Gw2 gold price New International Expo Center

gw2 gold price New International Expo Center (SNIEC) is located in Pudong gw2 gold price economic and industrial core development zone. Take Metro Line 7 can reach SNIEC, the flowers Road station adjacent to the gw2 gold price New International Expo Center Hall W5. If not convenient to ride the subway line 7, a friend and don’t worry about it, large transportation gw2 gold price “Longyang Road Station (located in Longyang Road) distance SNIEC is only 600 meters, No. 2 subway line, Metro Line 7, the maglev train, and a plurality of bus lines in this intersection, take the other lines of public transport here, and then by the Longyang Road station, walk 10 minutes, you will arrive at SNIEC.
PS: because of the ChinaJoy Exhibition Road will be severe congestion and parking venues a very limited, some sections will also implement traffic restrictions, please all the players as much as possible to ride public transportation to visit the exhibition hall.
The plane
Take the plane from the field to the buy Cabal 2 Alz fast do not worry, from the airport to the New International Expo Center in gw2 gold price also has a very convenient public transport. SNIEC is located in the gw2 gold price International Airport and Hongqiao Airport, about 33 kilometers from the east to Pudong International Airport, about 32 km west of Hongqiao Airport, take the airport bus, subway or maglev trains to SNIEC.