Slave Pens

Coilfang Reservoir - Slave Pens




       Mennu the Betrayer (elite 64)


Mennu the Betrayer is the first boss, you will encounter, he can be found patrolling a ramp surrounded by groups of other MOBs.
He is a shaman type boss (similar to Jin'do the Hexxer), he will use melee attacks and will also pop totems (dps, fire nova and healing totems), make sure to assign someone in your group to destroy totems asap (especially the healing totems since they heal pretty quick). Its quite a simple and straight forward fight.

Loot Table: Mennu the Betrayer's Loot Table

Rokmar the Crackler (elite 64)


Rokmar the Crackler is the second boss of this wing, he looks like an huge lobster/crab. He will melee the main tank and use 2 differents abilities:
- A debuff called 'Grievous Wound' will be applied on his target and will deal 850-1000 dmg every 2 sec until target has been fully healed (debuff description: A vicious attack that causes the target to bleed profusely until fully healed. Deals 1096 to 1304 damage every 2 seconds until healed).
- A frostbolt volley type attack, which can be fired randomly dealing dmg and slowing movement.

Loot Table: Rokmar the Crackler's Loot Table

Quagmirran (elite 64)


Quagmirran is the third and last boss from "The Slave Pens", he is a Bog Lord type boss, this fight is pretty straight forward tanking fight, the boss will melee the main tank and use 2 differents abilities which are the following:
- A poison volley attack nature (you cant hide from it with los, neither be out of range) which one hits for 2.5k-2.6k instant nature dmg and a dot effect (800 dmg per tick) which has to be dispelled.
- A cleave attack that can hit everyone in his front arc, making it important for the tank to turn him around away from the party.
The only requirement for this fight is either having nature gear/pot or a class that can dispell poison.

Loot Table: Quagmirran's Loot Table

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