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Best Grinding Spots in World of Warcraft (PART 2)






Best Grinding Spots in World of Warcraft (PART 2)

This is a topic containing grind spots from lvl 10-60 both for Horde and Alliance.
Before I start, you need to realize this is not a complete 1-70 leveling guide, it's just a guide that will help you find some good grinding spots, if you need a leveling guide, the best ones are: Joana's 1-70 Horde leveling Guide for horde, and Brian's 1-70 Alliance leveling guide for alliance.


Area: Contested
Location: Strangletorn vale (all of it)
Level zone: 30+ >45
Specal Drops: cloth/some greens and a blue from time to time
Gold per hour: don't know but good at lvl 30-40
Note: Start at the side closest to duskwood and work youre self down STV i lvled here from 32-33 up to 42-43 also got my mounth money here, lots of grinding quests in rebel camp (for alli) and in the first camp inside STV (don't remembre the name of that camp, but both for hord and alli)
just bee on the loockout for lvl ?? that having "funn" killing low lvl's.

Area: Contested
Location: Strangletorn vale, crystal mines
Level zone: 40 ish
Specal Drops: miners
Gold per hour: unshure, depends on what you get for iron and mithril bars on AH at your server, but 1-2 stacks of iron/mithril per h
Note: also some mobs here that from time to time drops greens


Area: Neutral
Location: Burrning Steppes
Level zone: 57+
Specal Drops: had some green items
Gold per hour: n/a
Note: Been there at lvl 57 as a none BM, the elite dragonkin are the ones to kill, although i could only kill the casters cause the others had to many hp, they killed my pet on every try.
nice xp though, was rested and i got 1350xp a kill:)
gold is like 13s a drop


Area: (Thousand Needles, Contested)
Location: (Screeching Canyon)
Level zone: (28-32 Harpies)
Specal Drops: (Vibrant Plumes and light feathers, greys and greens)
Gold per hour: (6g/h)
Note: There is also 4 chests constantly respawning, you may find some greens. Note that the harpies silence, so this is no ideal place for mana users, but hunters isnt affected big.

Area: (Feralas, Contested)
Location: (The big irland beneath feathermoon)
Level zone: (43-46 Nagas)
Specal Drops: (Clams which contain iriscendent, black and golden pearls. Nagas also drops some greens, found some blues also)
Gold per hour: (4-5g/h)
Note: Under 3 hours of grinding i found 1 golden pearl, 4 black pears and 3 iriscendent pearls. Sell these and you have a nice g/h rate.

Area: (Feralas,contested)
Location: (Grimtotem Camp)
Level zone: (43-47 dragonkins, and grimtotems)
Specal Drops: (Aquamarines,skinn dragons,)
Gold per hour: (2-3g/h)
Note: merely a place to lvl up fast, extremely fast. Both grimtotems (naturalists) and dragonkins have very low health.

Area: (Feralas, northwest, contested)
Level zone: (48-51 Harpies)
Specal Drops: (Plummes)
Gold per hour: (4-5g/h)
Note: merely a place to lvl up fast, extremely fast. Harpies have very low health.


Area: Contested (Hard for ally to get 2)
Location: the hills above hammerfall(arathi highlands)
Level zone: 33-37
Specal Drops: nice cloth the occasional greens
Gold per hour: 4
Note: Very good leveling area,also very nice for grinding mageweave.


Area: Contested
Location: Desolace
Level Zone: 37+
Special Drops: Almost no trash drops, but most cloth and money. So you don't have to go to vendor a lot.
Gold Per Hour: Very good, don't know exact
Note: Go to the very north, the pass where there are skeletons. Kill all those all the time. I leveled from 38-40 there in 8 hours, and made 30g wich isn't bad in combination with the exp. (I used all the cloth, so if you sell that too you will get more money)


Area: instance ;)
Location: BRD
Level zone: you need to be 60 to farm this.
Special Drops: ace of elementals,awsome fire resist gear =)
Gold per hour: like 40g if your an enchanter, alot less if your not one.Made like 140g an hour but was kinda lucky with aces =p
Note: Just feign death to incendius. there is a shortcut just jump down at a window near the door you need to open the shadowforge lock for.
Also check if the rare spawn Lord roccor has spawned.Also soloing incendius is quite easy, just autoshot a bit and keep your pet up.


Area: Contested
Location: Dustwallow Marsh
Level zone: 36+
Special Drops: none
Gold per hour: Unknown
Note: Kill the swamp slimes or what they are called, they drop silver and an extra slimbag filled with exstra silver, usally about 6 or 7. Lots of those slimes to kill. They go from lvl38 to 41. They are to be found just above Stonemaul Ruins.

PS: be carefull, the crocs are very aggresive, and there is a lvl45 elite croc walking arround that area.

area:the hinterlands
location:troll ruins
lvl zone:39-46
special drops:troll necklaces
gold per hour:8 gold
note:you can deliver 5 troll necklaces to a dwarf in the about 100 rep in stacks of 5
5 rep earned fot killing 1 troll.


Yea burning steppes is a great place to farm.

Start out by trying the lvl 53-55 elite dragons to test if you like it, and see how easy it is. Once you get the hang of it, go for the higher lvl for more fun and thrill. there are 58+ dragonkin and drakes great for a hunter..

Stuff to bring:
60 mage water
40 mage bread
3 part giantstalker

You will need to heal your pet a lot as they hit hard, but if you have a nice trusty friend, you should easily be able to take 1-3 dragons down before a little down time drinking.
Also bring a good deal of food and plenty of space in you bags and be a skinner, and you're off to killing mobs worth .50 - 2g per kill. Easy to get 40-60g per hour dependant on gear. Use your fd often to go all out on the dragon, but keep aggro to your pet. Don't worry too much about pvp, if they're not total @$%!@%&s they will rather help you when they see you fight an elite mofo. :D

Area: Contested
Location: Duskwood
Level zone: 25+
Special Drops: Nothing special
Gold per hour: 3-5 Gold
Note: Kill everything in Raven Hill cemetary, mobs are level 26-30 (Mainly for alliance)


Area: Contested

Location: Twilight Posts in Silithus

Level zone: 55-60

Specal Drops: Encrypted Twilight Texts, Twilight Cultist items, and random blues/greens.

Gold per hour: Depends on what youre using the Twilight stuff on.
If you sell it, you will propably get like 30-50g per hour. And if you dont you will get like, ehm.. 20-30..

Note: Mobs die EASILY!, Reputation with Cenarion Circle, Rank2 bosses(Dukes) can drop nice blue stuff, and the quests for them gives alot of pots/essences/blues.


Area: Contested
Location: Dun Modr, northern Wetlands
Level zone: 27-28 I guess
Specal Drops: haven´t seen anything
Gold per hour: Unknown
Note: They´re (the dwarves of course) strong and a bit difficult to kill, but I got one down with a lvl 25 hunter. With rest, I got around 750 experience. Not bad. Stay on your guard though, they are elite.


Area: Contested
Location: Azshara (Kill the ghosts at loc 15,72, in the begining of Azshara)
Level zone: 45
Special Drops: Tons of mageweave cloth. Green and some blue items. No trash drops.
Gold per hour: 20-30
Note: When I was at lvl 46 I had 25k exp/h. There is also a rare spawn at this location. The ghosts are really easy to kill. Get some mage to give you 60+ lvl45 conjured water and bring alot of food. This way you allways have mana and can stay here for long. And if your backpack get's full there is only a short run too the horde camp, north.

Area: Contested
Location: Azshara (Kill the nagas at loc 48,56, on the beach in Azhara)
Level zone: 50
Special Drops: Green items, chests, pearls
Gold per hour: 15-20
Note: 20k exp/h. Golden, black perls and so on dropps here. The nagas are pretty easy to kill.


Area: Contested (but mostly Ally)
Location: WPL - Sorrow Hill
Level zone: 50+
Special Drops: Alchamy Formula (cnt memba which one!!! :( )
Gold per hour: Duno =]
Note: Really good place to quest (for Stones ect) and fair amount of drops, easy to reach, and fair bit of cash!! =D ... enjoy!


Area: Contested
Location: Hinterlands, Jintha'Alor
Level zone: 45+
Special Drops: Not taken note, blue + green drops
Gold per hour: 10 to 20g
Note: Great place to visit especailly at level 60. As a hunter I visit this place often to grind out quick cash. Best place is near the top, the top most 3 floors, kil the hunters, blood guys and skinners - they drop very good money (6s to 21s) and quite a few green and blue items.


Area: Neutral
Location: Silithus
Level zone: 58-60
Special Drops: greens = epics (skullflame shield , jeweled amulet of caweyn )
Tons of runecloth (2g/stack) and twilight texts (can be sold with 15g/stack) .
Also as a hunter - with decent gear and skills - you can solo abyssal templars which drop crests (4-5g) , greenies , blues and essences . Great place to farm since you also get reputation with Cenarion Hold also .
Gold per hour: 10-20g (not counting the stuff you can sell at AH)


Location:Blackrock Depths

Solo farming Lord Incendius. Flame elemental boss in BRD. Can be taken down easily with knowing how to confront him.


Disenchant these items will give you either Greater eternal essence (x2), Large brilliant shard or Illusion dust(x2-4).


Rewards: 4-6g each 5-10min.



some info about

Area: (Feralas,contested)
Location: (Grimtotem Camp)
Level zone: (43-47 dragonkins, and grimtotems)
Specal Drops: (Aquamarines,skinn dragons,)
Gold per hour: (2-3g/h)
Note: merely a place to lvl up fast, extremely fast. Both grimtotems (naturalists) and dragonkins have very low health

the Dragonkins casts Manaburn when on 50% hp
witch is alittlebit annoying since if u fd, the moment u move they will start to cast it again. so easiest thing.. just let em burn u, or kill em within 2 sec after they are at 50% *pray for some crits* :P

they come in 3 sizes.. 43-44 and 45. they are easy to bring down. and they dont do that much dmg to ur pet, so ur able to keep a steady run with little downtime on healing pet..

the Grimtotem's however might be alittle annoying. since the shams and nature grim's heals themself. and if ur lucky.. they will heal and run. and aggro the entire camp.. witch costs time. if u cant bring em down. or run.. since some of them cast "net"..

all in all. a good place to grind. best for skinners


Centaur camp
Eastern thousand needles,
1-2g per hour (LOTS of silk cloth)


Area: Contested
Location: Southern Badlands - Rock Elementals (cant remember exact name)
Level zone: 38+ with good equip but id recommend 40 before rly grinding.
Specal Drops: Lots of rocks etc... SELL THEM :D
Gold per hour: 5-15 depending heavily on if they drop well, sell the rocks :P
Note: IF you look carefully they spawn in a loop area, and by the time you reach the start again they have repsawned. Carefull with multiple agros tho.


Area: Arathi (contested?)
Location: Stone circles
Level zone: 35-40
Specal Drops: Elemental fire, earth, water and air, water elements drop large amounts of drinkable water.
Gold per hour: N/A
Note: My experience is that fire and water pays best.

Area: Badlands (contested)
Location: Eastern Badlands
Level zone: 38-42
Specal Drops: Whelp scales.
Gold per hour: N/A
Note: Grind the blackdragon whelps lvl 39-43, they're very easy. If you farther east, you hit Lvl 45 elites.


NorthWest - Farm Dust Stormers for Essence of Air!
they spawn faster than you can kill them in this particular area.

whats important to know is that the DROPRATE WILL DECREASE much after you kill the same mob (mob spawnlocation) more than around 8 times, no worries since there are about 25 spawns in this little area. bring a pot that lasts for one hour with a good stat for your class, you want to bring down as many as possible in the hour. 100 is obtainable, and you should also be getting 4-8essence of air of those. and since 1 essence sells for over 10gold, this can be very rewarding. green/blue/epic drops too.

what ive found is that the dust stormers is vulnarable to fire, use fire if you can. mobs have around 4k life and no armor.

this is how to grind them fastest as a hunter:
drink greater agilitypotion / mongoose
pet on agressive
aspect of the wild
melee (use raptor/mongoose only if health is decreasing faster than mana)

this way your mana and health will decrease together so you wont need to stop to fill only mana, or only health.
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