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Neymar parents deny son had $ 47 million of tax evasion have been frozen

Rio de Janeiro, September 26 Xinhua News Agency Sports news (reporter Ji Ye) Barcelona star Neymar’s parents on the 26th issued a statement denying his son in Brazil tax evasion. Brazil court announced on the 25th, due to the fifa 16 coins alleged tax evasion, Neymar and his family, the company’s $ 47 million assets have been frozen. Carlos Muta judge said that $ 47 million of assets frozen is suspected Neymar between 2011-2013 tax evasion “special fine.”


In the meantime, Neymar only paid less than $ 5 million in taxes, but he should have to pay about $ 16 million in taxes. After a day, Neymar parents said in a statement: “Nei Maer and (was accused of tax evasion) any company does not matter, so he can not pay taxes is not his thing Neymar never evasion us. The company has never tax evasion. “The Neymar tax evasion case and there is no relationship in the case before him in Spain, he was from Pakistan A Santos move to Barcelona process also suspected ut coin traders of tax evasion in 2013. Earlier this year, on suspicion of tax evasion in the process of signing Yueneimaer Barcelona current Chairman and former club president Russell has been prosecuted.


UT Coin 23-year-old Neymar Brazil national team and Barcelona’s absolute main. This season, he scored three goals for Barcelona in the Spanish league before six. And because he was suspended during the America’s Cup, will miss Brazil in October of two games Russia South American World Cup qualifiers.