People who have quit RuneScape

People who have quit RuneScape

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limit my search to /r/runescapeuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. I live in Hostels mostly or places where internet is limited at best and I rather not play then watch a slideshow of Runescape.

I also feel that the game has become far too PvM orientated and that the wealth inequality gap has become so significant that making the money I need to max will be so fucking tedious I don know if I can be arsed.

When I do, eventually, get my own place with a good computer I think I rather get back into PvP on WoW as the competitiveness and ranking system makes it really engaging.

That being said I have a merchanting goal that is incredibly passive that I might pursue alongside WoW just as a little side project. RS is incredibly cheap and as well as something to look forward to and work towards I can chat to my mates whilst they play OSRS.

I have actually noticed that. When I used to play I loved castle wars! It was so much fun! I would play all day long. 🙂 But now. It sad when you walk into a room and some dude pulls your highscores just to insult you because you obviously a shit player, and beyond that you obviously botting and rwting, and punching kittens. It even worse when said player can even manage their agro and loses all of their kills to you. Seriously, I proud of my skillcapes. I not going to lie. They capes of achievement for a reason. But trying to be alpha in runescape? That just pathetic. I don get it. If we could come together and group up to accomplish some awesome things, we could really make the game a better place. Do it just like BNI did in Eve. We could establish huge rings of new players that can be taught to know the ins and outs of the game and manage to bridge the (horrifically broken) cash gap so they can actually enjoy the endgame! I hate this perpetuated alpha environment. I inconstantly go to non mem worlds and throw away about 20m a week in just random 1m trades. Don even have to talk to the people afterwards. Just throw them 1m and smile and walk away. Why can we have more of this?

i quit months ago for the army, boredom, lack of lasting new content, microtransactions (now that i actually have a job, it not a big deal as long as it not paying to win), eoc (but when i came back it wasn that big a deal anyway), and the most important reason, because i grew sick and tired of grinding my ass off for an accomplishment that doesn actually mean anything.

when i came back to the game last month, all i ever really did was logging in 5 minutes every few hours for ports, and occasionally doing KK. it became apparent to me that when i eventually get my ports gear, i wouldn even bother bossing because currently i don even.

all my friends deleted me due to inactivity, i was no longer “that guy” in the friendchat i go to, and i can really click well with my clan.

hell, this past week, when my comp cape was taken away from me, i couldn even bother getting the yahtzee stick (whatever) to reclaim my cape. it just didn matter anymore.

RuneScape wiki

RuneScape wiki

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limit my search to /r/runescapeuse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. If you want a successful wiki of any kind, it needs to be open to just about everyone. Even if they did allow anyone, building a good community to rely on is extremely difficult. I tried really hard on two different wikia wikis Answers (which is a stupid idea to start with; but I gave it a fruitless go anyway) and the OSRS wiki (which I gave up early on; it still hasn become a major success). You need a powerful and dedicated community for a wiki to be successful, which neither of these could manage. And it needs to be not just a local community, but also every good faithed anonymous contributor. If you look at the activity for either of those wikis (change the url to /wiki/Special:RecentChanges), I can almost guarantee you either see 1 or 2 admins doing a massive amount of menial work, or a wall of anonymous edits that is likely 90% vandalism (anons aren bad on every wiki in any sense, but on these two, they tend to be). What hurts the Jag Wiki chances just as much is its reputation. You can expect people to want to help contribute to what they think is a lost cause.

To be a successful site (not necessarily a wiki), you need something that makes you stand out. I can name a handful of things that we do better than anyone else, and if the Jagex wiki only has the same basic information, but none of the special stuff, people won see a point in using it.

Another big fallback is their current incompleteness. We are fairly close to complete, so there less demanding effort for upkeep than for construction. While there are a handful of bad pages, it mostly due to bad writing. I think the information people need tends to be on the page a good percentage of the time. Jag Wiki, on the other hand, is still building, and they have a long way to go. Even with all the information at hand, it will take ages for the small group of diligent editors there to get it all out there. Maybe I not like everyone else, but I rather contribute to something that closer to completion than something that would require an exhausting amount of effort.

I remember when Jagex announced their own RS wiki. I thought, and still think, it was rather shameless and brazen of them, considering that the unofficial wiki is one of the top fansites, if not the top site, and certainly the fansite I always favored for game info. It looked to me like they were trying to get in on the success of the wiki as a fansite system, and I was afraid that it would mean the death of the unofficial wiki, but fortunately it appears to have gained zero traction and the unofficial wiki is still going strong. Unofficial wiki users combated this for a while by reverting these changes, but Jagex eventually stated that because RuneScape is their game, any screenshots taken of the game are their intellectual property, and that their wiki could use any screenshots of RS without attribution. They did not, however, make any claims to protect text.

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