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Molten Core Bosses strategy for Garr - Magmadar - Lucifron






Molten Core Bosses strategy for Garr - Magmadar - Lucifron

Boss Name: Lucifron

Loot Link:

Adds: 2 x Flamewalker Protector

Boss Abilities:

  • Impending Doom: Magic attack that does 2000 damage after 10 seconds, should be dispelled ASAP
  • Curse of Lucifron: Curse that doubles the cost of your abilities (mana/rage/energy). Also should be removed asap.

Everyone in the raid besides the MT and your 2 pullers will be clustered at the back of the cavern. It is important to remember not to venture too close to the entrance on the left side as you could aggro the imps and wipe the raid. If you do happen to get feared or wander into that entrance be sure to die nobly far away from anyone else and not pull imp aggro back into the raid. The MT will be stationed very far in front of everyone (in fact there is a little stalagmite on the ground the MT should be in front of that and everyone else far behind it) ready to pull Luci and the 2 OTs will stand a good distance in front of everyone else but behind the pullers so they can grab aggro off the pullers. Once Luci is pulled the MT healers will need to move forward into healing range on the tank but everyone else should stay back until the adds are down.

The Fight:
The actual fight is very simple. Your 2 pullers (hunters I would hope) pull the 2 adds with distracting shot and the MT pulls Luci with a ranged attack. Then you will have 2 OTs tank the adds and DPS will be called on them one at a time until they are down. The adds actually have a mind control ability so it is important for your OTs to burn any goofy cooldowns they have (Intimidating Shout, Warstomp, etc..) so if they are MCd they donít fear and wipe the raid. Every so often Luci will throw out his little magic and curse and that will need to be removed immediately. All priests should spam dispel and mages and druids decurse as soon as CTRaid notifies you that it has been cast. If you just use the /racure macro just spam that until thereís no one left to cure. During the first part of the fight (while the 2 adds are up) the only people getting hit by the curses should be the MT and his healing group so it will be easy to handle. After the adds go down everyone should turn on Luci like a fat kid on a twinky. Now it will get tougher for your dispel/decursers cause just about the whole raid will be in range of the curses. Keep them removed immediately and just DPS Luci down and get your phat lewts.

Things to be aware of:
The damage from Luci can be a pain to deal with because a good portion of the time your healers may have to be spamming dispel/decurse. Make sure you have some shamans in the streams to keep the tank up during those times. Also make sure you have a clear OT specified and everyone is aware who it is in case your MT goes down. He should be in full tanking gear and ready to taunt/mocking blow Luci if your MT drops and your healers should be prepared to take up healing on him at that time as well.



Boss Name: Magmadar

Loot Link:

Adds: None

Boss Abilities:
  • Fear: Approximately every 30 seconds Mag will do a large radius AoE fear. Some of the ranged DPS can stay out of the radius, but pretty much expect to be feared and prepare for it. CTRA will announce about 5 seconds before the fear, but this is not exact as Magís timer is semi-random. When the announcement happens you generally have a 3-10second window where he can fear.
  • Frenzy: Periodically Mag will enter a Frenzy which can almost triple his melee damage output. The hunters should deal with this ASAP (explained in the strategy).
  • Lava Spit (Flaming Poo):Mag will also periodically drop a pile of flaming poo on the ground that can do around a 3000 DoT damage. If youíre in one, run out like a little kid at Michael Jacksonís house.
  • Fire Breath:Just like the name says he breathes a cone of fire out. If the tank is doing his job this shouldnít have any effect on the raid, but if you see Mag looking your way you might wanna run.

Positioning for Mag is relatively simple. The main tank will be stationed one the western wall of the cavern which is where he will hold Mag. Healers will be close to that wall at maximum healing range to try and avoid his fear. Hunters and ranged dps will be a little further east at max range as well. Hunter at max range should be able to avoid the fear, mages and warlocks maybe or maybe not. Melee DPS will have a safe zone on the far eastern wall, if you health gets low or DPS hasnít been called yet thatís where you should be standing/bandaging.

The Fight:
  • Main Tank: The MT will pull Mag into the appointed position and keep his back to the wall during the entire fight. You want to keep Mag facing away from the raid at all times so his Fire Breath canít hit anyone but you. Also you need to watch out for his flaming poo. When CTRA announces that Mag is about to Fear you want to wait a couple of seconds, then hop into Berserker Stance, pop your Berserker Rage, then get back into Defensive stance. Practice this until youíve got it down because you want to minimize time spent in Berserker stance (especially if thereís a chance Mag will frenzy in that time period) and you donít want to hit it too early or too late. Try not to pop it as soon as the announcement goes off because if Magís timer is long on that fear your Rage could wear off before he fears. If you get feared this could do bad things to the raid and itís one of the main problems a tank can have in this fight so donít let it happen. Itís also a good idea to listen to the huntersí Tranq Shot calls and be prepared to drop Shield Wall if they arenít able to get his Frenzy off in time.

  • Melee Dps: Once <<DPS ON>> is called Melee needs to pile on Mag like a defensive lineman on a fumbled ball. Really you only have to watch out for two things most of the time: the Fear and the Poo. For warriors either stay in Berserker Stance or be prepared to stance dance and pop your berserker rage when the CTRA announcement for the fear pops up. Read the MT section for timing on the berserker rage. Other dpsers can use whatever Fear breakers you have or just wait it out and jump back on Mag once the fear wears off and youíre sure the MT still has aggro. If Mag drops poo near or on you move out of it ASAP and stay away from it. You want to stay far away from it at all times in case Mag fears so youíre less likely to run INTO the poo while youíre skeered. You should bring plenty of bandages and retreat to your designated safe zone and bandage up if you get low. If youíre health is low and you still have the bandage debuff, run near the healers and see if you can bum a heal or pop a potion/healthstone.

  • Hunters: If youíve got Tranquilizing Shot (it drops off Lucifron) then welcome to your one and only chance to use it. The hunters will setup a rotation of Tranq Shots to avoid Mag Frenzying while one is on cooldown. You will also each setup Macros to notify the raid and the other hunters how your tranq shot did, they should look something like this:

      Rethielís Tranquilizing Shot hits Magamadar!
      Rethiel: <<TRANQ SHOT HIT, Nodoki YOUíRE NEXT>>

      Nodokiís Tranq Shot misses Magmadar!

      Vitruvís Tranq Shot hits Magmadar!
      Vitruv: <<TRANQ SHOT HIT, Rethiel YOUíRE NEXT>>

    When itís your turn to tranq shot be sure youíre ready to do it and have your macros ready to notify whether it hit or not. You have to pay close attention to the raid channel so youíre aware if the previous people hit or not as you may have to fire yours early. Your main concern is keeping that Frenzy off Mag so donít screw it up. Also you should watch out for the Flaming Poo and move to avoid it if itís nearby.

  • Ranged Dps (other than hunters): UmmÖ.shoot Mag and avoid Poo. ĎNuff said. Oh and don't start attacking until DPS is called on, or you can wipe the raid.

  • Healers: Healers will be separated into Healing Streams so be sure you know which stream you're in. If your stream is not on you should be out off fear range regening mana. Shamans will need to keep Tremor totems down in the healing groups to minimize the amount of time healers are feared. For the most part everyone but the tank should be bandaging to stay alive, but if someone has the bandage debuff and is low on health throw them a heal as long as it wonít endanger the tank (ie your healing stream is not on the tank at that moment). As always keep HoTs on the tank at all times and watch out for Flaming Poo. If the tank has to move to avoid Poo be ready to move to keep him in range.

Things to be aware of: This fight is actually pretty easy as long as everyone follows the above steps. It does tend to be a rather long fight (like most raid bosses) so be prepared for it. Mana users should be using mana conservation tactics and avoid blowing it all in the very beginning of the right. Basically donít die and kill the big dog then get some PHAT LEWTZ!!!111!11



Boss Name: Garr

Loot Link:

Adds: 8 x Firesworn

Boss Abilities:
  • Magma Shackles: This is an aura ability that hits everyone near him every 15 seconds. It has 2 effects: First it wipes all buffs on whoever it hits (yes all buffs, so no real need to buff the MT here) and second it slows your movement speed to a crawl.
  • Detonate Firesworn: If one of his Firesworn is close enough (or some say too far away) Garr can detonate him, causing lots of damage to anyone nearby. Keep those firesworn away from him.
  • Face Pwn: Everytime one of Garrís adds dies he gets stronger. His attack speed and damage increase making him mean.
  • Supreme Mode: If you kill all the Firesworn before Garr goes down he enters this mode. Basically his DPS skyrockets and he has a chance to summon exploding firesworn that will do AoE damage. In other words, donít do it!

This fight can be a little complicated and the first pull and subsequent offtanking/banishing has to go really well or the raid will wipe before DPS ever touches Garr. The MT and his healing group will stand on the western side of the cave near where the MT will tank Garr. The rest of the raid will move to the eastern end and get ready to pull his adds. After the pull the MT will move to his position with his healing group in range to keep him alive, and the rest of the raid will spread out a good distance away from Garr and handle the adds.

The Pull: Because the pull for Garr is arguably the hardest part of the fight, I will discuss it separately here. The raid will have 9 tanks assigned through CTRA, the MT, at least 3 Warlocks, and the rest offtank warriors. The MT will of course be assigned to Garr and each of the others will handle one Firesworn. All of the warlocks will be at the bottom of the Main Tank target lists as their targets will be killed last. The idea is to have each Warlock Banish one Firesworn and keep it banished the whole fight, the other Firesworn will be tanked and DPSíd down one at a time. Each of the warriors will have a hunter/mage assigned to pull for him or will pull for himself depending upon the group balance of the day. All the Warlocks should have a Voidwalker (hereafter referred to as Blueberry) out. The way the pull works is one mage runs forward and aggros the group and then Iceblocks. We do this to have the whole group focused on one person making it easier to avoid them getting loose into the group. Once the mage is secure in his icecube, the pullers/tanks pull their Firesworn off and spread them out in the southeast portion of the cave while the MT pulls Garr over into his position. The warlocks will Banish their target and then put the Blueberry on it to hold him when Banish breaks so it can be rebanished, and the warriors will tank their targets. Now that weíve pulled weíll move into the actual fight.

The Fight:
  • Main Tank: The MTs job in this fight is simple. Once the mage Iceblocks, grab Garr and pull him into the appointed spot then hold him there. Thatís all you have to do, keep his aggro on you. He has no aggro wipes or crazy abilities to worry about so just keep Sunders and whatnot on him and wait for him to die.

  • DPS (Melee and Ranged): After the pull we wait for the offtanks (warriors) to establish aggro, then start at the bottom of the MT list (above the warlocks, on the first warrior at the bottom) and DPS them down one at a time. When a Firesworn gets down to about 20% the Melee dps needs to back off cause they explode when they die and can deal a fair amount of damage as well as throwing you high into the air. Keep this going until the only Firesworn left are the ones being Banished by the Warlocks. At this point, pause for a second and verify that the MT is ready for DPS on Garr (which he should be as heís had plenty of time to generate sufficient aggro), then move on to Garr and DPS him down. Nothing to worry about on Garr, he will wipe all your buffs as soon as you get in range but it doesnít matter anymore at this point. After Garr is down everyone moves to the Banished Firesworn and takes them down one at a time until theyíre all gone.

  • Offtanks:
    • Warriors: After the pull each OT warrior will spread out with their Firesworn and start normally tanking tactics. The warrior at the bottom of the MT target list will be the first to have DPS on his target and the DPS will move from the bottom up until all the warrior-tanked Firesworn are downed. Once your target is killed you will move with the DPS group or move to assist a warlock in holding his target if needed, just ask in vent which you need to do at the time as this is one of those wait and see situations.
    • Warlocks: Warlocks will grab their target, pull it out away from Garrís area and Banish. Then sic your Blueberry on him and wait. By this time you should know how to keep a target Banished (if not just go practice in Azshara with the agriculturalists) so I donít need to explain that here. If your Blueberry goes down just ask in Vent/raid for a warrior to assist and one of the OTs can hold your target while you resummon another one. Thatís all you have to do, welcome to the easiest fight in MC for you and your only real purpose for being here (other than Healthstones, Parked Imps, and Summons).

  • Healers: The MT will initially be assigned one group of healers who will stay with him and keep him alive while tanking Garr. Each OT will be assigned 1-2 healers who will keep them alive while they are tanking the Firesworn. Basically just follow them to wherever they end up tanking the add and keep them alive until it is killed. Of course stay far enough away that you donít get hit when the add explodes. Once your OTís add has been killed, check quickly to make sure that the other OTs are in good condition and their healers are still up. If everything is okay there move over to the MT and help his healing group keep him up. As long as the pull goes well and OTs get killed by some fluke this fight is rather easy.

Things to be aware of: The hardest part of this fight is the initial pull. With the Iceblock tactic everything is much simplified as opposed to just trying to pull them individually as we tried before. As long as the pull goes well and none of your OTs die, this is a cakewalk. Once Garr is downed everyone moves onto the adds that are still being banished by the warlocks and kill them one by one. When the last add is standing everyone <<GROPE HUGE>>s it (as long as youíve got over 3000hp) so that the whole raid can be punted high into the air. Itís a very humorous sight and something no one should miss.  For more in-depth coverage of instances, check this guide out.






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