons/armor so that you can run longer. Run from Falador east bank to the altar and turn essence to runes. Run back and deposit. Once you can make more than a few airs per essence, it will be wise to walk from Falador, to the altar, and then teleport back to save time.

Air crafting is the easiest and most profitable method of runecrafting on f2p servers. In order to maximize experience, you can meet some of your friends in Falador bank and give them 27 rune essences each. This way you all make a profit because you get much more experience than if you were to do it for yourself. Eventually, you will be able to make more than one air rune per essence. That is where you start making money. Keep doing this over and over and eventually, at only level 44 runecrafting, you will be making 1232 air runes by using only 28 rune essences! This would entail huge profits, making you rich in no time.

Runecrafting at early levels will be tedious work but made less easier if you use my “friends” method.

It makes no sense in f2p to runecraft minds/earths/fires/waters/bodies since there is almost no way that they can help you earn money when compared to crafting air runes when time and amount of runes per essence is considered.

Hope you enjoyed this guide and if you continue crafting runes for one month at 3 hours a day with 2 friends, you will be level 66 runecrafting in no time!! (This means almost 2k airs with only 28 rune essences!)Published by Teh Master Gamer

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The Best Way to Make Money on Runescape

The Best Way to Make Money on Runescape

The best way to make money in the Runescape game depends entirely on the type of character you want to develop, especially when it comes to your job skills. No method is extremely quick, as you will have to spend some time developing your skill levels so you can create the objects that sell for the most money. Mining is perhaps the most common skill used in the game and one of the simplest to make money with, so many people consider it the best. There are good other ways to make money, however.

You’ll need to reach at least level 15 in mining before you can begin using the skill effectively, and level 20 is even better. Smithing almost always goes hand in hand with mining, so get your smithing level to at least level 25. You can now mine and smelt iron quickly and smith it into battle axes that sell for 50 gold each at the general store. Move on to making chest plates once your smithing level is 34. You can also just sell the iron bars after smelting them. If you’re not interested in smithing, rune essence is the way to go. Once you complete the Rune Mysteries quest, Aubrey in the Varrock rune shop will teleport you to the rune essence mine at any time. You can mine rune essence and sell it quickly because Aubrey and the Grand Exchange are both in Varrock.

Feathers are easy items to collect and sell for beginning players. The chicken coop between Lumbridge and Varrock is the best place to get them, and you can carry an unlimited number at once. You can also make money fishing, but you’ll need that skill to be around level 35 before it will do any good. Catch shrimp and anchovies until you reach that level, then get a harpoon and use it to catch tuna to sell at the general store. You only need to catch tuna until level 40; then you can get a lobster trap and start catching lobster. Both of these can be caught near Karamja. If you want your character to be a thief, build your thieving level to 20 and start stealing silk from Ardougne. Once you reach level 35, you can steal fur. You won’t be able to sell these at the same town you stole them in, so take them to Varrock.

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