Hellfire Ramparts

Hellfire Ramparts in Hellfire Peninsula Instance Guide




5 man instance for level 60-62 in Hellfire Ramparts.

This instance has three boss encounters and four bosses.
The first boss you will fight is Watchkeeper Gargolmar. Some time after you fight him, the path splits.
Taking the right path will take you to Omor the Unscarred. Taking the left path leads to Vazruden and Nazan, who you fight in the same encounter.
While you can fight Omor and Vaz in either order, Omor is generally considered to be an easier fight.

Movie of this instance can be found at following link :
http://one.revver.com/watch/92339/flv (first 3 bosses are from Blood Furnace wing.)

Watchkeeper Gargolmar :

Strategy :

This is an easy fight. First priority is to take down the two Healers while Watchkeeper Gargolmar is being tanked.
While you are killing the healers they will try and heal themselves and or Watchkeeper Gargolmar, stop them if at all possible because they heal for a lot.

Alternatively if you have 2 mages, you can sheep the healers, kill Watchkeeper and then finish them off. Or you can keep them feared with a warlock.

Watchkeeper Gargolmar will charge the furthest person from him randomly during the fight. It will hit cloth pretty hard.
Keep someone in Mail or Plate armor out there to take the charge, just like the Bloodlord Mandokir fight in Zul'Gurub, other than that just DPS him down.

Heroic mode :

Just the same , only a bit harder.

Omor the Unscarred :

He has two guards at the entrance to his room, they can be pulled separately from him.
Omor himself is a pretty straight forward fight. During the fight he'll spawn felhounds that usually go straight for healers but die very easily. Felhounds have less than 2k hp.
When he has less than 20% hp he starts reflecting all spells every once in a while.
Watch out, as a Presence of Mind-Combustion-Pyroblast combo REFLECTED can hurt quite a lot He can also knock you up in the air, then juggle you with Shadow Whip.

Strategy :

It helps to have a curse remover for this fight although not needed if you are paying attention. Omor puts a curse on a random target that does damage to any around them but not to the cursed target.
This curse can be removed or you can move the cursed person away from the group and let the curse wear off.

Randomly during the fight Omor will summon Fel Hounds. These creatures have very low hit points and need to be taken out before they get to a healer.

He has the ability to toss someone around in the air with a Shadow Whip. Rarely does he do this but be aware of the ability. Once the person is let go they will fall and take a good amount of fall damage.

If you watch out for his abilities he will go down pretty fast.

Heroic mode :

The strategy for Heroic difficulty is very similar to the one for Normal difficulty.

Omor puts a periodic AoE damage debuff on random people much like in Normal difficulty, but it is not removable and it does about 4000-5000 Shadow damage a tick, meaning death for anyone hit by more than 1 tick.

The Fel Hounds he summons have much more HP than in Normal, around 12000. They also cast a Mana Burn that burns 3000 mana and does 1500 Shadow damage.
The Mana Burn has a 40 yard range and is cast on whoever has aggro. If the person who has aggro does not use mana (rogue, warrior, bear form/cat form druid) then they will cast it on a nearby mana user.
The Fel Hound's melee attack hits for 1300 before mitigation.

His melee attacks hit hard and he casts Shadowbolt at whoever has aggro. His Shadow Whip ability is unchanged from Normal difficulty.

There are 2 approaches to this: Slow and Steady by killing the Fel Hounds as they spawn, or simply burning him down as fast as possible. Both are rather self-explanatory.

Vazruden & Nazan :

On the ground there are two Shattered Hand Scouts, the sentries of Vazruden. When they both are killed, Vazruden comes down but Nazan stays in the air.
Nazan shoots various magic bolts on the players, including firebolts which can leave behind patches of fire. After a while or when Vazruden is dead, Nazan comes down to be fought.

Heroic mode :

This is alot harder. Not much information has been given yet but once Nazan lands at 40% of Vazruden's health he does AOE fear (Nef lookalike) and he has a flamebreath like them.




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