the two 2k mt still showing some imminent appearance

The first half of the game, 2k mt two sides still showing some imminent appearance, the two headed stars are not open feel, Wei also do not lose color in Harden. The first section of 7 minutes, Wei less know Harden 2k mt line, grabbed cheap nba 2k mt basketball will be directly back to attack the impact of the basket, making Ryan – Anderson must foul to prevent fast break, and Wei Shao also satisfied that 2 points free throws, the score tied The

Although Wei less feel bad, but several beautiful scoring or his world’s best physical quality and great heart temperament performance most vividly. Sub-section 6 minutes and 49 seconds, Wei less sideline serve to the 2k mt position, forced by Beverly personal defense, Wei less can only seek his way, the 2k mt ball transferred to feel hot Robertson to attract defense, cheapest 2k17 coins sent back Pass, Wei less in the arc top dry pull three points shot, that cheated Beverly came to repair defense is helpless. Race to sub-section 3 minutes and 25 seconds, Wei Shao ball from the top of the basket into the basket, relying on the strong impact of the body once again labeled 3 points.