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Simple method, cancel your billing plan, wait till your acct is frozen, add a payment method it will be active for playing straight away, go in game play, minimize game, then cancel payment method, no payment should be taken and you can still play wow, enjoy.

Okay, so you know when you are in very deep water and that fatigue meter comes up, right? Well if you dont want it to go down and you to drown then... find a landmass and ram your head straight into it. The fatigue meter will disappear and you will be okay for the next few seconds.

If you happen to get jumped by a Rogue and he runs off mid-fight to vanish and regroup/heal, simply summon a Gnomish Battle Chicken (230 Engineering) - it will automatically find him, stealth or not. For some reason the Chicken ignores stealth, and goes after your attacker.

From a friend's account, I've done some more research into my "Gnasty Trick" exploit, it turns out Gnomes in a party are processed slightly faster for looting, and if you're on a Quest for a certain monster, and that corpse has YOUR Quest Item in it, you can loot it, regardless whose "turn" it REALLY is, and so far as I've seen, regardless of what the party's Loot Setting is. Obviously, don't pull this too often, unless you LIKE getting other players mad at you, and/or someone might turn this one in and get it fixed...Blizzard LIKES fixing things, even BEFORE they're broken!
Let's say you're grouped with some Humans, doing one of the Brotherhood of Defilas Quests, whether or not they're on the Quest. You kill one of the Bandits, and by luck, it has one of the Bandannas you're after! You can loot it, get the Bandanna, regardless of whose "turn" it's SUPPOSED to be...HOWEVER! While you have it open, if that corpse has money or Linen or WOOL on it, you can grab that too while you're at it! By some odd coincidence, it'll "sparkle" (Meaning lootable) on both yours AND whose ever turn it's "supposed" to be to loot! You CAN both loot it at the same time, at which point, it'll become a contest of reflexes (And connection-speed--I always lose that part) on who can click on what first to grab it!

The entrance is inside of Blackrock Depths. It's after you clear the Room of Seven or whatever the name of it is, and before you enter the Lyceum. You kill the 7 spirits in the Room of Seven and go through the door, instead of going straight into the Lyceum, take a right. You fight 2 sets of 3 of the Fireguard elementals, one set, cross a bridge, another set. In front of you you'll see a green glowing portal. That's Molton Core. Note: This is a raid instance, and it's not single pull mobs but in chains of 2 or more. Now heres the exploit, your main party will contain 1 Warlock & 1 Rogue and then 2 other classes dones't matter for summoning. The rogue will sneak past ALL the mobs and get right up to the main Lava boss. Right then ask the Warlock to summon the rogue, when the rogue gets the "Accept Summon" button he will go and smack the boss from behind and then port. OK get ready, because 2 minutes later the boss will arrive at the doorstep of the instance and he's tough! Conquest beat him legit but this way you can skip all the raid mobs. Enjoy. This may be patched in upcoming patch however as of now it works so use caution.

NOTE: Hunter in Party Needed I figured out the BEST way to max out ALL weapon exp not just ranged like in all the other guides it is EXTREMELY EASY but requires that you have a hunter friend with you (any level hunter) Ok now you have your hunter go to the coast and Tame a crab (not sure if it works with other animals but it forsure works with crab) then you have him dismiss the pet, the pet will jsut sit there while you wail on it and ALL of your attacks will miss but unlike the other guides here that tell you about getting weapon exp by having attacks miss mine works for MELEE also which is awesome! I got my hunter maxed on every weapon within 15 minutes (the crabs dissapear after like 8 minutes so you have to tame them and dismiss again.

The AI pathing in WoW is not too great, small strafing stidesteps (otherwise known as zig zaging) will cause the AI Mob to do the same thing. Problem is that the AI takes split seconds longer to change direction so if you are in a bind, you can escape alot more easily by zig zagging as you run for your life!

If you select the wrong flight path (one too far away) you log out ( not sure how long you have to) and when you come back you will fly to the nearest flight path.  So if I started flying from Darnassius to theramore but forgot I had to get something in the AH I log out and it will stop at auberdine so I can fly back.

Priests PK in Neutral towns. Priests are able to MC (Mind Control) and Pain (DoT) in Neutral towns without drawing agro from the guards. Enter a Neutral town, DoT your victim, and when they attack back they will be attacked by the guards.

Taming pet: Use ice trap then start taming the pet. (Gives you 10 sec free) Healers: Use scatter shot to make them run away from a channeled spell. Pet: Use a fast attacking pet to interrupt spells, flying pets to get in the way of PVP. PVP: If attacking a melee character (warrior, palidan, shaman, rogue, etc) use a movement slowing spell (concussion or wing clip), run away from the character and jump+attack (ranged weapon) while running away. If you jump and use the mouse to look back at your enemy, you can fire Arcane Shot or Concussive Shot at them in mid-air, then spin back to the original direction and keep running. Basic principle of kiting for a hunter (or any instant cast, ranged ability that requires facing the opponent).


1. (use F keys to target ex. F1 F2 etc) target the low lvl that can actually be summoned on the stone.
2. click the stone and use the F key that targets the higher lvl
for example say F1 targets a lvl 24 pally in the group and F3 targets lvl 70 in ur grp
3. the second u click the summoning stone click the F key that targets the higher lvl really fast before the portal starts up
4. have one of the other party members click it then boom your summoning lvl 70s that u normally cant to BRD , deadmines SFK BFD and so on

Dreamweave armor adds 1-35 damage to damaging spells. Rather than check that value each time a spell is cast they decided to save themselves some floating point calcs and only check it ONCE... that time being when the armor is first put on. So you put on a Dreamweave Vest and a roll is made and that value is added to your global damage modifier. When you take the vest off it makes another roll and subtracts that value from your global spell damage modifier. Note that it doesn't take off the SAME random value it added when you put it on, but instead takes off a different random value from 1-35. So say you put the vest on and it rolls a 10 and so all yer spells are at +10 damage. If you take it off then it rolls a 27. Now you are at -17 damage to all spells you cast... Not a good thing! However if you get lucky then your put-on roll is higher than your take-off roll and you end up with a NET gain of +damage. This is endlessly repeatable so via a random walk process you can end up with a HUGE +damage modifier and then put on your Arcanist or whatever real armor to go PvP'ing in. Of course you are equally likely to end up with a HUGE -damage modifier so you have to take care to keep track of what your modifier is at any time and dress/undress accordingly. With this you can do some massive damage.









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