Albion Online Players Had Better to Redownload and Reinstall the Software

Whether you have joined Albion Online, we know that it is a really new game, so you need to redownload and reinstall the Albion Online software so that you avoid some problems in previous. Now you can buy Albion Online Gold  and Albion Online Alpha server silver at MOBXE.COM with a low price and a instant delivery..
If you have not redownload and reinstall the Albion Online software before, you may meet a problem with a website certificate with the result that everyone who is now logged into the game cannot start the game through the game client launcher any longer.



If you have not aware of that message, you can just follow the steps that are as follows.
1.Completely deinstall Albion Online from your device.
2.Go to the download page and download the game again.
3.Install the file that you downloaded.
4.That’s it – you should be able to login and play Albion Online again.
Players had better to take a note if they are using Mac OSX, they may not able to reinstall the updated the game right now. The official online forum had also expressed their apology to all the players. However, the new Albion Online software had released for a while, so players now have nothing to worry about the security of the bugs since it has used for a time. Players only need to buy cheap Albion Online Gold and fight with the heroes in game.