Class Gold Grinding Spots



       Here are some very good grinding spots for the various classes.

Level 32 Warrior (Arms spec)
Location: Shimmering Flats, running laps skinning/mining en route
Level of Mobs = 30-35
Total Gold = 3.3g/hr

Level 33 Mage
Location: Shimmering Flats
Level: 30-35 critters
Total Gold = 3.24g/hr

Level 35 Warlock
Location: Boulderfist Outpost (near Refugee Pointe)
Level of Mobs = 30 - 32
Total Gold = 2.50g/hour

Level 38 Rogue
Location: Deadmines
Level of Mobs = 15-25
Total Gold = 7.55 g/hr

Level 44 mage
Location: STV gorillas NE of BB
Level of Mobs = 40-41
Total Gold = 4.5g/hr

Level 44-45 Mage
Location: STV Nagas NW of BB
Level of Mobs = 43-44
Total Gold = 2.68g/hr

Level 47 Warrior.
Location: Tanaris Ogre camp
Level of Mobs = 46-48
Total Gold/hour = about 4g/hour

Level 47 Paladin
Location: Undead in Azshara
Level: 45-47 IIRC
Total Gold: About 6-7g/hour

Level 48 Druid
Location: Tanaris(SandSorrow Watch)
Level of Mobs = 43-45 Elite Trolls
Total Gold = 5g/hr

Level 48 NE Hunter
Locations: Scarlet Monastery grounds and interior Outside the instances
Level of Mobs = 29-32 Elite
Total Gold = 4.66g/hr

Level 48 Warrior.
Location: The Slag Pit in Searing Gorge
Level of Mobs = 46-48
Total Gold = about 6g/hour

Level 50 Mage
Location: The Hinterlands
Level: 49-50 Saltwater Turtles on the Shore North of Horde town.
Total Gold: 6.60g/hour

Level 54 Hunter
Location: Nagas in Azshara
Level: Lvl 48-51
Total Gold: 15g/hour

Level 56 Hunter
Location: Razorfen Downs
Level: 37-42 Elite mobs
Total Gold: 5.06g/hr

Level 58 Rogue
Location: Scarlet Monastery - Library Section
Level of Mobs = 32-35 Elite
Total Gold = 19 - 21g/hour

Level 60 Hunter
Location: All Blue Dragonkin, Azshara loc roughly (39,77)
Level of Mobs = around 51 elite
Total Gold = 7g34s/30 minutes

Level 60 Hunter
Location: STV - Cold Eye Baslisks
Level of Mob: lvl 40
Total Gold: 4g50s/hr

Level 60 Paladin
Location: Khazaran, Deadwind Pass
Level: 59-60 Undead Residents
Total Gold = 4g44s/hr

Level 60 rogue
Location: Jadefire Run - Demons - Northwest Felwood
Level of Mobs = 51-54
Total Gold = 5.67g/hour








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