Runescape Versus MapleStory

Runescape Versus MapleStory

I recently started looking at free MMORPGs to play during my lunch hour, and came across two highly popular games. One was MapleStory, a free, downloadable game, with cute anime style graphics. The other was Runescape, a browser based game (no lengthy downloads) with only so so graphics. I decided to try them both, and I wrote this article to help you choose the game that’s right for you. There is a very big difference in the graphics between these two games. MapleStory has a very cutesy graphics set up, with a lot of bright colors and textures, with anime style art. It is a two dimensional game, set up like a platform game (like the old Mario games). You attack creatures by pressing a button, which will hit creatures that are close enough (also like a platform game). You also move with the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Runescape has a more standard color scheme, and low quality graphics that are the standard for a browser game. It is a three dimensional game, with a semi overhead isometric view. Moving and fighting are accomplished solely by clicking your mouse; no keyboard controls are used or even available except to change views. I prefer being able to use my arrow keys to move, so that was a minor negative for me. You attack creatures by selecting them, and pressing attack, similar to most RPG’s. Leveling up in MapleStory is similar to an average RPG, but in Runescape, leveling consists of using your skills until they level up. Skills include crafting skills, fighting skills, and some various other skills.

MapleStory is very much a grinding game. Although there are some quests, the game’s focus is in fighting the many types of cutesy monsters in the game, such as various sizes and colors of mushrooms, armored pigs, and tree stumps. Also, the class system is different from many other RPG’s. You do not pick a class at the start. Instead, you choose a class later on (the starting choices are pretty general, a mage, fighter, rogue, and archer class), and later on after that, you specialize in one of the different branches for that class.

In Runescape, you fight the standard RPG monsters, such as orcs, giant insects and arachnids of various types, and Giant Rats. There is no real class system, but you focus on the skills you want to be better in. For instance, if you like magic, level up your magic skill, and if you like archery, level up your ranged skill. Questing in Runescape is much more detailed than MapleStory, filled with pop culture references and humor (such as the Romeo and Juliet quest, which is extremely funny).

In MapleStory, there is no real crafting system. The only crafting system is done by NPC’s who will create things for you, as long as you supply the items needed (which all drop from monsters. No harvesting in this game). The way the crafting system is set up, they are more like quests than anything else.

In Runescape, there is a rather fun crafting system. Some of the many skills you can level up are crafting and harvesting skills, such as blacksmithing and mining. You harvest the ingredients from various sources, then go to the required appliance (like a forge, or anvil) with your tools in hand, and use the raw materials to create various items. You can use these items yourself, or sell them to the many awaiting players who have need of better armor or weapons.

Neither game requires a subscription, but with Runescape, paying a 5 dollar monthly fee will give you access to a much greater amount of in game content. MapleStory, on the other hand, makes money for itself through its Cash Shop, a shop where you can buy in game items, pets, and accessories for real money.

All in all, MapleStory is great if all you want to do is fight cute monsters using a cartoonish character as your avatar. It also has a more detailed class system than Runescape. Runescape has a better variety of things to do, however, and if you like crafting, then Runescape is the better of the two. The game only lets you use about a third of the content without a monthly fee, however, so don’t be surprised if after a month or two of play, you don’t have anything left to do. Both games are worth a try, and are pretty fun in their own ways.

Runescape PK Guide

Runescape PK Guide

Runescape is not just a game about collecting and trading items. Its real excitement for many players is when they can wear the armor they bought and fight with their new sword. However when you are in the regular Runescape areas you can only fight NPC monsters. These are not real Runescape players, therefore they are often easy to defeat. The real challenge and fun is when you go to the Runescape wilderness. Here players are allowed to attack and kill each other. Runescape Player Killing. Runescape Wilderness PKing 101

The wilderness is obviously a dangerous place. When you get killed you lose all the Runescape items and gold you have on you. So some basic tips and explanations are probably welcome. Before you decide to go to the Wilderness be sure to drop by the bank and deposit as much of the items and gold you don’t need. The good thing about Pking is that there are some restrictions on it that give you a fair chance. When you go to the wilderness not everyone can just attack you. It is divided into 50 levels, the further you go into the wilderness the higher the level increases.

If you are a player of level 55 and you are in level 2 other players of level 48 till 52 can attack you. If you are level 10 this is from level 40 to 60 etc? So be careful not to go to deep into the Runescape wilderness because Runescape PKing becomes more and more dangerous. Who to PK and who not to PK In Runescape you have three types of fighters; you have Runescape warriors, Runescape mages and Runescape rangers. If you are a Runescape mage go after warriors. As a mage you are light, can move fast and attack from great distances. When you are a warrior you have heavy armor and therefore move slow. When you engage in PKing you need to close to your enemy and with mages that is almost impossible, they are just to quick. They are able to stay and attack from a great distance meaning they often get no damage to them when fighting a warrior.

If you are a Runescape ranger then it’s smartest to attack mages. You are also light, you can also move around quickly and you can also attack from distance. This means that all the advantages a mage has over a warrior you also have over a mage. The most important advantage you will have and that is your key point of how you will defeat mages and that is your dragonhide armor. This Runescape armor deflects of the spells of mages and limits the damage they can do to you. If you are a Runescape warrior go after the rangers. The rangers armor is an advantage to them when Runescape PKing mages but it is to weak against the weapons of a warrior. Since you will be wearing strong armor the rangers arrows barely deal out any damage. When you go after the rangers be sure to hit them hard and often.

Runescape PKing Clans and Teams

If you want to optimize your success in PKing and minimize the chance you are defeated you should join a Runescape PKing clan or team. This will allow you to travel in packs to the Runescape Wilderness multi zones. The multi zones are areas where multiple players are allowed to attack one player. If you are alone be sure not to end up here (unless you are of a very high level). Be sure to team up with about 6/8 people; a few mages, a few rangers and a lot of warriors. Make sure you have agreed upfront on what your strategy will be, stay in good contact through the chat and then find a victim to PK. Using this method it will be easy to defeat other players but don’t forget to fairly divide the profits.