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       First lets start off with the fact that Shadowfang Keep is an instance in Silverpine Forest. I think this is mostly a Horde instance but has a couple of alliance quest also. First lets cover the quest you need to get for this instance.

Instance Map:

Shadowfang Keep Instance Map

• Arugal Must Die -- Silverpine Forest -- H -- 27 -- Dalar Dawnweaver --
• Deathstalkers in Shadowfang -- Silverpine Forest -- H -- 25 -- High Executor Hadrec
• The Book of Ur -- The Undercity -- H -- 26 -- Keeper Bel'dugur -- Choose: Grizzled Boots (1) or Steel-clasped Bracers (1)
• The Orb of Soran'ruk -- The Barrens -- B -- 25 -- Doan Karhan -- Choose: Orb of Soran'ruk (1) or Staff of Soran'ruk (1)
• The Test of Righteousness -- City of Ironforge -- A -- 22 -- Jordan Stilwell
• Bailor's Ore Shipment (Elite) -- Loch Modan -- A -- 22 -- Bailor Stonehand

Drop List:

Shadowfang Keep Drop List

The Instance:

This instance is really not that bad till you get deep into it. And with some points made you will be very ready to take on those problems when you get to them and have minimal issues.

Undead cannot be sheeped, have your priest use shackle undead to help maintain agro on large pulls.

When you enter into the instance there is a gate in front of you and you can see the end point of your first quest, Deathstalkers in Shadowfang. To your right is a door that you can enter.
First let me lay down my “technical” terms…
• “wolvine” = big half human dog thing
• “dog” = regular dog looking dog
• “ghost dog” = Ghost dog looking thing

In that door there is a wolvine and a dog, fairly standard pull here just kill and move on. Up the stairs is a couple more dogs and a couple wolvine. Just stay on the right wall as you move up these stairs to keep from agroing the monsters on the second level of the stairs. Once you have that area cleared move into what looks like a main hallway with a closed door on the far end.

Next you will see a small room to your left that has 4 total monsters in it fairly easy to pull one at a time to get them all gone. I prefer to kill all of these as to not have issues when I go down the stairs. Down the stairs is 2 dogs and one wolvine. Clear these then open the far right cell (horde) using the lever next to it. Talk to the guy then he will open the door for the courtyard, you need to be there as he opens the door or he will just run off. (*note* the middle cell has an alliance guy in it for you alliance players, we just open it to kill him as he can drop a random green.) Move back up the stairs to the door for the courtyard.

The Courtyard:

For paladins there is a quest in the stables straight out on the left side for the mallet to create their hammer (rolls eyes). This area is pretty standard pulling, start with the grey dog that is right at the stairs while keeping everyone just inside the door. Pull up the stairs at first as there is a dog and a wolvine just to the right of the doors out of site. After the dog is dead move down the stairs hugging the wall on your left side. There are a lot of roaming undead in this area so be sure to pull the ones closest to you as soon as possible. As you work your way back around the stairs, to the quest point pull the three Wolvine that are in the corner in front of you toward the stairs. Once those are dead, turn in your quest for Deathstalkers in Shadowfang and claim your reward.

Head over to where you pulled the three wolvine from and pull the next roaming undead, then the wolvine and the dog that are left to clear your way to the ally that leads up the stairs. I recommend pulling and dealing with the 2 roaming undead and the wolvine that are at the stairs before proceeding into the area for the butcher (elite boss 1). There is a door at the stairs to your left that will lead you to the butcher and one other boss but before that we need to clear the 2 undead in the fore hall to get to them.

The Butcher:

Pull the 2 undead out to the courtyard and eliminate them. Then Go into the small room and have your warrior/tank pull the Wolvine and 1 undead that are just before the butcher. Try not to agro the butcher just yet as he packs a nice punch with his curse of shadow (150-250 shadow damage every 5 sec dot). Once you have cleared a path into the butcher proceed to agro him as he is the only one left in the room before the second boss. Be careful to pull the butcher back toward the small room as there is a roaming wolvine that will roam into that room shortly after you enter it. Sheep/seduce the add if needed and focus damage on the butcher. He drops a nice one hand sword or a blue axe that is a really sexy warrior item for a 2 hand melee.

Once the butcher is dead, move into the room he was in and have the main tank proceed to pull the undead wolvine from the next room. This room has a total of 12 monsters in it and pulling by 1 or 2 is key to getting to the main boss in this room. Once you deal with those monsters move one into the room. At the back of this room is 2 stairways, stay clear of those at the moment as there is 2 wolvine at the top of each side and will agro you if you get to close. Pull the 2 guards off the main boss in this area he shouldn’t agro as you do this as long as you pull them away from him. Dispose of those and get ready for the big fight.

The main boss is a butcher of some sort (add details), pull him away from the stairs and let your main tank get agro before you start beating on him. He has a nasty curse that will add 5 x shadow damage on top of the 150-250 dot curse that he cast. Have your mage/druid be ready with remove curse to keep your main tank alive. After he’s dead move up the left stairway into the hall above. Be ready for agro from both sides with a 2 dogs and 2 wolvine. I have found no way to not agro both at one time.

The Church:

At this point you have entered the tower church. Move up the left stairs and into the hallway, you will see a wolvine and a dog. Dispose of those and then the next set after and move toward the door to the church. In the church there is a total of 9 pally ghost that will cast silence on you and your party. Keep the casters as far back as possible while your main tank goes up the stairs and agros the monsters 1 by 1. Pull the monsters back down the stairs and have your priest shackle one while the main tank deals with the other. Do this repeatedly till you have all of the right side of the church cleared.

Move your party up the stairs and to the right in the church staying along the right wall. Main boss 3 is to your left and you don’t want to agro him just yet. A roaming pally will come up the stairs in front of you that leads to the crossing. Dispose of him before you agro the main boss. The main boss is a pally himself and a tuff one to boot as he will holy shield and then heal, have your shaman/mage etc dispel magic to remove his shield then have your tank either bash his heal etc to stop him long enough to kill him. His two minions will need to be sheeped/seduced while you are tanking the main boss. The main boss MUST die first as he will continually heal the other two while you are trying to dispose of them.

First Crossing:

Moving down into the stairs on the far end of the church you where you killed the roaming patrol, you come to the crossing. There are 2 roaming pally on the crossing itself. Dispose of those, then move to the far side. Pull the two pally on the far side to the center of the crossing or wait for the patrol to come down the ramp on the far side and pull him first. Either way you will need to deal with 3 of the pally at one time here. Have the warlock/priest shackle or seduce or both to the adds and then deal with the remaining one. Move up the ramps to the bat tower.

Pally in this area will curse you with -100 to weapon skills, all weapon skills. Remove as fast as you can... but not deadly in my opinion.

Bat Tower:

Main boss 4 is in the tower and he is a royal pain. It took us 2 times of trying different things to get through this part alive in a 5 man group at level 26. There is really no easy way to do this but here is what we did and it seems to work nice. Have your main tank go up the last of the ramp and target the main boss. Have all your damage dealers assist (click the tanks picture in the party and hit “F”) on the tank to get the main boss targeted.

One bat will silence and one will disarm your main tank. Be ready with healing and curse removing.

Have your main tank agro the main boss, and then come down the ramp. If your lucky you only get the main boss. Although we got all 3 at once 5 of 6 times, we managed and I’ll tell you how. Have your tank use an aoe, either cleave/holy pally thing etc and hold agro of all three. Dispose of the main boss first as he will curse you with shadow damage etc. He doesn’t hit that hard, it’s the dot and the bats that hurt more. Keep the aoe on as long as you can to keep agro from your priest and mage. Off tank with a warlock pet is nice but the pet dies very fast with the damage the bats are dealing (around 250-300 per hit) We did try sheeping the bats but by having to use aoe to hold agro for the other 2 it just made a mess and wasted mana. So take your beating and kill them as fast as you can. Imp is a good choice if you have a warlock with you due to the extra thorns damage.

Second Crossing:

Pretty standard pulls on the crossing at first. After you reach the far end you have to deal with a group of 3 pally, so deal with them then move on. Once you reach the stairs you are 70% complete. There are 2 wolvine in the stairway down to the next room. Dispose of those as you go down and get ready for the fun part.

The Nesting Room:

In this area there are “special” Hound keeper wolvine that summon ghost dog guardians. Yea, that’s what I said… guardians. As you move into the room pull the ghost dog up the stairs to you. Dispose of him then move down the stairs to pull your first hound keeper.

I had as many as 15 ghost guardians attacking me at one time the first time we tried to go though this area. We had shackled the hound keeper and where killing the ghost dogs off. Needless to say he was still able to summon more…

Dispose of the hound keepers first and foremost. The faster you kill them the less guardians they can summon. Shield bash will not stop them from casting guardians so don’t waste your time with it. After you kill the hound keeper in the first area move up the stairs in front of you. At the top of the stairs is a hound keeper and a ghost dog. Shackle the dog and kill the keeper. Once you dispose of those two there is a chance that a chest will spawn or is spawned in that area. Both times we got the chest in that room there was a blue item inside. Move down the stairs on the far side and pull the ghost dog up to you. The hard part in this room is over and it’s a standard pull to the far end.

Fangor’s Tower

Your on the last leg now and its been ruff but the hard part isn’t over yet. Head up the next set of stairs disposing of the 3 wolvine on the stairs as you make your way to the pack master (boss 5). Have the party stay back to keep from agroing the pack master and have the tank pull one of the two dogs right inside the room on either side. They are hard to spot unless you start into the room and once you agro them you will get all 4, so be ready. Stay out of the room while fighting these 4 dogs and you wont agro the pack master. If you do agro him have mage sheep him or warlock seduce to keep him off the main tank while you finish the dogs off.

Dispose of the pack master and prepare for a good hard fight with fangor. Move into the next room as fangor is the only one in there. Have main tank agro and keep him occupied while you beat on him. Once he is dead be ready for 5 non elite minions to spawn and it’s a free for all till they are dead. Make sure while you are in this room that you get the Book of Ur for your quest from the bookshelf on the right looking back to the door where you came in from. It will respawn each time someone loots it and takes a few min so it’s a good point for a beer break…

The Final Stand:

Move up the stairs to the top of the tower and then around to where you can get to the back of the room. You will be able to see Arugal from here and he doesn’t look happy to see you. Make your way into this room and down the stairs hugging the wall on your right. Kill the wolven in front of you and then pull the other 2 around to where you can kill them without agroing Arugal.

This is going to be a VERY hard fight and 1 – 3 of your group will probably die. Arugal uses a curse called “Unleash Fury” which takes control of one of your party members and turns them against your party for 15 sec. We have not found a way to dispel that without generating to much agro on the caster. He also cast a mean shadow bolt that deals about 350-400 damage. And that starts to hurt after bolt 4-5. One other trick he likes to do is jump around the room as you fight him. He uses blink and jumps to 4 diff points in the room. As long as you know what 4 points those are you should be able to chase him around as you beat on him and do some good damage.

If you get into big trouble and are not the main target of Arugal, go under the catwalk of the room and he will not target you for 15 sec. Just enough time to throw a good bandaid on…

His jump points are:
1) The main stairs you came down into the room
2) The point where he was standing when you came in the room
3) The catwalk on the back wall
4) The catwalk on the far wall

Here is how we beat him down 6 times in a row with only 1 death in the 6 times. Agro him after all the wolvine are dead using the main tank as a shield. It takes 1 hit to agro him full on and he wont lose focus till your dead. Hit him with everything the group has till he blinks. Once he blinks he agros a new target, whoever is closer to him is the new target. Position in this room is key. Keep your group in the center of the room and let your main tank/second tank run around the room for agro. Don’t attack him till the tank has agro again as he will squish a priest/mage very fast with the mad shadow damage. As bad as it is don’t heal your tank till you honestly have to heal them. About 1 / 4 life is what I get to before my priest will attempt to heal. Reason is that he will agro the healer AS SOON AS YOU START TO CAST HEALING. So be ready and have your tank get that agro back fast. Once he is dead it’s a good feeling. We got the robes 3 times (all casters happy) the sword 2 times (me and the warlock happy) the belt 1 time (no comment on the cat fight by the casters for roll rights on that lol).
This will be updated with pictures maps etc but is a good start for my buddies here to review and update for me.

Good luck on your trips to Shadowfang and may you get the sexy drops









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