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Horde 1-60 Leveling Guide (Part1)



Part one of three
Horde Leveling
Guide 1-25
Part two of three
Horde Leveling
Guide 25-40
Part three of three
Horde Leveling
Guide 40-60




Horde 1-60 Leveling Guide (1-25)

Part 1 of 3


First you have to know that this horde guide, is a guide for free help, there is many ways to get to level 60.  Then this is for a typical group mix. I know this guide is not as great as the famous Joana's 1-70 horde leveling guide, but this guide here can help a lot with the quests you can get and do as horde.  Grouping will definitely make your leveling life easier. Even if you think that splitting the XP from a mob between 5 people isn't worth it , you have to look at how many mobs you are killing and how quickly you are killing them. There is just no comparison.  If your specifically playing a Paladin, then you can check out Skewters's 1-20 Paladin Blood Elf guide.

When you ask people to join a group , make sure you know what the group is going to do. If you have specific quests you want to do , see if people are willing to join to do those quests , or to farm a specific area , or to do a specific instance dungeon.

Beginner Level (1-12)

-Very early on , a specific race will only level in their starting zones.
-Each race gets their own zone until around level 10.
-These levels go by very quickly , you can found how to level in theses zones Here

So if you follow your appropriate guide for your race and faction , you will be level 11/12.When you reach this point in game read the next :

Horde leveling 12-25

At level 12 , the first place you want to start is The Barrens. Head to the Crossroads (Section A) , in the barrens to pick up a number of useful and easy quests ; go the the crossroad , DON'T FORGET to find the Inn and the Flying Road there ; and in the other town it must be a reflex ! And after do this quest : ( you have to take the road to the south of X-road and go to the west by the Camp Taurajo)

The hunter's way
-Easy delivery quest.
-Start with Skorn Whitecloud
-Flatland Prowler can be found Here
-Delivery it at Melor Stonehoof an Thunder Bluff and take the fly to X-road.

After that do this quests :

>Raptor Thieves<
-Medium kill quest.
-Start with Gazrog in crossroads (section A).
-The Raptors can be found surrounding section A/B

>The Forgotten Pools<
-Easy find quest.
-Start with Tonga Runetotem in crossroads.
-The oasis is Northwest of section A.

>The Stagnant Oasis<
-Easy find quest.
-Starts with Tonga Runetotem in crossroads.
-The oasis is southeast of section A.

>Altered Beings<
-Easy kill/gather quest.
-Start with Tonga Runetotem in crossroads ( section A)
-The Snapjaws can be found in section B

>Warfmaster Dizzywig<
-Easy delivery quest.
-Starts with Apothecary Helbrim in crossroads.
-The wharfmaster is on the docks in section B (Ratchet).

>Supplies for the crossroads<
-Medium find quest.
-Start with Thork in Crossroads.
-The crates are at a gnoll camp , north of section B.

>Disrupt the attacks<
-Medium kill quest.
-Starts with Thork in Crossroads.
-The Gnolls for this mission are northeast of section A , along the mountains.

>Plainstrider Menace<
-Easy kill quest , Starts with Sergra Darkthorn in Crossroad.
-The beak are dropped by Plainstrider all around the East part of Crossroad.

>The Zhevra<
-Easy kill quest.
-Start with Zhevra Hooves in crossroads.
-Zhevra can be found between x-road and ratchet.

>Samophlange (series quest) <
-Medium find quest. Start with Sputtervalve in section B. (Ratchet)
-The control console is northeast of section A.
-All other parts of the quest can be found in the same area.
-Part 2, Part 3 , Part 4

Southsea Freebooters (series quest)
-Easy kill quest . starts from Wharmaster Dizzywig in section B.
-Brigands can be found on the coast , south of section B (Ratchet)
-The Shipment of boots and lens can be found a little more south. (Part 4)

>Centaur Bracers<
-Medium kill quest. Starts with Regthar Deathgate in a bunker on the west road of Crossroad.
-The Bracers drop off centaurs northwest where the quest start.

Note: At this point I recommend grinding up to level 15 (if youre not there already). You can grind off of raptors , horses and centaurs in the area. They offer easy xp and good sell loot.

At level 15 , you should head to Orgrimmar to do the Ragefire Chasm instance. You will need solid group to complete this. Here's the quests for that area :

>Testing an Enemies Strength<
-You receive this kill quest from Rahauto in Thunderbluff.

>The power to destroy<
-You receive this quest from Varimathras in Undercity.

>Searching for the lost Satchel<
-You receive this gather quest from Neeru Fireblade in Orgrimmar (near the instance)

>Slaying the beast<
-You receive this kill quest from Neeru Fireblade in Orgrimmar.

>Hidden Enemies<
-You receive this quest from Thrall in Orgrimmar.

When you finish Ragefire Chasm, you should repeat it a few more times for great XP and many items. You should leave there around level 18, then move back to the Crossroads in the Barrens and chain this quests :

>Wanted : Baron Longshore<
-Easy kill quest. Starts with a wanted sig in section B. (Ratchet)
-The Baron can be found on the shores south of section B.

>Stolen Silver<
-Easy find quest. Starts with Gazrog in section A.
-The silver can be found in section D.

>Miners Fortune<
-Medium retrieve quest. Starts with Wharfmaster Dizzywig in section B.
-Kill Boss Copperplug northeast of section A to get the emerald.

-Medium retrieve quest. Starts at Wizzlecrank's Shredder north of section A.
-Key drop off of supervisor Lugwizzle in the same area.
-When you turn him on , return to Sputtervalve in section B.

>Verog the Dervish<
-Easy kill quest. start with Regthar Deathgate on the west road of crossroad.
-Verog can be found near the lake in a camp front of a mountain in southeast of section A.
[Part 2]
-Kill quest , He spawns in front of Wailing Caverns with two friends. Level 19 (him), 15, and 13.

>Intact Raptor Horns<
-Easy kill/gather quest . Starts with Mebok Mizzyrix in section B (Ratchet)
-The Horns drop off of the Sunscale Scytheclaws around section C.

>Lost in Battle<
-Easy find quest. Start with Mandrik in crossroad.
-Mandrik's wife can be found when you take the road to the south of crossroad after a bridge of the right in a tent.

>The Guns of Northwatch<
-Hard kill quest. starts with Captain Thalo'thas Brightsun in Ratchet.
-All of the kill mobs can be found in keep at section D.

-Medium kill quest. Start with Regthar deadthgate in section A.
-Krom'zar can be found west of section A.

>Egg Hunt<
-Easy kill/gather quest. Starts with Korran in section A.
-The silithids can be found in section E , south of the camp.

>Gann's Reclamation<
-Hard kill quest. Startswith Gann Stonespire in section F.
-Bael'dun & Khazgorm can be found Razonfin Downs in section F.

>Consumed by Hatred<
-Medium kill/gather quest. Starts with Mank in crossroad.
-Quillboar can be found south of section A , Northeast of Camp Taurajo.

>Tribes at War (series quest)<
-Medium kill quest. Start with mangletooth in Camp Taurajo.
-The geomancers are the same mobs of the precedent quest.
-Kuz , Nak & Lok can all be found in west of sector F.

>Chen's Empty Keg<
-Medium kill quest.Starts with Brewmaster Drohn in section B.
-Kill Stormhides , Thunderhawks & Barrens kodo in section E to get this items.

>Revenge of Gann (Series quest)<
-Medium kill/gather quest. Starts with Gann Stonespire in section E.
-All items can be found off mobs in Ravorfin Donws , section F.

Now , you should be level 25 .
If you aren't go to Wailing Caverns , nice instance with very good quest and items Take a look on this guide You can go there before the level 25 naturally. (17=>24)

-But make sure not to leave the zone before you are level 25.

Part two of three
Horde Leveling
Guide 25-40

Part three of three
Horde Leveling
Guide 40-60


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