Skinning for great gold! Level 55+




       Angerclaw Maulers
Felwood, X37, Y44.

I'm taking it upon myself to let everyone know about this because I have made a sickly amount of gold here latley, and a very disturbing amount in the past 2 weeks.

As a 60 Rogue in full epic gear (bloodfang) I can kill these in about 7 seconds each, literally. The respawn rate is insanely fast, When you kill the whole spawn camp of them which is about 11-12 and take a 1 minute break you'll start having respawns to kill.

Where does the money come from you ask?

First you have some stackable gray items that are very commonly dropped:

Large Bear Bone(Non-Stackable) - 14s 84c each
Bear Jaw(Stackable) - 8s 98c -- 89s 80c per Stack of 10.
Savage Bear Claw(Stackable) - 5s 78c -- 57s 80c per Stack of 10.
Bear Flank(Stackable) - 5s 78c -- 57s 80c per Stack of 10.
Wicked Claw(Stackable) - 5s -- 25s per Stack of 5.

Even without the skinning compared to most places this is a great camp for gold/hr. But skinning is where a lot of the money to come from if you want the good results.

You can skin Rugged and Thick leather off of these.

I take 8 hours a day and I run it here, Straight. Not every day, Usually in the evenings and into the late hours on the nights I'm not raiding and ocasionally if there is a third day I'll get up around 7am to start and I can be done around mid afternoon so I can enjoy the day or do something else in game.

A single hour run brings on brings me in 6 Stacks of Rugged Leather and 5 stacks of Thick Leather. I don't know if it's because my kill rate is fast or just pure luck, But I can't remember when I have come away from this with less leather then that in an hours run.

6x 2.50g = 15g per hour
5x 1.50g = 7.5g per hour

Ironjaw Basilisks:
Crystalvein mine is located in east from Gurubashi arena in Strangletorn Vale. You can make tons of gold by farming and skinning Ironjaw Basilisks in this cave. A rare unit called Scale Belly also spawns in the cave and can be looted for nice green items.

Un'Goro crater is a great zone for skinners. Most of the beasts can be farmed for leather and it's even better if you can kill Devilsaurs (level 52-55 elites) as the skin of these guy sells for very high amounts of gold.









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