North Korean sports officials invited to visit the DPRK Pyongyang Macy international football school

Western media said Spain’s FC Barcelona star Lionel Messi fame far and Korea. Although North Korea is the most closed and isolated countries in the world, but the North Korean football fans, especially young fans are aware of Messi and want to see the face of the Argentine star. To accomplish the dream of fans, from North Korea’s recent invitation to the AFC Executive Committee Han Yunjing Macy visit the North Korean capital Pyongyang, a sports school, this school has about 200 10-year-old to 11-year-old boy undergoing football training.

According to the Spanish “abc” December 4 reported that Han Yunjing AFC conference held in Manila, said:. “I want to invite Messi, because our kids adore him when I asked them who their minds When the world’s best players, all the kids say they particularly like Messi, even girls are. “Han Yunjing believes that many of them are fond of sports schools because Messi Messi is an honest person and love children .

If Messi accepts the invitation, he will become after former US National Basketball Association (NBA) legend Dennis Rodman has a sports star to visit the DPRK. Rodman visited the DPRK, he even young leader Kim Jong Un and North Korea became friends. Kim Jong-un is a super sports fan, Macy was invited to visit the Pyongyang International Football School is his assertion founded.

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