How to get Exalted With Darnassus



       Hello all! For this Strat, I will teach you how to have an exalted reputation with Darnassus, and other Elves country! As you know, if you get exalted on a country, you can buy mounts, even it's not your own race...

In this Strat, I considered you are only FRIENDLY with Darnassus...


We will get exhalted with help of a quest you can find in Farelas Country. It's very simple to complete but, objects you need to have can be long to get... BUT, you can get them to the AH, or buy them to friends! That's the list:

· Get about 13200 Un'goro Soil (you can have them at Un 'goro, or buy it from friends)

· Collect or Create about 6600 MorrowGrain (you can buy it or create with help of an Alchimist


Like I tell you before, we are going to use a quest... This quest is a reccurent quest (blue interrogation point), and you can do it many times! The NPC who's giving this quest is Quintis Jonespyre.

-> Details:About NPC:http://en.wowdbu.com/4,1394.html The name of the quest is Jonespyre's Request:

-> Details:About Quest:http://en.wowdbu.com/3,1890.html All you need to do is give him 3 ingredients... I've quote 2 of them before, and he normally give you one... and wwith this quest, you can get easy 33000 reputation points needed to have exalted reputation...


You need to turn in 60 wool, 60 silk, 60 mageweave first to the cloth collector located in the tailor shop in the trade district of daranasus. The object of this quest which is obtainable at level 50 is the runecloth part, but only after you do the wool, silk and mageweave parts and are at least level 50 first. Your initial turn in is 60 runecloth for about 6k XP and about 160 rep bonus. But this quest is repeatable at this point for only 20 runecloth each for a bonus of 50 faction rep. Now the fun part is if your human. you get 55 faction rep. if you do the math. its 21,000 rep from revered to exhalted. at 55 faction a trip, it will take you 382 stacks of runecloth to hit exhalted. at roughly 1.5g / stack, your looking at 573g to hit exhalted, which should be ALOT cheaper than trying to aquire 13k soil =P Sorry if your not human. but you got more trips than that, but its still cheaper than collection soil and seeds. Keep in mind this is only after you turn in the initial 60 wool, silk, mageweave and runecloth. Also you can do this for EACH faction. Stormwind has a guy in the mage district that takes this, and IF has the dwarven and gnomish collectors also. And the horde has their respective quests for this too. And if your just in for XP, at 50, when you get this quest. you would need 240 wool, 240 silk, 240 mageweave, and 240 runecloth, youwould get roughly 25k XP and 160 faction rep for each faction. IMO this is a much better way to hit exhalted with any of the main factions.









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