7.3 big secret Aisha fire law Haitian fine crab a wave of a single brush to the north

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First deal with five boss aspects
Brothel lady mage can jump to take the initiative to step on the wind to keep the venue, long snakes can quickly turn the fire (seagulls this thing really play, know not to put the Phoenix just fine, ignite only one or two, sheep in the sky and then stealth like ). Tail king beheaded belt support, good damage and can provide a single eat, is very comprehensive.
Then the Master in the high-level Azshara to come to the fore, claiming T0’s capital, in the video of this wave of mobs single brush.
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To the video in the big secret timer time, I left the remaining 28 minutes and 30 seconds when the start pull strange, 27 points when the basic pull strange start, turn 20 seconds, 26 minutes and 40 seconds to open A, the front of the step , And no difference between any tank, we have to use so much time.
26 minutes and 40 seconds to open A, 25 minutes and 40 seconds to end, mainly because of the video when the card is too card, and because the affix can not be the fastest speed A death, to control the blood, if it is next week rage volcano affixed to my own A20 seconds Enough, this week usually do not card when the 40 seconds of the top days.
Compared to this week assuming that the tank finished 5 boss Bora, 10 seconds A light dead 3 individuals (2 open invincible) is not more than 30 seconds of fighting time, and the tail came over the strange road to run more than 30 seconds , Add up a minute than my single brush A is not fast.
In fact, this week the tank odds may be slower than me even slower, not even every tank can be a wave, dps may not do 10 seconds A death, especially non-DKT case, 10 seconds A out half dead 3 Individuals, leaving the two open invincible slowly grinding the rest or even rolling I am afraid not seen.
Contrast the most optimistic case of non-single brush, I did not lose the liberation of 4 individuals 2 minutes, to clear the long snake,
If the contrast is not so high-end do not roll over, 3 waves and then open a self-protection, or the whole front all clear do not touch the crab, I would like to save about 5 minutes, if the comparison 2 wave blind blind cup survived , Or the animal husbandry lightning thorn seconds people, these messy it is high to do not know where to go.
Low-level mowing, then this greatly reduces the treatment of stress, treatment can be less brush a total of 20-60 layer of the amount of healing, dps do not need to worry about what control interruption, the tank does not need to see the progress zone with the like, take 5M The line can be, and 10-13 can play the fighter, I just hit a 10 layer with milk, in addition to the long snake boss are basically 40 seconds down, the entire copy of my contract after the mobs, only the old one in front of all the way together 10 times a few times cracked, long snake add up to less than 10 layers of crack, and the second side of a wave of water drops + 2 banshee crack, the fighters here to finish eating bread is feasible.
13-17, forced to save 3-5 minutes, 1 box change 2 boxes, 2 boxes changed three boxes, 18 + want to rush high, when the number of layers to the team’s dps bottleneck, give you 3 minutes.
This effect, in Azshara only a single brush career can be done in the crackdown affix, only the fire law can do, on the T0 DPS, I who are not satisfied, to serve themselves.
In addition, if there are league guys have high-level Azshara key (20 or so) want +1 and dps pit also see the words hope to take me one,
Aisha pull a single brush that can do a lot of Master, the video to share my line, personally think that is the best line, the highlight is probably the collapse of the affrontation response should be regarded as starting.
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Gamer can find major 40-31 players from the different teams. Christian Eriksen at 40 is from Tottenham. Arturo Vidal at 39 is from Bayern Munich. Marcelo having 38 is from Real Madrid. Edinson Cavani with 37 is from PSG. Paul Pogba with 36 comes out from Man Utd. N’Golo Kanté having 35 is from Chelsea. Marco Verratti with 34 is from PSG. Jér?me Boateng with 33 comes out from Bayern Munich. Zlatan Ibrahimovi? having 31 appears from Man Utd. Game developer has kept rating of players between 31-40. Ozil has been criticized for his performance for Arsenal this season. Ozil is characterized in this group of players while rating at 32 inside the list. At the same time, Pogba is behind him at 36. Gamers can find fifa ut coins from the professional online gaming house, Fifacoinsbuy.Com to make a powerful FUT 18 inside the very beginning of the game.

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