Runescape Money Making Guide

Runescape Money Making Guide

If you’re into MMORPGs, like me, you’ve probably heard of one called RuneScape. If you’ve played it, you know how hard it can be to make money. If you’re a non member, then it’s even worse. As soon as you start off, all of your skills are 1 (from what I remember). It’s not easy to make money with those skill levels. So, here are some ways to start rolling in the dough. 1. Woodcutting is an awesome way to go. At level 1 woodcutting, it still isn’t going to get you far. What you need to do is chop normal trees until 15 woodcutting. After that, you can chop oak trees. I suggest heading to Falador. In front of the main entrance to Falador, there are lots of trees along the wall. Plenty of oaks. Chop those until 30 woodcutting. Now, head to Draynor. It’s usually quite crowded, but there’s probably a world that’s not so bad. You should keep chopping these until 60 woodcutting. What you really need to do is get a membership, though. If you’re a member, go to Seers’ Village. From what I remember, if you go a little North west of the bank, in Seers’ Village, there’ll be a small cluster of willows, which is a good place to chop them. At 60 woodcutting, if you’re a non member, you can stay around Falador and chop yews there. If you’re a member, and you’re in Seers’ Village, because of chopping willows, head south of the bank. There should be a mansion, or something. In the front yard of that mansion, (or whatever it is) there will be 6 yews, I think. However, chopping yews can be VERY slow, thus not gaining you a lot of experience. I actually just chopped willows in Seers’ Village, until I was 75 woodcutting. So, if you’re a member, and you’re interested in just getting your woodcutting to 75 to start really making money, keep chopping willows near the Seers’ Village bank. If you’re a non member, you can go back to Draynor and cut willows there, to increase your woodcutting faster so that you can chop yews faster. After you’ve got 75 woodcutting, (by the way, this will take you a while) start chopping those Magic Trees. When I last sold some, they were going for about 1k each. I don’t what the price is now. If you’re still a non member, and you have 75 woodcutting, yews should be chopped a lot easier now. That’s about it, for woodcutting.

2. Another way to make a lot of money is fishing. Fishing, in my opinion, is actually much easier than woodcutting. It doesn’t require as much attention. For starting out, I recommend net fishing at Port Sarim. Keep doing that until you have 20 fishing. After that, it’s time to head over to Barbarian Village and fly fish. You should easily be able to locate the fishing spot. Keep fly fishing until you have 40 fishing. It’s lobster time, now. For members, go to Catherby. There are tons of places to catch lobsters here. Keep catching those lobsters until you have 76 fishing. As for non members, I think Karamja is the only place for lobsters. In fact, Karamja is where you’ll probably spend the rest of your time fishing, as a non member. After you have 76 fishing, as a member, you can catch sharks. You may have heard that sharks take a while to get, but I don’t think that’s the case. They don’t take much longer than sword fish. Unfortunately, sharks don’t sell for as much as they used to. People also don’t seem to buy them as much. I’ve got about 3.7k (3,700) sharks in my bank that I couldn’t sell, before my membership ran out. I’ve yet to renew it and sell those. Anyway, I think sharks only go for around 800 now. The good thing is, it’s faster than woodcutting and it doesn’t require as much attention.

3. A third way to make money is fletching. I’m not going to go into this much. You, basically, cut logs, and level up your woodcutting. If you have 75 woodcutting, and you’re just now starting to fletch, then good. This’ll make it easier. Just chop the wood for the best kind of thing you can make with fletching. Keep building up that fletching level until you can fletch magic logs. Also, if you have the money, buy willows logs. About 3k, at a time. That’ll only cost you about 100k, which isn’t bad, if you have 76 fishing or 75 woodcutting. It’ll save you lots of time.

4. The fourth, and final way I suggest to make money, is merchanting. Basically, you buy an item for the cheapest you can get it, and then sell it for the maximum amount you can. For example, buy a dragon longword for 90k, sell it for 110k. You’ve just made an easy 20k. Lots of people make money this way. After you’ve got enough, you can start merchanting the big stuff, like Abyssal Whips. When I bought my whip, it was 1.8M. However, people would sell them for as much as 2.1M. There’s 300k in merchanting, right there. The prices seemed to have dropped, as usual, though. You could try getting one for 1.5M and then selling it for 1.7M. That’s still 200k, but that’s probably the maximum you’ll be able to get. Try going for the more popular items. It definitely helps. If you’re making enough money from these tips to merchant party hats, you’re in for some real profit.

Now, as you probably assumed, doing all these things are much easier by being a member. If you’re young, and you don’t get money very often, just type articles on here and they’ll pay you for it. So, if you become a member (or even if you stay as a non member) and you follow these steps, in no time, you’ll be making millions.

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Runescape Complete F2P Skill Guide

Runescape Complete F2P Skill Guide

The aim of this guide is to give F2P players a simple guideline of what they should be doing while training their skills in Runescape. This guide will cover every skill, from attack and strength, to runecrafting and fire making. Since the general nature of this guide is bound to make it a little on the larger side, I wont go into extreme detail on anything, but it will be more then enough to get you through. Lets get started with one of the most basic set of skills, the combat skills. CombatThe attack skill determines how many times you can hit an opponent. The higher your attack, the more accuracy you’re going to have. A player with a high attack with hit more times in a row then a player with a low attack. and attack are two very different things. While attack determines how many times you hit, strength determines the amount you hit. A player with higher strength and lower attack will hit for higher points, but at a lower rate. They may hit a 0, 0, 0, 7, while a player with attack will hit something like 2, 2, 1, 2. determines how well you can block against your enemies attacks. While most pures (players who usually train specifically for player killing) will ignore this skill and simply substitute a large amount of food, it’s a good idea for general players to get this up. A player with a high defense will take less damage from an enemy then normal. also determines, like the attack skill, what type of armor you can wear. There are two chicken areas, one up along the northern path, and one towards the east. You should have absolutely no problem taking them down. Once you’ve leveled up a bit, you have two choices. You can head way up north to Edgeville and train on the men in the house. There are a lot of them and they’re right close to a bank, and generally low in demand which makes them a great training spot. If you don’t want to do this, you can train on the cows, just east to Lumbridge until level 20.

Level 20 40

By this time, you may be able to take down barbarians. They’re located just south of Edgeville. You’ll know where it is if you’ve decided to train on the men up there. Another good enemy to train on is the Al Kharid Warrior. These guys are located just east to Lumbridge, in the desert area. If you haven’t done the “Prince Ali Rescue” quest, it’ll cost you 10gp to go through the door. If you don’t have 10gp, or are cheap, you can run up north and go around the fence.

Level 40 55

You have two options once you’ve hit this point. You can either stay at the barbarians or Al Kharid warriors, or move on to hill giants. Hill giants are located in the Edgeville dungeon. You can enter it either by going down the hole in the big burned out house in Edgeville, or if you happen to have a brass key, by the small shack just east of Edgeville. I recommend staying at the barbarians, as the hill giants are generally very crowded, and you have to fight for a spot.

Level 55 75

Once again, you can either stay back and train on the barbarians (I myself stayed there until level 60), or you can move on to bigger prospects. If you’re feeling brave, you can go after Moss giants on Crandor or Karamja.

Level 75 and up

From this point on, I’d recommend you train on either lesser demons on Karamja/Crandor, or ice giants in the cave just south of Port Sarim. Range has it’s advantages in some areas, as you can stand behind and fire over objects, preventing the enemy from attacking you. Range is generally attack, strength, and defense, all rolled into one for a bow. Train at the chickens until about 10 range, then move on to the cows. If you find the cows a little too tough, just stick with the chickens. Train on these two until about 20 range, then move on to the barbarians. That’s it. Once you can kill barbarians, you really don’t need to move on to anything else. The barbarians are IDEAL for range training. Range armor will give a big damage boost while armor will actually take it away Always try to use the highest level gear you can Buy bundles of about 500 arrows each time you run out Magic Magic is the use of runes and stave’s to cast spells at your enemy to either hurt or weaken them. There are also teleportation spells and some other spells for specific uses. The fundamentals of magic and range are basically the same. This requires 1 air and 1 mind rune.

When it comes to starting out on magic, you have a few more options. The first option is still the chickens. You can pick up the feathers and use the income to fuel your rune supply. This would probably be your best bet. If, however, you have a decent supply of runes, you can train on the black knight in the Port Sarim jail. Since he wears black armor, he’s very susceptible to magic attacks. The last option is the lesser demon at the top floor of the wizard tower. He’s in a cage, so he proves no threat.

RuneScape F2P Fishing Equipment Guide

RuneScape F2P Fishing Equipment Guide

Fishing is one of the oldest and most useful skills in RuneScape. Available to Members in entirety, F2P players can engage in most of the fishing skill in a more limited form. All forms of F2P fishing require the use of a specific net or rod for certain types of fish. Some methods require using specific bait. Players often find confusing what fishing supplies to use for a specific catch. Here is a breakdown of the supplies needed to catch specific fish. But first, lets look at the two places to buy the supplies. Gerrunt’s Fishy Business fishing shop is the only fishing supply store available to F2P players. Gerrunt’s shop is located in Port Sarim. Port Sarim is south of Falador, east of Rimmington, and southwest of Draynor Village.

The Grand Exchange is located northwest of the center of Varrock, west of Varrock Castle. Since its introduction in December 2007, the Grand Exchange has become the central trading spot in RuneScape.

RuneScape Fishing Level 1, Crayfish: Catch crayfish with a crayfish cage. Buy crayfish cages from Gerrunt’s Fishy Business fish shop in Port Sarim for 20 RuneScape Gold or on the Grand Exchange in Varrock. There is a chance of finding a crayfish cage being sold in the General Store but this is unlikely. If the player has no crayfish cage in inventory or bank, a free crayfish cage can be obtained by speaking to the Fishing Tutor. He is found in the swamp south of Lumbridge, at the fishing spot.

RuneScape Fishing Level 1, Small Net: Catch shrimp and anchovies with a small net at a net/bait spot. Buy small nets from Gerrunt’s fish shop for 40 RuneScape gold or on the Grand Exchange for 50 RuneScape gold. Small nets respawn along the coast by the fishing tutor. Players sometimes drop them at the bank while cleaning up bank junk.

RuneScape Fishing Level 5, Fishing Rod and Bait: Catch sardines, herring, and pike using a fishing rod and bait. Every catch uses up one bait. Purchase fishing rods at Gerrunt’s fish shop for 5 RuneScape gold or on the Grand Exchange. Fishing Bait can be bought at Gerrunt’s shop for three RuneScape Gold each. Fishing bait is a monster drop sometimes dropped by zombies and men/women. Fishing bait sells on the grand exchange for 2 3 RuneScape gold each and by leaving the offer overnight, players often are able to buy the bait for 2 RuneScape gold each.

RuneScape Fishing Level 20, Lure Fly Fishing: Use a fly fishing rod and feathers to catch trout and salmon. Buy fly fishing rods at Gerrunt’s fish store for 5 RuneScape gold or buy on the Grand Exchange. Obtain feathers by killing chickens or buy feathers from Gerrunt’s shop for 6 RuneScape gold each. Shantay of Shantay Pass and the fancy dress shop owner in Varrock, although accessible by F2P players, only trade with members and sell feathers to members. Or buy feathers on the Grand Exchange for 5 7 RuneScape Gold each. Put the offer in the previous night for 5 RuneScape gold per feather to maximize your chances of getting a good deal.

RuneScape Fishing Level 35, Harpoon: Catch tuna and swordfish with a harpoon. Harpoons are available for purchase for 45 RuneScape Gold from Gerrunt’s fish shop and can be purchased on the Grand Exchange.

RuneScape Fishing level 40, Lobster Pot: Catch lobsters with a lobster pot. Purchase lobster pots in Gerrunt’s fish store for 20 RuneScape gold or buy on the Grand Exchange. Use lobster pots and harpoons at cage/harpoon fishing spots.

So that is the list of all the F2P RuneScape fishing equipment, the places to obtain the equipment, and what you use the equipment for.

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Runescape Tips: Fishing for ProfitIn the world of Runescape, pillaging and waging war upon your foes is not always for everyone. There are several of those skills that are great money makers. If you enjoy role playing games, then you will love Runescape.