Ginobili revealed that Parker still felt 2k mt and his left leg was not able to work

Asked about Parker’s injury, Bobo asked and said, “the situation is not 2k mt.” Ginobili revealed that Parker still felt pain and his left leg was not able to work. “It’s so hard to see him limping, and there’s pain,” Ginobili said. “You almost know that we will not see him in a short time. It ‘s a hit, let’ s see it again. Ginobili went on to say, “We have to re-plan, with the new 2k mt lineup and rotation, etc.” Before the Parker 2k mt, the Spurs shot a wave of 9-0 offensive, has been leading the Rockets 14 points. And then the Spurs are all soldiers, the players remain focused, with a wave of 21-5 end of the game, and ultimately win.

“There was a blank mind at the time,” said Mills, who spoke about Parker’s injury. “It was very likely that he would have to replace Parker.” We told ourselves to keep going, and sure, the players were Ready to come cheapest 2k17 coins. ” Mills revealed that after the 2k mt he gave Parker a hug to comfort him. “I hold him, that’s the only nba 2k mt buy I can do now.” Today the Spurs change, Gasol back to the 2k mt, he contributed 6 points and 13 rebounds and 4 blocks, the team to help a lot. Speaking of today ‘s victory, Gasol said, “Our first war was defeated, but it was just a game.” We re – adjusted the lineup and continued to believe in ourselves and believe in teammates.