Argus new pet shadow leopard way: need to lamb lamb temptation

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Panthers are new species on Agus, some of which are very beautiful, but catch them, they will change the color, into the surrounding environment. After the grasp can not … … on how to catch the shadow leopard, test clothes to the official open service we have been looking for ways, and tried a variety of ways. Now finally know how to catch! There are a lot of Tabu sheep in the map of Agrose’s Crouchu and Marquai, and the killing of the Tabu sheep has the chance to pick up the fresh Tabu lamb. Out of the chances are not high (very low), but the meat can be traded in the auction, other occupations can also hit. Lost the meat and traps, waiting for the hook. Against the shadow you want to catch the use of Taboo lamb (shadow leopard can not enter the battle or otherwise invalid), shadow leopard will addicted to eating meat did not find you, this time throwing frozen trap control shadow leopard, and then tame the beast can catch To the! Can also be a direct frozen trap, suspended dead near the lost meat, because the meat can be placed too close, the shadow leopard is easy to enter the battle. Or point out sneak close to lose meat! If you see a do not kill the devil, do not do the world task, do not play this, crazy in the roadside tower cloth career, it must be weak to not enter this, but the devil, too lazy to do the world task, Can only play the baby of the Beastmaster hunting! Ha ha ha. In the current Crowe Kuen and Antalan waste has been able to catch most of the shadow of the leopard, (Click to buy wow gold,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
the lower right corner of the petrock forest forest has white and blue shadow leopard, as well as the upper right corner of the Nathan Luo Lin There are yellow-green and purple shadow leopard (purple elite can not grasp now, there are waste soil in the middle of the evil pond in the evil can be leopard. Purple elite can not grasp the red visual is 5 people BOSS chance to call out , It should not be able to grasp .7.25 Mathematical research based on some of the simulation process of God, animal husbandry, the theory of treatment – World of Warcraft
A few weeks ago I began to preheat the contents of Argus, and then a variety of posts in the wheat field in the pit have. The details can look at the side, the following is the Wotou listed some of the approximate tips. Artifact energy in 7.3 on the line when all the people will be raised to 41 artifacts, and then do not have to go hand to study artifact knowledge, and do not have to buy books to catch up with artifacts. After each week artifacts will be synchronized with everyone to enhance a level. Artist knowledge of the new ceiling is 55, multiple super exaggeration. 110 players will directly unlock the third slot, do not have to do the task of the professional hall. Of course, if you want the back of the professional hall illusion equipment and professional mounts, it is still going to do. Do not need to do the task of breaking the beach will be able to continue to your artifact artifacts in the artifact! Unlock the void furnace, the player can put the first three holy things plus 5 points, etc. are installed! Unlock hidden and challenge the appearance Progress sharing, do not have sub-specialization. New Passport Binding Items New heirloom Necklace to complete the professional hall quest to get. New prestige catching items can be mailed to trumpet. New trumpet prestige reward items. There are new “pure” equipment. New consumables new runes that can always use outdoor bodyguards to treat items, Argus need to upgrade the whistle 7.3 patch content first week will open Crowe Kuhn, Antolan waste mission, and some world mission ambassadors Task, 2 new camps reputation and catch-up mechanism of hawkers. The second week will open part of the task of Ma Kaere, there are some corps invasion point. The third week will be open to the task of the resumption of Antaulan waste, as well as the new five of the ruling group and the virtual furnace. Professional hall and followers of new entourage equipment to enhance the emergence of goods, such as direct lifting equipment. 7.3 also added some new elite team, there are some new super strong followers orange can be related to this post: 7.3PTR counterattack Agus followers related to the new task reward, new equipment, new followers orange , 950 equipment and other followers, with the foot men together to capture the Argus! PTR in the previous patch Vasily has been selling a lost book can go with the attendant experience, but the latest patch and removed … … and then professional hall research needs Material has changed. The third layer of professional hall research only need 1000 resources (the original to 2000) the fourth layer needs 2500 resources (the original to 4000) fifth floor to 5000 resources (originally to 8000) change the hall to study the original 3 days, now as long as 1 day. Career Hall 7th floor study to 5000 resources (originally to 2000 resources) equipment to catch up in the Agus have a new “Aguenite Crystal” to buy the upgraded version of the remodeling equipment, 910 + 650 Agungite crystal gambling once Hit the limit of 7.3 is 955, but to 735, crit limit is 985. 7.3 of the holy things can be directly gambling to buy the corresponding species, such as flame sacred objects, steel holy objects and so on. Argus’s various quests will reward passages with a variety of equipment and pure equipment 880+. All the regiment to return to the underground city of equipment to enhance the reward 20. Low to 10 to 10, the weekly minimum reward reward 935 +. 7.3 of the new manufacturing items can be upgraded to 935, the use of the original source of anti-magic gold. Big invasion point, small secret, in the second week can go to play the world BOSS fall 930 + 7.3PTR new world BOSS drop list, installed 930 +, small secret entrance refresh 7.3 tips: 20 minutes
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