30-60 WoW Grinding Guide


       I've seen grinding guides out there before, but none that are fully complete or fully satisfy me. Because grinding is the fastest way to level after around 30+ until 60, I decided to write a guide on grinding, and tell the best areas to grind at. This can work with both factions most of the time. Yay.

Some quick suggestions and run-down:
Money-making: Sell all greens that you can't equip on the AH. Also, take two gathering professions, so you should take Mining/Skinning or Herbalism/Skinning. Mining will make you more gold early on, but Herbalism is more useful to a raid end-game. You can switch these when you hit 70 or whenever you want, but if you want your mount at 40, I suggest taking two gathering professions and selling what you gather on the AH for extra cash. You'll make good money this way.

Melee classes should have first aid and be making bandages a lot, keeping up on which bandages are best for their level. Food is also good, so cooking is a good investment.

Mana-using classes should have water and food, and also be taking first aid.

All classes should bring some health potions for backup emergencies.

Talents: Rogues: Level combat-swords. It's foolproof, and you should have no problem soloing. Daggers are far more tedious to level with -- you rely on gouge for far too much dps. If gouge misses, you'll be stuck spamming SS with low top-end daggers until gouge is up or you have enough combo points for a ks.

With swords, maces or fists, spam sinister strike until you build up 5 combo points. If the mob is <25% health, evis. If it still has a good chunk of health left, kidney shot and continue the SS spam. Riposte every time it lights up. Level first aid and bandage between pulls.

Dump your points into combat until you get riposte, then switch to assassination to get 2/2 remorseless attacks. From there, you can either choose to max malice early to continue up the combat tree to adrenaline rush.

Early on, look for agility/stamina (monkey) and agility/strength (tiger) gear. Your mainhand should be relatively slow (2.6-2.9) with high top-end. The speed of your offhand doesn't matter as much until you get combat potency, but try to keep it under 2.2 for poison applications. On a pve server, use dual instant or deadly (MH crip on runners). OH crip and MH instant on active pvp servers.

When you ding 70, respec into a more instance/raid/pvp friendly build. If you choose to stay combat swords, this will mean dropping riposte and imp eviserate in order to pick up imp SnD, murder, and a few combat fillers.

Druids should level feral.
In this build you'll focus on Feral first, getting Ferocity your first five points and then moving up from there. When you get 41 points, you can finish up the Feral section or move onto Resto to get Omen Of Clarity and Naturalist.

Mages can level fire or frost, not a big deal. Frost is better for AoE grinding, however.

Priests should level shadow with Wand Specc. First five points go into Spirit Tap, the next 5 go into Wand Specialization, and then focus on moving up the shadow tree.

Hunters should level Beast Mastery:
You can put your first five points in Lethal Shots, but then you should go into BM and fill out that tree.

Shaman should level enhancement.

Warriors should level Arms:
Put your first five points in Cruelty, then start putting points in Arms.

I don't care about paladins, just level whatever, you'll be auto-attacking to 70 no matter what.

Now, onto the grinding guide.

Get some good music to listen to while grinding. You will be bored.

25-29: The centaur just in Thousand Needles just south of Freewind Post. Amazing experience, easy to kill, cloth drops.

30+: Tigers/Panthers/Raptors quests. Do which ones you can, come back whenever you want. Great area to grind as well, the beasts aren't too hard and can be skinned. There's also a lot.

30+: All monsters in Shimmering Flats are good to grind, the quests here are also mainly killing the monsters you're grinding on, so grabbing those for quick experience is easy.

31-35: The Yetis in Hillsbrad in the cave near Tarren Mill are great experience and can be skinned.

*** 34-38: Venture Co. Goblins in STV die quickly and are casters. Drop cloth and lots of greens. There are a few quests in Booty Bay related to these. Fantastic grinding. Lightning bolt can hit a little hard if you're on the lower levels. ***

35-40: Ogres in Alterac.

36-38: Kodo grinding in Desolace, a few Desolace quests.

37-40: Murlocs in STV.

40+: Rock Elementals and Dragon Whelps in the Badlands are great for getting money if you just bought your mount or need a bit more to get your mount. Whelps have a chance of dropping a dragon pet that sells great on the AH or in the Trade channel, and Rock Elementals drop nice vendor trash. Whelps can be skinned if I remember correctly.

40+: The woodpaws in Feralas are pretty great, but stay away from the ones that give the slower casting speed disease.

40-46: Wastewanders in Tanaris, these guys are great because they drop a lot of Mageweave and there are a few quests connected to these guys. Beware the high level patrol around here, but otherwise, great spot.

*** 45-49: Naga in Feralas, these guys have nice drops, a lot of pearls, and are so easy to grind through. It's like a knife through butter, or if you're a rogue, a knife through someone's spine. ***

45-49: Feralas harpies, Frayfeather Skystormers.

46-50: Ghosts in Azshara are awesome, they have great drops.

47-50: Dunemaul Ogres in Tanaris.

50-54: Thistleshrubs in Tanaris.

50-54: Undead in WPL, drop great items that can be saved to exchange for Argent Dawn rep, drop good money, lots of runecloth.

51-55: Satyrs in Azshara drop lots of Felcloth and money, and some nice greens.

54-58: Blood Elves in Azshara give great loot and die really fast, but this area can be crowded on newer servers with other levellers.

54-58: Ghosts around the frozen lake in Winterspring.

54-60: Lashers in Eastern Dire Maul are absolutely amazing for your last levels. Comboing this with Lumberjacks in WPL for some variety will get you to 60 quickly.

54-60: Scarlet Lumberjacks in WPL are great for getting all the way to 60.

56-60: Thunderhawks in Azshara are great to grind on at this point.

58-60: The yeti cave in Winterspring, various other Winterspring mobs, a few quests in Winterspring.


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