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is very can reflect a sense of place, local industry, characteristics and characteristics of local tourism development fifa 18 coins. Henan is Chinese traffic center, around the traffic around the traffic fifa 18 coins the tourism destination, how to extend to rooting, flowering, growth in the extension, one thing is the National Tourism Administration Office in Tokyo need to advance. fifa 18 coins Masahito said in his speech, the number of Japanese tourists to China reached its peak in 2011, due to various reasons, after the reduction, but from the second half of last fifa 18 coins began to appear this year cheap fifa coins the recovery tendency. On the normalization of diplomatic relations in 45th anniversary, according to statistics, from January to July this fifa 18 coins increased number of tourists to China is an Japanese 165%. next year is Japan Treaty of peace nba 2k18 coins friendship 40th anniversary, Japan Travel Industry Association plans to set up fifa 18 coins special project team, to promote Japanese to China tourism.