Alterac Valley

Indepth Horde Guide To Alterac Valley




Indepth Horde Guide To Alterac Valley

1.0 Introduction To Alterac Valley
1.1 Offense
1.1 Defense
1.2 Stealther's Hot Spots
1.3 Taking mines
1.4 Turtling in Drek's Room
1.5 Rushing Dun Baldar Bunkers

1.0 Introduction to av
Although many may feel that a great offense is the best way to win, since the patch is has been very much the opposite as rushing to Van just simply doesn't work. This is because of the fact of towers/caps being a large part in av now, as marshals are removed and reinforcements are decreased from the opposition as towers are capped. So therefore leads the belief if you go full offense gives the for these towers be taken back by small groups that overpower the little amount of defense in each tower, in which I will get into later.

If you need help leveling up to be able to get into AV, you can get Joana's Horde Leveling Guide, which is probably the best horde leveling guide available right now.

To win, a balanced amount of player need to go both offense and defense. This is because, as offense is taking those towers to lower reinforcements and taking graveyards to offer a more constant rate pushing back the alliance. At the same time defense is holding alliance from getting to Drek because graveyards are consistently under attack as well as towers may have quite a bit of the alliance in force it.

1.1 Offense
Even though your role may sound simple - kill alliance, cap and kill Van if time. It isn't that simple sadly, the offense is also is acting as a barrier protecting the defense part of the map. What I mean by this is; the alliance at the start of the game have to pass by one another to get through to the defense. Horde as a whole in the offense, need to know the amount of alliance they can cope with. Therefore giving the possibility of intercepting the massive army, therefore causing less of a job for the defense to deal with. There are a couple of things that may go wrong during this time of attempting to intercept:

1) The interception is too early, therefore causing minimal kills per death, as yes it will cause the overall speed of the massive force to penetrate the defenses. But it slows you down as well, if wanting to do this. It can be looked upon as a good idea as a lot of alliance still love to get that extra kill, so say if have a shaman and frost mage. This is a great way to aoe slow anyone that tries to pass you and anyone that doesn't (the majority) will demount and try to kill you (and yes it is suicide). But it will slow down the overall time for the alliance to reach the defense, in which time the alliance force will be scattered and will be easier to pick targets off.

2) You intercept with too many people intercept (worse case scenario), therefore causing a large portion of alliance to be pushed back into Stormpike Graveyard and creating a harder situation for the offense. This is due to the bottle neck right beside Icewing Bunker as any alliance wishing to pass are simply massacred. This can lead to a massive turtle in which is described as "very bad honor noobs why did you cap sf gy omg".

Another trick to a winning offense is knowing how many people you need to hold at each tower:
None- Gives quicker offense but leaves the chance of an overall longer battle as towers have to be recaptured.
Three plus- This gives a massively slower offense, but can help out in the longer run as towers don't have to be recaptured.

1.2 Defense
Your job may be very difficult and require coordination as weak spots in the alliance offense need to be picked off, keeping in mind if you completely wipe their offense, it will create a turtle if no available graveyards are available to them. As you will find, alliance often skips Galv and rushes through to Frostwolf Relief Hut. This will therefore give the entire horde raid a buff every so often, in which gives 20% bonus health for 2min. This comes in quite useful when trying to get more kills per death.

If during this time they do rush past Galv, their forces will be spread thin, with the bulk of the offense at the front and some offense at the back to sweep away any horde that attempt to recap (this is known as the arrow effect). Your aim as defense is to take back those towers and reset the timers, therefore making it harder for the alliance offense to kill Drek as they move past the lieutenants.

At first the defense around the towers will be minimal early in the game, but as towers become consistently recapped, this makes it much harder, as more alliance will start to defend these towers and causing a very high improbability of recapping. During this time, even though there's a lot of defense in those towers, there will be very little alliance holding the graveyard (that is all but Frostwolf Relief Hut).

But soon after the capping of those towers, few alliance will come to those graveyards to pick up a few kills. So it is recommended that you go in groups of 3-4 if wanting to hold a graveyard, if you don't you will most likely respawn back at Stonehearth Graveyard in which takes a while getting back.

As archers on your side are looked upon as an advantage, try to use them as much as you can. You can do this many ways as you can stun/slow down people Frostwolf's Gate, therefore giving large impact from both towers as they attempt to move under shelter. You will find this type of game play successful, the arrow head effect comes into play (small amount of offense right at the start followed by a massive increase). So depending on such things as:

1) The resistance offered by the defense Frostwolf Graveyard, if a large amount of defense is here it will give the likely chance that a few at a time will pass through these gate seeking to cap Frostwolf Relief Hut. So your 'farming' will be consistent followed by slight increase as the game progresses, after Frostwolf Graveyard is capped however, you should keep in mind you will be attempting to take on 20 players at a time. This is however until all horde that was defending the graveyard are resurrected.

2) The amount of alliance offense ratio to horde defense. This can cause either, alot of players to skip Frostwolf Graveyard and other major points as there is nothing to fight and come straight though Frostwolf's Gate. Or there is the option of a large amount of alliance attempting to overpower the horde defense at major points, therefore causing the same effect as in '1)' But in a larger ratio.

1.2 Stealther's Hot Spots
As any class, they have advantages and disadvantages, but a major stealther's ability to pull targets out of massive armies and ninjaring towers easily. So therefore decided to include a guide about using them as they are a major part of winnning a game of Alterac Valley...

1) Just outside Iceblood Garrison there is a hill, at this point down the hill any players entering or leaving this garrison will be unlikely unaware of your presence. Your job there will be to pick off the later targets that come individually, therefore sending them back to Stormpike Graveyard and getting extra honor. If there are two targets coming last, do not try to take both as the one not focused on will most likely alert the others of your presence.

For druids there is not much you can do to separate the targets, but as a rogue you may be able to Distracting Shot, followed a Sap. This causes the player they u do not Distracting Shot, to think he has just turned around in which he soon goes out of that players screen. With the sap, it is important to use this just encase the other player is alert of your presence or you are not sure this is a late enough target.

2) This is a similar place, a place that soon needs to be followed by '1)' to work successfully. This involves you going into Iceblood Garrison just after the mass of them have gone, this leaves damaged targets from the fight with Galv as the start to eat to recover their life. Your job (in search of honor and a fun time) is to take these lower healthed targets down before they can leave the garrison.

If they do there is a high chance that players at Iceblood Tower are likely to see you, in other words don't try take the paladin unless he has crap gear, because he will most likely bubble and run out on low life, in which it's a hard enough job taking down plate wearers without three extra players trying to kill you.

3) This may act as a replacement of '1)', with the main objective is killing people that have taken significant damage from the archers and have ran inside to the flag to cap it. Killing these players will be easy and will get you quite a bit of honor. This works for any class.. however it does work best for druids and rogues, as they get they can get that safe get away. Make sure you to prevent them from escaping at this point because if they get outside this enclosed area, you are sure to pull a lot of agro from alliance players using ranged attacks on these archers

I would greatly suggest if you are doing this to, use the buttons ctrl + V. In which will bring up health bars of all surrounding allies and enemies, so therefore letting you know when there is just to many coming up those stairs to get you, as well as what targets are at lower health and are advised to take down first.

4) As later in the game you will get less easier kills like this, but try to ninja towers back as often there will be few defending these towers. This offers easy kills but a trick to use is by going around the outside of the hut, close to the wall so that it brings up any stealthed foes awaiting someone to reset the times on that tower. Any kills here will most likely trigger the player to come back with another couple, in this case the rogue is the best option for this case.

All you do is go down, near the bottom of the stairs and sap the last target coming up. At this time the player coming up first it to preoccupied about getting revenge to notice you are killing his only hope of success. Once this target is dead go back up to the top and kill that player, shortly after recapping that tower again, expect a very large amount of alliance to be coming up that tower.

...Please keep in mind that the towers that are more often less defended are the ones by Frostwolf Keep. This is due to most of them on the ground close by the tower, in which they don't expect a ninja on that tower. But this is good for only resetting the timers on the towers and not for holding them, as there are just to many of them that will come back.

1.3 Taking Mines
Capping Coldtooth and Irondeep Mine are major ways of winning, as it helps ensure unfortunate moments of turtle that you will win if holding both points this is done by giving you a steady increase of reinforcements. As well as helping during times in which all your towers have been capped, in which acts as chance to get Van, as running down your reinforcements did not work.

During the times of a turtle, try to get someone to go around the top roads of Stormpike Graveyard, as there will be very minimal if any alliance through those roads. (But beware of guards that will charge you, but they do very minimal damage.) When you reach an intersection in which you can go forward/off road or take a path going up hill, just keep heading forward until u will be at a small cliff.

At this point you will be able to easily go into the mine with little detection, in which your aim to capture the mine is to kill a mob that is easily downed in the center of the stage (he will have 2 body guards in which hit for very little as well).  But you there may be the occasional alliance player in which may come straight to the stage via stealth or kill his was through. So if you leave that mine don't be surprised if it's quickly taken back.

1.4 Turtling in Drek's Room
This is a major way of just stopping the alliance force like that, this is achievable as Frostwolf Relief Hut is capped, there will be little defense at Frostwolf Graveyard as they are no longer using it as an area or resurrection.

If you cap this point, it offers a close area in which your reinforcements come be resurrected, as long as there is about eight plus of you there it should work fine. The aim of this is to run past all the alliance offense and go into Drek's room. At this stage you hopefully have a few towers still capped, if so will create an easier job for you and your group.

Your aim in there is to pick off targets such as ranged dps or healers in which the melee classes can't reach you without agroing Drek. Another couple of classes in which help greatly are:

In which they are able to aoe fear people into the room, therefore agroing drek and taking target randomly. With the tank struggles to take the damage long because of the healers being attacked and unable to heal him, as well as taking extra damage from horde players in that room.

If the tank does attempt to take the tank, alliance will start to dps the horde players, therefore gaining agro as they cast. So therefore if you stunlock the tank he will be unable to hold agro off Drek and he will  then go for all the weaker targets.

Be careful not to become too confident as the alliance gy is very close so don't run out to far because they will come in one massive group after resurrections complete. If a hunter/warlock does attempt to get you pet on you, just kite it to Drek in which he will most likely 2 hit it and if the hunter/warlock is within Frostwolf Keep drek will kill him as well.

1.5 Rushing Dun Baldar Bunkers
It is advised that a few players rush in through to to this area, in front of the hordes offense. Going into these bunkers is advised for all classes but yet again, stealthers can do job much more effectively. After you cap one of the Dun Baldar Bunkers, the archers are removed. This greats a huge advantage as no longer will horde be picked off by their massive range.

If a rogue, there is a way to do it without having to take down a single archer:

For Dun Baldar North Bunker, all you have to do is stand in one of the gaps between the posts without being hit by any archers. During the time of capping, providing no archers have seen you, at any time you can restealth because you will not be in combat.

For Dun Baldar North Bunker, there will be a archer opposite the flag on the other side of the room. You need to sap this archer (hopefully will not be in combat). In which you can stand in the gaps between the posts and cap from there. If the archer is in combat, don't bother blinding it because it doesn't last long enough. You will then have to unfortunately kill that archer to be able to cap that flag.

I hope you enjoyed this guide.

If you need help leveling your alliance character up so you can get into doing battle grounds quicker, then you can check out Brian Kopp's 1-70 alliance guide, which has all the quests linked to thottbot for easy reference, there is a small fee for it, but I think it's well worth it in my opinion.

If you need more in-depth coverage of battle grounds and PvP tactics, check out Spugnort's PVP guide, there's a small fee for it, but it's well worth it in my opinion.



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