How to Stack Furnis without a Stack Magic Tile in Habbo

Good news, from July 20th to July 27th, during the Eternal Summer Carnival Party, buy Habbo Coins and any other game products on can enjoy 15% Discount for All Games and $10000 Free Gold Every Day, if you don’t have a stack tile no worries, you can still stack furnis on the top of each other and build a room using these much cheaper and much affordable items.

Things you will need are 2 rollers, mode corner, Z-shelf and lodge corner, Z-shelf and lodge corner (optional, it depends on what furni you want to stack). Note that this is the old school way of stacking furnitures to build a room if you remember the old days of habbo.

Put down 2 rollers of facing each other. Put mode corner on and a Z-shelf on top of it.

Now also put one of the lodge corners on top, and then remove mode corner and A-shelf. You will have a floating lodge corner while holding the ALT key and place it on a roller position without releasing it yet.

Only release the corner in millisecond after the first corner starts moving to the spot you have the second corner ready. This will merge them in the same spot. Do not remove the roller (stack will float), but let them slide off by rotating the rollers.

If you want to stack more items, do not let it slide off the rollers, but continue with the next and start there. Well just remember to take part in the buyhabbocoins Eternal Summer Carnival Party and buy cheap Habbo Coins here with a live service and instant delivery.