the opportunity to develop some kind of difference in the industry chain

This involves another challenge Jingdong face is with the enhancement of non-self-accounting, the slightest mistake will be the difference in the hard-won (relative Alibaba) on the loss of points. In the past,cheap GW2 gold for those who focus on quality assurance and logistics experience of online shopping users, Jingdong provides a differentiated choice, but to enhance the proportion of non-self, is to dilute this difference – obviously, the introduction of more well-known the brand’s flagship store,cheap tibia gold be regarded as a realistic option.
Over the past six months, another change Jingdong also need to attract enough attention, that is Jingdong wide distribution in the financial sector. Compared to the original business, the potential higher risk of financial services, mainly because of the impact of the former supply and demand factors, and factors affecting the latter is much broader, and often also because of the risk of leaving the leverage factor multiplied.
Although not yet know the specific mode Jingdong in the financial services, and risk of how high, but compared to rational investors have in the past given its valuation discount to some extent – not like the A-share market as Because Internet banking concept and give it a premium – to reflect this uncertainty. While I do not deny its value to their existing services to the public to raise the product have some relevance, but also the opportunity to develop some kind of difference in the industry chain.
In addition, I think that still remain relatively optimistic attitude towards others. Although its growth is slowing, but the comparison of its size, growth rate slowed down and did not reach worrying proportions (you can even say that is still very strong).
One trader in the field of competition the focus of future electricity, is to create a user evaluation criteria and the ability to use this standard to exert influence on the supply chain, many users have had Ali Baba shopping experience can not be evaluated based on the true wishes of the experience (eg given Poor will be businesses harassment), which not only hurt the user experience, but also makes it impossible to take advantage of user evaluation standards starting opportunities, and this is precisely the opportunity to Jingdong.
In the March column, “Jingdong Ali finally became enough electricity supplier heavyweight opponents,” a text, I cf Amazon and Alibaba, Jingdong think is fair is between $ 38.7 billion – $ 46.3 billion. Since then, Amazon’s market capitalization increased by 28%, but Alibaba almost did not change much.
Taking into account the financial business brought new uncertainty, I think that the future of Jingdong reasonable stock price fluctuation range of between 400 to 500 billion US dollars. As for the future trend, it depends on subsequent developments: a series of recent troubles are normal growing annoyance, or is about to experience the early signs of a midlife crisis?
In the latter case, although it still grew faster, but soon grew in value will be bad management of erosion, with user and customer churn, which will ultimately be reflected in the growth up. This involves Jingdong will eventually stop at a few hundred million dollars of the company, or you can scale new heights, among the one hundred billion US dollars Club.