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Creating A Level 19 BGer From Scratch







Creating A Level 19 BGer From the Ground Up: A Guide

::: Introduction
::: Reasons Why You Would Want To Play 10-19 WSG
::: Realm Selection
::: Creating A Character
: a. Faction
: b. Race
: c. Name
: d. Class
::: Leveling A Character
::: Talent Points
::: Professions
: a. Bad Ideas
: b. OK Ideas
: c. Good Ideas
::: Making Money
: a. Auction House Tips
: b. You Must Fish
: c. Cash Professions
: d. Resales
: e. Random Tips
::: Conclusion

::: Introduction

This is a guide on how to successfully level from 1-19, create a good amount of money at low levels (or any level), and gear your character as you please to participate in 10-19 Warsong Gulch. This is not a guide on "twinking". This is a guide to starting a character from scratch with no outside support and gearing it to the same level as a "twink".

The purpose is to generate more interest in this. I personally love 10-19 and I think it would be great if more people got into it. The playing field CAN be even if people just use these steps or variations on them. Anyone can do this whether it is a casual gamer or hardcore. A hardcore gamer can finish their character in about a week. A casual gamer can easily complete their entire character in a month... more realistically, 2 and a half to 3 weeks.

You don't even have to plan on staying at level 19 to make good use of the guide. The major part of this lies in making money at a low level. This is helpful for anyone who wants to stop at 29, 39, 49, or go all the way to 60 but I'm going to stick at 19.

Enjoy and please... direct anyone you see complaining about being "owned" at low levels because they can not buy "leet gear and chants" to this guide. None of this is meant to be demeaning to anyone, only helpful. I hope it will open a few eyes to how easy and FUN this really is.

If your having troubles leveling to 19, then check out these leveling guides, the best ones are: Joana's 1-70 Horde leveling Guide for horde, and Brian's 1-70 Alliance leveling guide for alliance.  Or if you leveling up a Blood Elf Paladin, you can use Skewters's 1-20 Paladin Blood Elf guide, which is pretty efficient.

::: Reasons Why You Would Want To Play 10-19 WSG

- Some people are interested in playing more classes but just do not like pve. They enjoy pvp. I am one of these people and you may be too. Leveling to 19 does take time but in all seriousness... not that much. Its all I can handle before the boredom sets in. Playing another class like this can actually make you want to level one. I had a blast playing as a 19 mage. So much so that I made 2 level 19 mages then a level 29 mage and am now working one to 60 because I enjoyed it. If pvp is what you like to do, get a character to 19 and pvp with it. I would have gotten bored of a mage if I just started to level one. Knowing how much fun a class can be in pvp gives you motivation to level. This doesn't have to be the case but it may happen.

- 10-19 WSG is a whole new ballgame. The things a class is good at in level 60 pvp may not be at 19 and vice versa. A mage does very little damage at 19 compared to what they can dish out at 60. A warrior can do double that of a mage AND wear mail. A paladin has the ability to actually be like a warrior with healing abilities instead of a bad version of a warrior with healing abilities... so on and so on and so on. Skills that you may find vital at 60 are not there. Other lesser used skills may come to the forefront. Some people may find this to their liking and some people may not. I enjoy it.

- No travel forms. At 10-19 there will not be any chase the kitty or doggy. Paladins BoF, shamans leaving a wake of earthbinds or a druids shapeshifting can seal the deal if your team lets them get in front of you but it is nothing like being on a druidless team facing 3-4 druids or shaman at level 20 and up for example. Games wont be decided on who has the druid/shaman and who doesn't at 10-19.

- No horses. It can be a sound strategy to ignore all players on the field as long as possible and just go for the flag. This in reality is the smart way to play. It gets to an extreme when horses come into play though. Getting to your opponents base and chasing down a flag carrier become trivial. There just is very little actual fighting in the horse level range of WSG. In 10-19, getting to your opponents base becomes a challenge. You have to make a pretty long run. Also, positioning on the field becomes crucial. You cant just mount up if you see their carrier down the field. You have to get to a spot where you are going to be able to cut the carrier off. Anticipation of where they will leave and communication of where it is going are vital. Every second and every step count. Group tactics and coordination really do come into play on a larger level at 10-19 than they do at 40-60.

- In general, more people are in the game to have FUN. At level 60, battlegrounds become an honor grind. Sure, winning is fine but not needed. Just get me in and out of this game quickly so I can get more honor, right? No You can earn items at level 19 but it is going to take a long time. Whether it is a person staying at 19 or someone just passing through, they are there to have fun and actually try to win. There are only a finite number of games played at 10-19 instead of the unending stream of BGs at 60. People tend to want to enjoy the game more at low levels.

::: Realm Selection

The first step in creating a character for 10-19 WSG is to pick what realm you are going to be on. It is easy enough to just make a character on the realm you use the most... the one with your "main/s". If there is a flourishing 10-19 scene there then by all means do that. The whole issue of "twinking" comes up here though. If you're going to be making a character on a server that you have already filled with gold, why not just "twink" your 19 BGer? The answer to that is... I don't see any reason not to. If you have the money to do this right away, there is no need to put more time into it. However, creating a character from scratch, making money on just that character and, at the end, having a character you are proud of is a good reason you may want to do this. Its up to you really though and I say, if you have the money, do what you like.

Now that we have that out of the way, you're probably going to want to make a new character on a server you have never played on before. You want a server with a good 10-19 scene where games happen often. This is pretty obvious. If you make a character on a server that never has any games, what was the point? A few servers that I have had experience with and seem to have a good amount of 10-19 games going on with good competition are Daggerspine, Wildhammer and Spinebreaker. If you want to check out another server, sign in during its peak time. I would say about 7pm in game time. Do a /who 19 and see if there are games up.

Another possibility is creating a character on a new server. Obviously there will be a lot of 10-19 games happening. As time goes on though, the battlefield may become dead as players level. There is always the possibility of more games arising as people get to 60 though. There, also, is no way to know for sure 10-19 games will stop. It is a "risk" though, creating a character on a new server. I've done it and had things go both ways.

::: Creating A Character

---------- : a. Faction

Now that you have decided on a server, you can make a character. Picking horde or alliance will have an effect on things.
This is not always true but in general when it comes to pvp, people want to play horde. You can debate about why that is all you want but all you have to know now is that its usually the case. If this is so on the server you choose then you may be waiting more often than not in queues if you are horde. On the reverse side though, if you pick alliance you may instantly get into games but find yourself in a 7 v 10 situation. There really isn't anything you can do to avoid this besides asking around. Post in the realm forum if you are interested.

Another point to make about what faction to pick: the areas you will be leveling in. While either faction can do either instance, knowing what gear you are going to need and where to get it is a good idea before you choose. Horde have the instance Wailing Caverns and Alliance have Deadmines. Each Faction has its own whole instance quest. Horde have a chance at Crescent Staff and Wingblade by completing the whole instance. Alliance have 3 choices but the only real one you would likely want is the mail pants and possibly the chest piece. It is possible, of course, to do WC if you are alliance and VC/Deadmines if you are horde but finding a group is going to be a lot harder. Decide if there are drops in WC/VC that you really want and pick the faction you think will be able to get those.

The third point is access to fishing. I wont go into every detail about this just yet but I will touch on it since it has an effect on what faction you choose. In general, horde seems to have it easier when it comes to fishing. The barrens is THE place to be for fishing. The coast from ratchet down has easy access to oily blackmouth schools. More importantly, there are deviate fish located here and only here. The recipe for savory deviate delight will also be more easily available to the horde. Fishing in zones such as Westfall and Darkshore for the alliance will get you fish, however, both coasts are coated with murlocs. Murlocs tend to aggro from a mile away no matter your level and this creates a big annoyance while trying to fish. The good news for the alliance is that they too can fish in the barrens. Obviously this will be dangerous but can be fun and exciting after you have geared your character. The lack of deviate fish in an alliance area really makes these things skyrocket in price on alliance servers. With the effort of trekking out to fish in the barrens, you can make some major money. Deviates on the horde side really will not sell for anywhere close to as much as they do for alliance but you will be able to bring in a more steady income from them with the waters being only a flight path away and no danger as you fish.

Its really up to you. I would say, if you want to put less effort into money making as far as fishing goes (it is going to be your main source) then pick horde. Less effort but a bit more time consuming since your catch will go for less. If you have large blocks of time that you are able to play in but are not able to play for that many hours in a week then alliance may be good for you. You can spend 2 or 3 hours fishing and maybe around 15-20 minutes traveling on a fishing run. Waiting for the boat at Booty Bay can seem never ending. You may run into people who decide to corpse camp you. Things can go wrong. When you arrive back in your alliance city though with stacks and stacks of fish for the auction house it may make you forget about any trouble you might have had. In reality you may only have to make 3 or so fishing runs ever and be set for life with gear/enchants/anything a level 19 needs.

---------- : b. Race

After you choose your faction, you must decide on a race. Any race, really, is going to do just fine for you. This is your chance to play something you may never have thought you would or you can just stick to what you know and pick a race that you have played with before. Since creating these characters is pretty easy, it can be enjoyable to have a little fun with this.
Creating an undead female? Maybe try that Bride of Frankenstein hair that no one ever uses. Dwarves are common enough, but female dwarves? Create the ugliest and stupidest character imaginable. Maybe you just want to stick with something normal.
Perhaps you may want to even copy another of your higher level characters feature for feature. If its named Darksoul, this one can be Darksouljr. Use your imagination here. A game usually will not be decided on what race you choose though you may want to take in to account the racials.

---------- : c. Name

There's nothing much to say here. Give your character a cool name. That should be a given for any character though. Like in section b, you may want to go with something out of your norm. Go for silly or insane. Maybe try for subtlety and just use 2 letters that look nice together. I have a character named Hh. Name a female night elf Bob. Whatever you want here... an interesting name may lead to someone remembering it which will lead to better interaction and play + fun.

---------- : d. Class

Class. This is something that matters a great deal. Picking your class will be your biggest decision (possibly not though because in reality, doing all of this is so easy that you could build a collection of every class). It is probably a good idea to play a class you do not have at higher levels. Try something else or you may find yourself wondering why you are playing at 19 instead of on your "main/s" -- even with all the differences and quirks that come with 10-19. Probably... not definitely though. Pick what you are interested in first... but also, you may want to consider these points:

- Leather wearers are going to have the hardest time doing this. A number of the best leather pieces are bop with a somewhat low drop rate so you will have less of a percentage chance of getting these items if you try for them doing group instancing.

- Cloth wearers will have the easiest time gearing up. Literally all of the best gear for clothiers is boe -- weapon, clothes, and rings.

- Mail wearers will be equipping a number of green items or blue ones which are boe. Its a middle of the road situation.

- Casters should have no problem getting a weapon. Horde have the staff quest which gives you a 100% chance of getting it if you complete the quest. Emberstone Staff in VC has a pretty high drop rate and the boe Twisted Chanters Staff is... like I stated, boe. I put it as being better than Emberstone but just a bit under the horde staff. They are all great weapons though and easy to obtain.

- Rogues specifically are going to have a hard time with this approach to leveling for 19. They are honestly best suited for twinking because pretty much all of their best gear is bop and running an instance 4 times before you level past 19 will more than likely not net you all of your armor and weapons. Rogues will also be the most money intensive having 2 weapons which will need enchants. Hunters would be next on this list.

This is just my opinion following. Do keep it in mind but don't let it keep you from playing a class. Anyone can be very effective even in all greens and not everyone will want to have the same equipment. You may decide you want a green leather piece with intellect instead of a blue bop with more stats but ones which you aren't interested in.

On a scale of 1-5, 1 being the easiest to gear and enchant, 5 being the hardest, here are the classes:

Rogue - 5
Hunter - 4
Shaman - 3
Paladin - 3
Warrior - 3
Druid - 2
Mage - 1
Priest - 1
Warlock - 1


::: Leveling A Character

Leveling a character in this situation is pretty straight forward until level 17/18. Questing will really get you leveled faster than grinding will 1-19. You can avoid quests that make you travel instead of killing but make sure they are not part of a chain that will lead you to better rewards. The main WC and vc quests will have a bit of traveling but you should do those if you are expecting to have the quest items of course.

At level 5/6 you should be done with the newbie area. If you are still level 5 at this point its probably a good idea just to push for 6 while you're there where you can go ahead and buy your skills from the trainer instead of leveling to 6 out in the middle of nowhere. At 6 it is a good idea to bypass the small town you usually go to after the new area and run yourself to the main city in the area. There you can learn your professions. This isn't a must if you want to take 2 non gathering skills (which is a bad idea) but if you do take 1 or 2 gathering skills, getting them right away when you can will start earning you money right away. You will also want to learn fishing at this point if you do have the money for the skill and pole. Money will be tight at the start so you can come back to this but at some point you NEED to learn fishing.

At level 17 or 18, you may want to try for a couple of things. The main things you'll probably want to do are the instances. Level 17 is a bit low for both vc and wc so its doubtful you will get in a group but it wont hurt to try. You do want to start doing this as soon as possible to make sure you get what you need before leveling. Very often times you may see an offer for a higher level to run a group through an instance. Don't question it, just jump on the offer ASAP. Any free trip through with little xp gain is like winning the lottery... and it does happen quite often. If you have bad luck and never see any of these offers, you can ask personally. A general message would probably be best for this rather than bugging someone through messages. You will need to offer gold obviously. A reasonable price for this is about 5-10G. If someone does want a bit more, don't be afraid to shell out. You need the items in the instances.

It is probably a good idea to also offer everything else that drops aside from the specific items you request. What is a level 60 going to do with dozens of teen level boe greens and stacks of wool cloth? If you have been playing the game for any amount of time, you should know these items will sell... and not just for a small sum. You can easily get 50s for a green boe and possibly even 1G for some nicer/rarer ones. Stacks of cloth always sell well. The items they pick up will probably net them around 10G by themselves. If someone gives you a "lol wut iz a lvl 60 going 2 do with that stuff?" make sure you point this out.

If you do get in a group with a high level or have a high level take you through... LET THEM DO THE WORK. You do not need to get yourself killed because they may just get fed up and leave. Stay far behind and watch for patrols. Be as helpful as possible and play like you have 1 hit point. If you are with other low levels and they are doing everything they should not be, make it a point to talk to them and let them know they should just chill where you all can get a chance at the good gear. You DO NOT want the higher level to bail because of "newbs".

Another thing you can try and do at this level are quests which you would not be able to complete yourself at a low level but have rewards you want. There aren't too many items which are better than instance bops or blue boes but there are a few. Asking around and telling people your situation will probably get you into a group. Offering a bit of gold will not hurt anything either. If you are a considerably lower level than the mobs it will probably be a good idea just to "go along for the ride". Don't get too near and aggro. if you die, your group may just kick you since you aren't needed.

Something to also keep in mind is xp from discovered areas. You want to discover all the areas you may plan on going before you reach 19. A few examples would be Booty Bay and areas of STV if you plan on doing the fishing contest, Barrens and Ashenvale if you are Alliance... when you get to honored you don't want to go past 19 running to get your new equipment form the silverwings, and Westfall if you are horde... even if you don't do vc you may want to kill time in westfall or other areas dueling the opposite faction or taunting people into attacking you etc. PVP doesn't have to be limited to the BGs at 19. These are just a few areas... know where you want to go and where you may want to go in the future and discover those areas before you hit 19.

::: Talent Points

Keep in mind you will only have 10 talent points when going to 19. Like many aspects of making a level 19 character, these points are up to you. There is really no right or wrong aside from picking the pve talents since they are useless. If you want to go for max damage, use those talents. If you want more utility, use those. Keeping people slowed/stopped will be a huge aspect of the game at this level though. If you have some talents which will help to more effectively snare/stop/slow/obstruct a player then it is probably a good idea to put the points here. It doesn't matter if you can crit someone for 1000 if they are 10 yards in front of you and you have no way to effectively catch up or slow them. If you play smart though you may be able to catch them from the other side and lay a few massive hits to them... no slowing needed. Once again, its up to you and your play style.

::: Professions

Picking your professions will be important. As stated earlier, you should pick up your professions as soon as possible to start making money. I wont get into the detailed aspects of money yet since that is next but I will deal with which you should probably take and which are bad ideas.

---------- : a. Bad Ideas

- Enchanting is a bad idea. There is no reason you would want to take this professions. It is a huge money sink and no one will buy any of the enchants you can make at level 19. You will also be buying better ones than you could make. If disenchanting items and selling the dust/shards/essence interests you then create and alt and mail them your items to disenchant.

- Blacksmithing is a bad idea. There is really nothing that you will be able to make for yourself that is better than what you can buy from the AH or get in an instance. Also, there is very little you can sell at level 19. It is a better idea than enchanting but it is still a bad idea.

---------- : b. OK Ideas

- Herbalism is actually an ok profession to take as you level. Very low level herbs will not sell for much but the next tier of herbs does start bringing in money. Keeping herbalism after you hit 19 is probably not a good idea though. You do have the ability to go out and bring in those cash herbs but you will need to go to zones that have mobs which are around about your level. Obviously they could easily be defeated but if you want to stay at 19, defeating mobs is a bad idea. You can run, yes but you will really waste a lot of time waiting for a mob to leave your briarthorn alone only to have them just turn around and aggro you anyway when you are 99% through gathering it.

- Alchemy can be useful for 10-19 battlegrounds. Healing potions and swiftness potions can swing a game. After you hit 19 you don't even really need herbalism to use alchemy, just buy what you need from the AH. This can get expensive though. An obvious point is that anyone can use the potions and buy them off the auction house. They do not have to be an alchemist to get these. Also, what hurts a bit with alchemy is that the herbs used to make the potions you want to use can sell for as much as or even more than the product on the AH. You may be able to get the herbs to make a stack of healing potions for 50 silver but someone may have a stack of healing potions for 45s already made.

- Skinning is an ok profession to take as you are leveling. This is also something you will want to take if you decide on Leatherworking. After you hit 19 though, you will only be able to skin mobs that are gray to you. Light Leather just really does not sell all too well and when it does, it is not for much money.

- Leatherworking is really only needed if you plan on creating your own deviate scale belt. You can even take on Skinning and leatherworking just to make the belt and then drop them for other professions. This is quite a possibility if you don't want to buy one in the AH for 70G or something like that. The belt is really the only profitable item at 19 for leatherworkers and the list of items you will need is rather insane. You are likely to take weeks if not months trying to gather deviate scales and perfect deviates from the AH just to make one belt.

- Tailoring can make you money. Shirts Shirts Shirts. People from 1-60 buy shirts. If someone wants a red shirt and you are selling a red linen shirt in the AH for 2G, they will buy it. Does it matter that it cost you 20 copper to make? No. If they want it they will buy it. Gray Woolen Robes and Blue Overalls also can sell very well. You will have to fight with the people who do not know their shirts will sell for gold instead of copper. Sometimes the Ah will be flooded with cheap items and you wont be able to sell anything. Sometimes no one will be selling any of the items you are and you can make a killing. Tailoring can be done but will not be a very steady source of income.

---------- : c. Good Ideas

- Fishing: don't question it, get it.

- First Aid: even if you are a healer it can be useful.

- Engineering is for pvp. You will be pvping. It is a good idea to have engineering. With engineering you can create the only 2 craftable head items a level 19 character can wear. Green Tinted Goggles give you +8 stamina. That is nothing to blink at. With engineering also come bombs. You may enjoy using these for damage but the main way they're probably used by most is for cancelling spells. That rough copper bomb may have only hit someone for 20 but if that someone was a flag carrier and that someone was about to heal themselves then got their heal cancelled by the bomb... that can be devastating and game winning. Throwing bombs on healers is always pretty amazing and it works just as well on any other long spell being cast. You wont take engineering for making money but it can via target dummies dropping fused wiring. Fused wiring sells for a lot in the AH if you didn't know.

- Mining, a winner. This will be a huge source of money if you take it. If you take mining, your life making this character will be an infinite amount easier. Copper ore sells and it sells well. Copper ore is found in starting areas and can be gathered very easily. That is all there is too it really. While you wait in queue for a bg you can just step outside the main city and mine away. Would you rather stand there by the battlemasters reading chat about who has the best dance or be out mining with the possibility of making something like 3G in 10 minutes?

::: Making Money

If you only read one part of this guide, the money making methods should be it. THIS is how you create the character you want. If everyone used these methods they would not work, of course, since prices would fall. The thing is though - everyone is not going to use these methods. You may be the only person to read this and try it. If so, good for you, you're going to make a lot of money. Lets begin...

---------- : a. Auction House Tips

How much do the things sell for? It depends and you are going to have to do a bit of detective work for yourself. On a new server, things are not going to sell for as much as they would on an old server. Just check the prices and sell your items accordingly.

Its probably a good idea to undercut whenever possible. It may seem underhanded but this is business. When you are first starting out it may be a good idea to actually undercut by a lot. If someone is selling a stack of 20 something's for 3G you may want to sell yours for 99s. Why take such a cut? This is because when you are first starting out, you will need money ASAP. If someone sees your deal, they will probably snatch it up right away and that's good because over the course of a short period of time you have gone from living on copper to having gold. You don't have a ton of gold but you do have a decent amount. Your first couple of trips to the AH will be to make money, period, not to make a killing. Once you have about 5-10G you are in a comfortable spot and can start selling more to the normal price... but you will always want to undercut since that is the only way someone is going to buy your product. Make it a reasonable price though. If you are undercutting someone by one copper, a buyer may buy the more expensive item just to spite you. In any case, your first day is probably not going to net you a lot of money. Just be patient. If you have a number of things up on the AH when you stop playing for the day, you will have a good amount of money when you come back the next day.

Its a good idea to sell items which stack in stacks of either 1, 5, 10 or 20. People who buy the items know a good price for a stack and can do the math when its easy. If you have a stack of 7 up, someone may not want to do the math and just bypass it because it looks more expensive than it should. This may sound silly but it does happen and it happens often. Instead of putting a stack of 7 up, put up a stack of 5 then sell the other two individually. Make things as easy on the eyes for you buyers as possible.

Always put a buyout price on your items. People hate waiting on items. They will sometimes buy them for more than they should if it means they can get them right away.

Another aspect of making a buyout is what the price looks like. 1G 99S looks cheaper than 2G obviously. You want to use this whenever possible. One silver is not going to hurt you.

Never put your bid price below what you are comfortable selling your items for. Having a lower bid price will put your item to the top of the list but someone may get lucky and win it for that price. People are lazy but not lazy enough to only look at the first item because it has the lowest bid. Make your bids lower than your buyout but never a price you would feel ripped off if it sold for that much. Also, you should usually put a bid price that looks like people have been bidding on it. A 4G bid price shows that no one has bid on it which could mean a lack of interest. If you can make a potential buyer think that other people believe you have offered a good price for your items, they will be more inclined to go with it and try for a purchase. 3G 87S 11C is a better bid price than 4G.

Watch the AH for items you need on a regular basis. This doesn't have to be every five minutes but do check often. You're looking for deals and when they appear, you need to be there to get them.

---------- : b. You Must Fish

No if ands or buts about this one. Fishing is going to be your main source of income. You should only fish in the schools of fish... the blue circles. It is a waste of time to do anything else. When one pool is fished up, move along the water and find the next. There will always be another one to fish at, you just have to find it.

Getting your fishing skill up can be a pain to start. Just stick with it and use lures. It will speed the process up. When you first start out, you're fishing just to get your skill up to about 25. You're going to catch a bunch of junk fish. At 25 you will be able to start fishing in the areas that have schools of fish. It may be a good idea to use lures until you reach a skill of 65 or 75. After that you should be able to catch something all the time. Remember at 75 to get the next level in fishing.

The 2 main fish you will be trying to catch are Oily Blackmouths and Deviate Fish. Others such as Firefin Snapper and Sage Fish can sell but not as reliably as the other 2. Any time spent fishing for those will be wasted money in reality since you will make more from the others and they will sell more often. Sometimes you will come across piles of junk in the water to fish at. These can get you some interesting things. Also, while fishing in schools of fish, you will pull up non fish items from time to time. Just about every catch will be useful in some way. Sometimes you will fish up stranglekelp. It is a good seller. Sometimes you will fish up rum. This really is a great item for level 19 pvp because it gives you +5 stamina and all you had to do was fish it up, it was free. Sometimes you will find boxes that contain coins, bolts of cloth, leather and sometimes other items. All of it will sell in the AH. Your main catch will be Oilys and Deviates though.

Oily Blackmouths can be found in a number of areas but the main area for them will be the level 10-teen zones such as Westfall and The Barrens. You find these along coastal waters. If you start at the top of one coast and move your way along it, you will eventually run into your first school. Keep running along the coast fishing up the schools and when you hit the end of the coast, turn and go the other way. You can do this as long as you like. The schools will keep spawning.

Deviate fish will be your best sellers. On the horde side they may sell for as much as Oilys or a bit above. On the Alliance side, Deviate fish will sell for a lot more than Oilys. This is because As I've already stated, Deviate fish can only be caught in The Barrens. Specifically, you catch deviate fish in the pools to the northwest, southwest and south east of the Cross Roads. To catch the fish, run to each pool until you find a school. Make your way around the one pool until you see no more schools. You may want to circle two times just to make sure one didn't spawn in an area you've already been to. At this point, you head to another pool and fish all the schools up there, rinse and repeat. Deviates are no harder to catch than Oilys but you will spend more time looking for them since you have to run from pool to pool when one is depleted of its schools instead of just up and down one long coast line. Finding or buying the recipe to make savory deviate delight may be a good idea. Check the prices on your server of regular deviate fish to the cooked ones. From what I've seen they usually go for double the price. You will be able to make back what you paid for the recipe in one sell more than likely and then start making even more money than you would have before.

Besides money, you may want to try your luck in the fishing extravaganza. Winning this is pointless because you can not use any of the items at 19. You can however catch rare fish for very useful items. You trade the fish in for items in Booty Bay. Angler boots are cloth and give +12 stamina. The lucky fishing hat gives +15 stamina. Both items only require a skill of one in fishing to wear and both are very good items. They wont be easy to get though. Like I said, you have to catch RARE fish. It is doable though. I've tried for these items two times and have gotten one of them. 50% is not bad but maybe I was lucky? Other than the rare factor you will also have a lot of problems being level 19. You will have to avoid the mobs because they are much higher levels than you. The best area to fish is to the east of Booty Bay. Swim southeast and around to where the pirate ships are. In this area there are a few unoccupied islands which spawn fish schools and there is a good bit of unoccupied coast line.

The faction section above under Creating A Character has more about fishing.

---------- :c. Cash Professions

Earlier in the guide I told you which the best professions to have were. Here is a list of some items that sell for the professions...

- Herbalism - briarthorn, swiftthistle, stranglekelp

- Alchemy - blackmouth oil, swiftness potion, healing potion

- Engineering - guns, fused wiring from target dummies

- Tailoring - shirts, blue overalls, gray woolen robe

- Mining - ore, bronze bars

That being said, I'm not going to discuss anything more than Mining. It is going to make you so much more money than any other profession that it is just plain dumb not to take it. The only time mining may not make you much money is if you are on a new server.

Mining is easy, plain and simple. You can mine for tin but there really is no need since it is a lot rarer and you would have to expose yourself to mobs which are your level. Mining for copper is all you need to do. The main spot you will be mining is going to be a starting zone. The easiest place to get lots of copper is E. Forest. If you run along the ridge that starts near Westfall and goes to the tower, you will find a lot. When you get to the tower, go north around the lake and you will find a lot more. The Dwarf/Gnome and Elf areas do not have a good, easy to access supply. On the Horde side, Durotar has a large share of copper. Head southwest from Org and circle the area with the thunder lizards. You'll find a good amount up top and inside this area. Next, run along the river near the barrens and then on the east coast you will find even more, Mulgore also has a good amount of copper that's easy to get. Just run around the edge of the zone where the mountains are. The undead area doesn't have easy access.

As I said earlier, if you mine while you are waiting on the queue you will be amazed at the amount of money you can make from just one trip. Once you get into the hang of where copper spawns, you will be able to load up with the ore easily. Also, while fishing in The Barrens for deviates, you will be able to find a good supply in the hills and in the pools.

---------- :d. Resales

Knowing what sells and what it sells for will always be a good thing. You will mainly be dealing with low level items since you are going to be low level yourself. Know that just because an item is for low levels, it doesn't have to sell for low.

Green armor and weapons of any level range can easily be sold for 50 silver a pop. This is much better than selling it to a vendor for 5 silver. Items such as -of the monkey, -of the eagle and -of the bear can sell for much more if they are on the correct type of piece. Something -of the monkey would need to be on leather for example because that is what a rogue wears and will be looking for. Low level rings are green but will sell like they are blue. Grab a cheap Blood Ring or Demon band whenever you see one. Another lowbie armor item which sells are shoulder pads. Yes, white, teen level shoulder pads can sell for a lot. They are pretty rare and people want them. I've seen level 18 pads going for over 5G and not as a stuck price. I bid 1G on them earlier in the day and later they were all the way up to that price. People want them. Another quick note to this: you can make money by buying low level armor and weapons low and selling them high just like anything else. Don't be afraid of the low level. Poor newbie's are not the only people looking to buy armor. Most of the time it is going to be an old player looking to gear their low level so they will have the cash.

Blue teen items will be what you have your eye on the most. You will need some of these items yourself but also be on the look out for people selling things at a price way below what you think it will go for. Don't hesitate to snatch one of these items up and sell it for the correct price. On established servers, teen level blue items can get up into the 100G range. If you see someone who doesn't know the value of something selling it for 2G, then GRAB IT. If this happens to be an item you can use and you still have a way to go on leveling your character, you may think about selling it instead of keeping it. Try for a very large sum of money because you have nothing to lose. If it sells then you've made enough money to buy that same item again later for cheap and then some. If it doesn't sell then you can still use it for yourself. You can deal outside of your level range but I just find it easier and less time consuming. Also, you are likely to find fewer people selling items for cheap as the level range goes up.

Essence, Dust and Shards can be bought for a low price... sometimes insanely low. I am not sure what goes through a persons head when they do this but often times you will find these things with a regular buyout price but a 1s bid price. I assume their thinking is that it will be at the top of the list so someone will buy it first. Maybe this does work but I know for a fact that it comes back to bite them. Bidding on all of these items at 1s is a good idea. If you bid on 13 items like this, you may only win one of them but it is pretty much free money. The majority of the time you will not win a lot if any of these because other people know this trick but it never hurts to take the 1 minute and try. You will win sometimes. Most of the time you will probably make 50s or a gold off of the resale but sometimes you will get some awesome deals. I've resold stacks of illusion dust which I've won for a silver for 10G.

Some other random things which you may be able to buy low and sell high are: wildvine, swiftthistle, briarthorn, swiftness potion recipe, savory deviate delight recipe, shirts, cloth and pearls. Just about anything has the ability to be bought then sold for profit but those are a few of the more reliable items which you will catch at low prices.

---------- :e. Random Tips

Going to out of the way or rarely used vendors can net you some good things to sell and use. For instance, at the town in front of ravenhill cemetery there is a goblin who sells not only a recipe which goes for a decent amount but also healing potions for cheap and mana potions. Another vendor located inside of that remote, little traveled area of Stormwind called the mage quarter also sells healing potions and mana potions. You can use or sell these. Why buy a stack of healing potions at the AH for 50s when you can buy 5 from a vendor for 15s? Use thottbot to help you locate vendors that sell useful items.

As I said above, get the recipe for savory deviate delight. It will be worth it.

If you notice someone buys the items you sell on a regular basis, you may want to contact them to set up a deal. You may be able to just COD people items instead of hoping they sell at the AH. Don't ever be pushy about this though and make the deal worth it for them. Lower your price. That wont hurt you since you have a regular buyer. Both of you will be happy in this arrangement.

Try your luck at the neutral auction house. Things such as faction only sales like the pattern for a bright yellow shirt or faction specific pets can sell well. I honestly have had little luck doing this though. Do give it a shot and see if it works out.

Watch the trade chat. Sometimes people try to hand sell their items you may need instead of working through the AH.

If someone is selling something on the AH for a cheap bid with no buyout, you may want to message them and offer a reasonable amount of money for them to cancel the auction and sell to you.

If there is something up on the AH that you want, buying it is usually a better idea than bidding and trying to win or waiting and hoping for a better price. I never have any luck winning bid wars it seems. I do play often but even then, it always seems like I'm never on when the auction ends so I do not win or if I am on, I forget and lose. I would say, just suck it up and buy the item because you may not see it again for a long time. I've been bitten by this before because I've bought an item then have seen it go up an hour later at a buyout of half what I bought it for but I've also jumped on an item right away and haven't seen it in the AH since. If I would have waited, I would never have had the item.

Look for deals on enchants. People do often times offer free enchants. It is rare but it happens. More often than that though, people offer free enchants with the materials. This can indeed save you a good chunk of money. You can choose to tip or not, it is up to you. They are getting the skill up from it so its not like they are losing anything but that is a gray area. Being nice and offering a tip can lead to good things though. I've tipped nicely and have been rewarded by free enchants which exceeded what I tipped.

::: Conclusion

That's it. I wont go into what gear to use or what your talent set up should be or anything like that because it is up to you. Make the character you want. That's a large part of the fun in this. You can have a completed character and be able to say "done" in just a few weeks instead of months and months. Below I've listed some links which will help you find any info on that sort of stuff.

If you've read through this I hope a light bulb has gone off and you take advantage. If you are still skeptical, give some of these methods a shot. If you do follow this guide things will work out for you. Put it into practice and try it before you bash it if you wish to. I'm really not sure how it comes off just from reading it since I have actually done all of this before numerous times but it does work. Just try it.

The whole point of this was not to ruin 10-19 BGs for anyone, quite the opposite. I enjoy the format very much and want MORE... lots more... people to play and I want them to be able to make something they are proud to put out on the field. You shouldn't ever have to put a level 19 guy out there in all greens and whites and then complain when you lose. If you do this, fine but know that it is your own fault. You could be having a blast at this level EVEN IF YOU DON'T STAY.

You should be making enough money with this stuff that you can enchant a 9 pound catfish with fiery and dance naked as you drop and delete enchanted blue items. You would be insane but you can do it and not feel bad about it because of such little effort and time spent getting the stuff.

HAVE FUN. I really hope new and old players try this and start enjoying their low levels!

 If you need more in-depth coverage of battle grounds, check this guide out, there's a small fee for it, but it's well worth it in my opinion.

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