Blood Furnace

Blood Furnace (61-63) Instance Guide





The instance is around 1 and a half times to twice as long as Hellfire Ramparts and has the same number of bosses.

Movie of this instance can be found at following link : (first 3 bosses are from Blood Furnace wing the next 4 are from Ramparts.)

Map :

Mobs before the first boss :

Upon entering the instance, you are greeted with the usual array of fel orcs that are rampant outside in the Hellfire Peninsula.
One particular mob, the Warlock can be a bit of a pain because when he is pulled he will begin casting and aggro the other mobs.
A good trick here is to have your warrior shoot the Warlock and move out of line of site, which will cause him to close into melee range.
Another thing to watch out for are the rogues which will frequently Cheap Shot you after pulling a pack of mobs.

The Maker :

Strategy :

He's a fairly simple encounter; most groups of level 60ish characters should have no troubles with him. He has three special abilities, which he will use randomly throughout the fight:

A melee knockup attack which will hit everyone in melee range and appears to have a threat reduction component,
A random target short-duration mind control which cannot be purged or dispelled,
A acid spray which appears to be a shortrange cone AoE.
He doesn't hit particularly hard and can generally be DPS zerged down pretty quickly.

Heroic mode :

No information.

Mobs before the second boss :

Moving on, you will end up in the Technician's Hall. The technicians throw dynamite dealing fire damage, but also lay proximity bombs that deal 1800 damage.
Fortunately, Rogues can disarm these (finally Rogues aren't useless in instances!)

Broggok :

The encounter starts by pulling a lever that releases four increasingly difficult waves of Fel Orcs.
Once each wave is defeated (or enough time has passed since the last wave was released) the next wave will come immediately.
The first wave consists of three non-elite Fel Orcs, the second of three non-elites and one elite Nascent Fel Orc, the third has two elites and two non-elites, and the fourth and final wave has three elites and two non-elite Fel Orcs.
Once the fourth wave is defeated, Broggok will come immediately.

Strategy :

The Broggok encounter is actually fairly difficult and heavily reliant on crowd-control to survive the four waves of Fel Orcs that come before Broggok himself.
Most players thus far have found it helpful to have Priests or Warlocks use AoE Fear abilities as each wave emerges, to give the group a little more time to prepare.
The nonelite fel orcs are fairly docile and can be DPS zerged down pretty quickly. The elites, however, hit rather hard and have an off-target Intercept ability that makes them difficult to keep under control.
It is generally wise to crowd control as many of the elites as possible, offtank or stunlock any remaining elites, and use focus fire to kill them as quickly as possible to conserve healer mana.

Once the fourth wave of orcs is dead, Broggok himself will enter the room. He isn't difficult - if you can survive the fourth wave of orcs, Broggok should be no problem.
He drops rings of poison on the ground directly beneath him which will slowly expand outward; the tank will need to move him to avoid taking damage. (Just like the grobolus fight in Naxx but alot easyer and faster)
He also has an AoE poison bolt with a DoT component that will need to be dispelled.

It is possible to leave one orc from the final wave crowd controlled while the group heals up and regenerates mana, but usually not necessary.

Heroic mode :

No information.

Mobs before the last boss :

Next up are Fel Guards and Orc Summoners.
Summoners can be a pain if you don't interrupt their casting, as the summons quickly add up and you may end up with more than you can chew.
If you have a warlock in your group you can enslave these fel guards and make them fight. It makes this area much easier.

Keli'dan the Breaker :

The Keli'dan encounter is composed of two phases.
First, Keli'dan's five warlock companions must be killed. They have little HP, and can generally be killed quickly using AoE.
However, they will cast a two-minute duration magic debuff on random party members that increases Shadow damage taken by 1000.
Most groups make sure to bring a Priest or Paladin for this encounter, however it is also possible to keep one Warlock crowd-controlled while waiting for the debuff to expire.
The debuff also has a small cast time, so it can be interrupted if you catch it in time.

Once the last Warlock is dead, Keli'dan will yell and come after the party.
He has a cone-shaped AoE Shadowbolt attack that hits for 2-3k, so it is generally wise to have the tank hold him facing away from the rest of the group.
He will also occasionally go immune to all damage and stand in place, then after a couple seconds explode for 4-5k damage to anyone in close range.
The tank (and any melee DPS) should run out when he yells to avoid this attack.

Heroic mode :

No information.









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