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The Inspectorate also responsible for the ecological damage fifa coins 18 the environment that accountability issues were sorted according to the relevant provisions of the transfer of the fifa coins 18 provincial Party committee, the provincial government. According to Japanese media “Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting” according to the latest reports, a convenience fifa coins 18 surveillance camera near Hokkaido Lake Akan Spa Hotel was filmed in July 23rd, had a similar lost female teachers cleaning women in the dangerous autumn nearby. fifa coins 18 to the investigation of the Japanese police, Wei Jie on the morning of the 23 day of autumn in a cold lake hot spring The hotel check-out after madden mobile coins. Relevant sources, fifa coins 18 stores near the hotel surveillance video display, at 10 in the morning 23 days, had a similar risk of women in the vicinity clean autumn. In addition, there are witnesses said, had fifa coins 18 the women to buy bread at a bakery nearby convenience store convenience store. The appearance of dangerous autumn Jie family told reporters, the police have fifa coins 18 notice, confirm the danger appeared in autumn cleaning convenience fifa coin websites near the bakery. At present, the Japanese police are on dangerous autumn Jie whereabouts fifa coins 18 further investigation.