on behalf of the fifa 18 ultimate team coins

on behalf of the Dragon shake off one hundred meters outside a tunnel fifa 18 ultimate team coins a shrill long whistle. Originally, blasting team has put a detonator, and began to leave, leaving only fifa 18 ultimate team coins Xuehua Zhang Xuehua. After blasting while slowly put hands to walk long fuse bunkers, whistling; tall men waving aside flashlight, shouted, “pay attention to fifa 18 ultimate team coins foot, leave quickly!” at 14:38, the bunker site construction personnel are set to blow up 200 meters, the original wind wheel grinding machine guns, the sound, fifa 18 ultimate team coins sound of a noisy In the tunnel, in perfect silence.”5,4,3,2,1.” bang bang in the ear blast shock wave will be a hard body pressure, heart as if to jump out of the fifa 18 ultimate team coins. After a moment, a dust blown out from the hole. “This is a small 68 kg of gunpowder blasting, we have more than 200 kilograms of blasting, the impact fifa 18 ultimate team coins the more shocking!” Zhang Xuehua assured reporters, “but don’t you worry, the dosage is strictly buy madden mobile coins, we should pay attention to the safety of workers, fifa 18 ultimate team coins hold the ancestors left the baby?” Zhang Xuehua’s baby is the Great Wall. High-speed Rail Beijing Zhang Badaling tunnel once and for two times through the water off the Great fifa 18 ultimate team coins, the Badaling Great Wall, distance the head of the century Qinglongqiao Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway Station only 4 meters. So many “fifa 18 ultimate team coins treasure” gathered the challenges to the construction, not to mention the tight schedule, the task is heavy, the 11 working face of work at the same time, a fifa 18 ultimate team coins of shooting at least thirteen times each One should organize personnel and equipment to retreat, how can we avoid blasting in resonance, disturbance fifa 18 ultimate team coins surrounding cultural relics, and avoid blasting spacing is too large, affect the construction schedule? Precision micro blasting reduces vibration. fifa 18 ultimate team coins to the introduction, the traditional madden coins vibration speed is high, felt strong crack, in the 100 meters underground, on the Great Wall disturbance similar to the fifa 18 ultimate team coins rattling car idling, and precision of the electronic detonator shock blasting technology, the blasting vibration amplitude and DB to a minimum, when the shock fifa 18 ultimate team coins control in about 0.16 cm / sec, each one is only equivalent to the blasting on the the Great Wall stamp feet. Static micro blasting to reduce disturbance.

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