How do I buy an engagement ring in the summer wear metal jewelry the best daily cleaning

Platinum: wear to avoid hook, pull, pull, pressure, especially the mechanism of hard chain. And gold jewelry should not wear at the same time, because the gold is soft, if friction with each other, not only will damage the gold jewelry, gold will also be dyed in platinum, so that yellow gold jewelry for a long time, Color, to the professional jewelry store for cleaning protection.

Jade: hard but brittle, easy to cause cracks or breakage by external force, avoid collision or drop when wearing. Avoid contact with high temperature, so as to avoid cracking caused by emerald water.When day wear, should keep the surface clean, if dirt, with water Rinse can often check the lanyard is solid, regular jewelry store to be replaced.

Choi Po: red sapphire strong acid, alkali and hardness after the diamond, in the exercise or do housework, should also try to avoid wearing, so as not to cause damage or loss of precious stones in the installation of red and sapphire jewelry should be carried out after wearing , So as not to hang clothes, resulting in precious stones off. Often wear gemstone jewelry should be checked once a month to see if there is wear or fall off the phenomenon, and then to be remedied and repaired.

Gold: gold jewelry easily with mercury, lead and other metal from the chemical changes, so that gold jewelry appears white spots, but after the fire can restore the primary colors. To avoid contact with perfume, hair gel and other highly volatile substances, or easy to lead to metal fade, in order to protect the gold luster, in the above thin coated layer of nail polish, with warm water plus detergent cleaning, remove the dry can Salt and vinegar mixed into a cleaning agent to wipe, make it a long time often new. Because pure gold to soft, to avoid greater external force, so as not to deformation. Save the time with a flannel wrapped and then into the jewelry box, to avoid mutual friction damage.

Precious metals: Avoid the use of wear or contact with the acid-base environment in rough environments to prevent the surface of the metal layer

Corrosion fading. Avoid contact with mercury, lead and other metals and cosmetics, perfume, vinegar, fruit juice, bleach, correction fluid and lead, mercury and other cosmetics. The body’s sweat will erode metal jewelry, so the summer wear metal jewelry the best daily cleaning.

Process complex precious metal Cartier love bracelet replica jewelry, once destroyed, repair difficult, and difficult to restore the original, so be careful to treat, do not pull, fold, take a bath, sleep should avoid wearing. To avoid precious metal jewelry collection, mutual friction, affect the effect of wearing white 18K gold is 75% pure gold, 25% of other metal alloy jewelry, the basic color are with a yellowish, if properly worn, will destroy the metal surface, exposing its Qualities, affect the beautiful jewelry, please contact the professional jewelry store processing.

Jewelery care and care tips

Regardless of gold or gemstone jewelry, care must be taken and cleaned regularly to preserve its shiny bright and intact.


1, in the exercise or do heavy work, do housework when washing, do not wear jewelry, so as not to hit and wear.

2, do not put all kinds of jewelry freely placed in the same drawer and jewelry box, because a variety of precious stones and metal hardness is different, because of friction caused by each other losses.

3, the economy wear gemstone jewelry Cartier love bracelet replica should be checked once a month to see if there is wear or mosaic loose phenomenon, and then to repair the repair.


4, fragile stones such as emerald and other easy to break, wear special care.


5, do not in the kitchen or where there is steam with stomatal gems, or gemstones absorb steam and sweat will change color. Gold, silver and other jewels, as long as the body of fat and perspiration, will lose the light, so the economy wear jewelry, should be cleaned once a week.


Clean the jewelry solution:


Most of the jewelry cleaners contain Ammonia, which in addition to cleaning gems, but also make the metal brighter. Ammonia is safe for most gems, but for jewels and gemstones with stomata (such as turquoise).




Gentle soapy water and soft brush is the easiest and most convenient cleaning method. In addition, it is also possible to rinse the jewelery with water. After cleaning the Cartier love ring replica jewelry can be placed on the towel without lint on the air. Wax-free floss or toothpicks can remove dirt between the stones and the caregings.




1, do not use bleach. Bleaching water in the chlorine will make the alloy appear pit marks, decomposition alloy, and even erosion welding. As the pool of water containing chlorine, swimming in the pool should not wear jewelry.


2, avoid using abrasive detergent, cleaning agent.


3, do not put in the detergent or sulfuric acid to boil.


4, ultrasonic cleaning agent can be exempted from the risk of water washed away, can be used for diamond jewelry, but for some colored gemstones is not appropriate.


5, do not use boiling water cleaning. Some gems (such as emerald, amethyst) are very fragile, susceptible to temperature drastic changes, should try to avoid the use of boiling water.

How to evaluate Cartier LOVE bracelet? The pursuit of fashion taste, giving the mystery of love veil

Cartier LOVE bracelet expensive, but many fans for it crazy, whether it is worth it? How to buy value for money? Here and everyone to open the next mysterious love of luxury veil.

Cartier LOVE bracelet – brand charm and love beliefs

If you are a pursuit of fashion taste of people, you must know Cartier, because Cartier is the world’s jewelry brand ranking NO.1. Cartier love series of jewelry, has always been respected by consumers of the classic, and Cartier love bracelet is popular with the public, Maggie Q, Rihanna, Lindsay – Luohan, Aniston and other stars also admire. Cartier love bracelet with simple low-key styling, luxury timeless temperament.

Cartier love bracelet replica series, a symbol of faithful love of faith! For decades, LOVE bracelet charm has always been people Xin Jing shaking. From its oval design began, as if a love of “shackles”, representing each other’s specific and like sea affectionate. Over the years, Cartier LOVE bracelet so countless stream of Ascot dreaming, always follow. Many stars, such as Elizabeth Taylor, Sofia Roland, etc., are always wearing LOVE bracelet.

Cartier LOVE bracelet – bracelet product appreciation

18K rose gold bracelet, couple models

Extremely simple style, romantic single rose gold, as simple and timeless, faithful love, life, love a person, exhausted to love each other, full and sweet love you, the only life.

18K rose gold diamond bracelet

Really created with real gold, shiny diamonds on behalf of you is the most beautiful scenery of my life. Simple love, romantic dedication, because you light up all my life.

8K rose gold, 18K white gold diamond bracelet

The combination of our love is destined to be a happy journey. Because the noble and glorious life has always been with you to share with me, this life, we put each other into all.

Cartier LOVE bracelet okay – real gold diamonds, expensive

Cartier love According to the material classification, then there are two series, rose gold and platinum series. If you are inlaid with diamonds or other gems, Cartier love bracelet the entire series has 36, so do not list each cardia love bracelet offer, only according to the material and whether inlaid diamonds generally introduced counter offer.

18K rose gold million or so, 18K rose gold diamond bracelet sixty thousand, 18K rose gold 18K white gold bracelet 56,000, 18K rose gold 18K white gold diamond bracelet about two hundred thousand

Cartier LOVE bracelet ok – learn to tell the real thing to buy value for money

Cartier bracelet has a unique number, commonly known as identity cards, and then is to see the color, and Cartier bracelet is divided into platinum, gold, rose gold, Cartier LOVE bracelet is generally rose gold. True gold gloss is very good. In addition, the real gold should be very heavy weight, the fake are made of alloy, the components are very light, and the color is too bright.

In addition to the purchase of Cartier love ring replica, asked the merchant to the product certificate. No certificate, it must not be genuine, or improper way to come. Certificate must have, because holding a certificate can be anywhere in the world Cartier boutiques require free cleaning and maintenance. If you have purchased, then take the boutique to ask for cleaning, the clerk to know the true and false.