Mage PVP tricks for Dummies





Alright title says it all and i will be updating as i find more useful pvp tricks.

ALrighty lets get started:

1. When you are low on HP and against a warrior (witch is hardly ever the case as mages pwn warriors XD ) and he pops spell reflect hit em with polly that way you get pollied and you get alot of HP. Usually the warrior will stop and start using bandages here and it will allow you to get full HP. Its good to be frost spec here that way as soon as you get full HP you can Ice block out and hit him with fire blast to stop his bandages.

2. Blizzard in tight courters. This will slow you opponants and allow your faction to pick them off easilly (casters mainly). This trick should be used in Eye when your team is trying to gain the flag and the oposing team is comin up on you, it will allow your FC to get some headway on the flag return and it will stop charges from warriors (untill they gain enough rage and intercept :P)

3. Dont run into a big mob and start AE'ng avryone, i see it ALOT and it draws to much attention tawards you witch will only damage your team, and get you killed fast. It should only be used as a last resourt never an initial attack.

4. Use flamestricke to uncover hiden enimies( i usually use a lower rank for more mana conserve but its up to you.) I use this mainly when there is a battle going on mid feild and you are way back and noticable, i keep flamstrike around me so rogues and druids a\cant sneake up on me. You can also use it around ple that are battling that way they do not get ambushed by a bunch of stunlick rogues and it will give em a chance to defend themselfs.

5. Sheep, Sheep, Sheep. I see ALOT of mages out there ignoring sheep ability when there is a huge battle allowing healers to healbot there players and wiping us. Sheep is an awsome ability and is not only used for PVE.

6. Mages stealth ability is GREAT for arena battles, especially if you are a 3min mage you can sneake up on there healer ( they usually have one) and take em out with a couple shots leaving them open for a beating.

to be continued.....







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