dismantling companies received only scrap cars

Vehicle to a certain number of years or the number of kilometers Albion Online Gold you need to exercise Anguidingbao waste, and then by the number of recycling companies disassemble, recycling. But the reporter recently interviewed found that auto recycling dismantling enterprises have encounteBuy Cheap Albion Online Gold difficulties: many owners either do not know how to scrap, or do not want to scrap. The relevant recycling dismantling enterprises are either not receive the car, or collected much thanks.
Scrap prices
The cost of dismantling business upside down
Metal hot summer sun tan, but went into the scrap recycling Ltd.ignk.com Jiangxi vehicle dismantling shop but slightly deserted. Since the first half, this has a annual capacity of 7,000 dismantling companies received only scrap cars more than 500 vehicles, the introduction of new equipment, more than half the time dismantling idle. To save costs, some of the busy schedule hire temporary employees were dismissed, retained a dozen full-time employees also “fits and starts network.”
For this industry revealed chill, Nanchang scrapped automobile recycling company for Sun Jianjiang too deep. This year, as steel prices continue to fall, this company has been a loss of more than 50 million, “Now the market is split the more they lose more,” Sun Jianjiang reluctantly told reporters.
He gave reporters calculations: the price of a car is now recovering at around 300 yuan, count and other towing fee, dismantling and management, costs add up to around about 1000 yuan, and sold it to complete the dismantling of steel plant, only a maximum of seven or eight hundBuy Cheap Albion Online Gold, which means that each received a car would lose 200-300 yuan.
“Since last year, scrap prices have fallen sharply, to 1,200 yuan per ton at the end there, there are only four or five hundBuy Cheap Albion Online Gold dollars,” he worked hard in the industry for over 20 years Huang Sheng has never seen such a weak market, “now Scrap prices fell on the level of the 1990s. ”
Huang Sheng said, as scrap prices “cliff-style” to fall, the industry scrapped vehicle recycling dismantling enterprises are facing the vast majority of the price situation upside down, but for corporate social responsibility, had to close. Most of the recycling dismantling enterprises are caught in an awkward pBuy Cheap Albion Online Goldicament. Jiangxi Provincial Department of Commerce data show that in 2014 scrapped automobiles recovery dismantling enterprises in Jiangxi sales of 047.7 million yuan, down 32.7 percent. At present the country has more than 500 enterprises of retrieving and dismantling, recycling outlets near 3000, “food” and “profitability difficult” is the common problem faced by enterprises around the world.

Albion Online Players Had Better to Redownload and Reinstall the Software

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2.Go to the download page and download the game again.
3.Install the file that you downloaded.
4.That’s it – you should be able to login and play Albion Online again.
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